Aerogarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite

Aerogarden Bounty vs Bounty Elite – Which one is the best kit?

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Aerogarden Bounty vs Bounty EliteAerogarden Bounty & the Bounty Elite are two impressive germination kits, but we recommend the Bounty Elite for you.

Why do we recommend Aerogarden Bounty Elite?

  • The Bounty Elite comes with a touch screen display that is easy to control and looks premium, while the Aerogarden Bounty Comes with an LCD Screen.
  • This germination kit comes with a 50 watts LED capability, whereas the other comes with only a 30 watts capability thus, you will get better growth on the Bounty Elite.
  • Bounty Elite comes with a stainless steel finish that will surely enhance the durability, but the other one, Aerogarden Bounty, comes with a matte finish.
  • The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be controlled through Amazon Echo devices no matter where you are. The competitor doesn’t have this handy feature.
  • There are 140 pre-loaded tips about gardening on the Bounty Elite that will guide you to grow better plants, while the alternative doesn’t contain this feature.

Hopefully, now you understand why do I recommend this garden kit for you rather than Aerogarden Bounty. If you want to know their best prices, go through the button below.

Similar features between Aerogarden Bounty vs. Bounty Elite 

  • They have a total of 9 pods.
  • They are compatible with vacation mode.
  • The growth height in both pods is 24-inch.
  • They come with an additional seed pod kit.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationsAerogarden BountyBounty Elite
Editor’s Rating4.7 out of 54.7 out of 5
Grow Height24-inch24-inch
Number of PodsNine podsNine pods
Display TypeLCD ScreenTouch Screen
LED Capabilities30 Watts50 Watts
Type of FinishMatteStainless Steel
Seed Pod KitHeirloom Salad GreensGourmet Herb
Item Weight11.88 pounds11.97 pounds 
Product Dimension17.25 x 11.25 x 15 inches16 x 6 x 8 inches
Warranty1-Year of Limited Warranty1-Year of Limited Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Aerogarden Bounty vs. Bounty Elite 

Bigger Harvest

The germination kits will allow you up to 9 pods. The bigger yields will give you healthier plants. There is a newly-designed deck included on the kits that will provide you sleek modern gardening that will look great in any space. They weigh around 12 pounds, and the product dimension is also suitable for any corner.

Vacation Mode

There’s no reason to be concerned if you’re going to be out of town for a few days. These kits are integrated with a vacation mode. The vacation mode will take care of your plants while you are not around them. The mode will take care of the lighting and the water level on its own. Just turn on the vacation mode before leaving and have a healthy and thriving garden exactly how you wanted.


The germination kits come with very premium quality, and they can be placed anywhere in your room. Both the products have a variety of colors. They come in black, white & basic color variants. The primary color variant is similar to the silver color and looks very good. Aerogarden Bounty comes with a matte finish. The other one, Bounty Elite, comes in a stainless steel finish, so this one is the more durable. 


They have a display at the bottom of the body. You will get to see the water level and others on display. Aerogarden Bounty comes with an LCD and six buttons on both sides of the display.  The other one, Bounty Elite, comes with a touch screen display with a 3-level water indicator. The high-resolution touch screen control panel will surely make you fall in love with the germination kit. 


There is a LED grow light on both the kit. These lights will facilitate the healthy growth of your plants. Aerogarden Elite comes with a 30 Watts LED power & the Bounty Elite comes with a 50 Watts LED power. The lighting system is compatible with infinite dimming growth and will adjust with sunrise/sunset lighting. 


Bounty Elite comes with the built-in Amazon Alexa. You will have smart gardening because of this feature. The Bounty Elite is Wifi-enabled & Alexa will allow you to monitor and control from the AeroGarden app. You can also use your Amazon Echo devices to operate the kit. The garden’s status and the lighting can be controlled through Alexa. 

Including Components

Both products come with different types of components. Aerogarden Bounty comes with an Heirloom Salad seed pod kit that will help you to enjoy a crisp, delicious salad anytime you want.  The other one, Bounty Elite Gourmet Herb that is also very much needed for a healthy plant.

Durability & Warranty

Both the germination kit has a top-notch build quality, and there is no doubt about that. They are long-lasting and will endure for a long time. Bounty Elite has a better body with stainless steel. Aerogarden offers a 1-year of warranty for the germination kits.

Final Words

If you want a healthy plant in your home without any mess, they are perfect for you. They will save you hassles and enhance the beauty of your house as well. Aerogarden Bounty is a standard one, but if you want the better one with the latest features, Bounty Elite should be your only choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aerogarden Bounty vs. Bounty Elite

How long do the herbs last?

The herbs last for around 4-6 months.

Can I use them to grow fruits?

You can grow fruits from the pre-seeded kits.

Do they come with a seeds kit?

Yes. The bounty comes with an Heirloom Salad kit, and the Elite version comes with a Gourmet Herb salad.

Can I use them to grow tomatoes?

Sure. You can even grow other vegetables.

Is there only a white LED light?

No. The light can be changed into blue, purple, and red.

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