Aerogarden Harvest vs Bounty

Aerogarden Harvest vs Bounty – Check out which is our best pick

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Aerogarden Harvest vs BountyChoosing the best germination kit between Aerogarden Harvest & the Bounty seems tricky because both combine with fantastic features. But between them, the Aerogarden Bounty is the winner.

What makes Aerogarden Bounty Winner?

  • Aerogarden Bounty is compatible with Vacation mode which means there won’t be any problem even if you leave the kit for a couple of days. The plants will continue to grow and mature on their own while this feature isn’t available in the Harvest.
  • This germination kit comes with an LCD screen, so it will be easier to control the parameters on this one, whereas the Aerogarden Harvest comes with a push-button display.
  • Aerogarden Bounty comes with 40-watt LED lighting to ensure your plants grow healthier. The other one comes with 20-watts of ordinary LED lighting.
  • You will have a 24-inch height for the plants on this device that will allow you to plant slightly longer plants, but the competitor comes with only 12-inch of expendable height. 
  • There are a total of 9 pods included on the Aerogarden Bounty. On the other hand, Aerogarden Harvest has only six pods. The more pods, the more space you’ll get.
  • This germination kit comes with the largest water Bowl of Aerogarden for a countertop garden. Thus, you don’t need to refill the bowl frequently. Aerogarden Harvest comes with an ordinary Bowl.

You will surely enjoy growing plants on this kit. as this kit is made to minimize every hassle of yours.

Similar features between Aerogarden Harvest vs. Bounty 

  • They have expandable LED lights.
  • Both of them have a matte finish.
  • They have a display with controls.
  • They have quite the exact dimensions.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationsAerogarden HarvestAerogarden Bounty
Editor’s Rating4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Color Black/Sage/WhiteBlack/Basic/White
Display TypePush ButtonLCD Screen
LED20 Watts40 Watts
Grow Height12-inch24-inch
Number of PodsSix podsNine pods
Water BowlOrdinaryLarge
Type of FinishMatte FinishMatte Finish
Vacation  ModeNoYes
Product Dimension11 x 8 x 15 inches16 x 6 x 8 inches
Product Weight 5.44 pounds11.4 pounds
Warranty1-Year of Limited Warranty1-Year of Limited Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Aerogarden Harvest vs. Bounty

Control Panel

The kits assure you of minimum hassle while using them. The control panel will notify you if there is any water needed. This one will even inform you of plant foods. The high-resolution control panel will make you fall in love with gardening. 

Vacation Mode

The Aerogarden Bounty has a unique feature that is known as Vacation mode. This vacation mode lets you leave the plant for a couple of days without losing growth. The kit will look after the plant for you with a balanced light and water level. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on the Aerogarden Bounty.

Bigger Harvests

You will have a more significant yield of more flavorful produce. Aerogarden Harvest has a total of 6 pods, while the Bounty comes with nine pods. You will have more space on the Aerogarden Bounty.  You will get different types of seed kits while purchasing the germination systems.


The germination kits come with a premium design that will suit any space in your room. They have a LED light on the top and a display with control on the bottom. The Aerogarden Harvest weighs around 6 pounds, and the Bounty weighs approximately 12 pounds. Bounty has a better outlook because of the durable matte finish. Aerogarden Harvest has a flat finish body.

5X Freshness 

Aerogarden Harvest & Bounty will provide you fresh and natural plants exactly how you want. You will be able to grow flavor-packed herbs and salads into the kits. You will have everything you need to make a meal delicious. These kits will grow your plant 5x faster than soil.  


The kits have a LED light included on the top for better growth. Aerogarden Harvest comes with 20 watts LED grow lights. The lamp arm can be expendable for up to 12-inch. On the other hand, Aerogarden Bounty has 40 watts LED grow light. You can extend this light arm to 24-inch, which is double the Harvest.  


Aerogarden Harvest has a push-button display. You need to control the settings by pushing the buttons. The other one, Aerogarden Bounty, has an LCD screen that looks very premium with easy-to-control features. You will be able to control this one for the user-friendly control panel.

Durability & Warranty

The kits are very durable because of the premium build quality. Aerogarden always prioritizes quality over anything. This is why they are trusted users year after year. You will have a 1-year of warranty for the germination kits.

Final Words

Both the kits are very effective. You will have a hassle-free plant with healthy growth. Aerogarden Harvest is a standard kit that you can use for growing plants. But if you don’t want to miss any advanced features and want better growth as well, then Aerogarden Bounty should be your only option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aerogarden Harvest vs. Bounty

How complex is it to refill the water bowl?

It’s pretty easy. Bounty has a giant bowl for your information.

Do they have a touch screen display?

No. Bounty has an LCD, while Harvest has a push-button display.

Can I change the LED light color?

Sure. There are four different colors included on the LED.

Can I plant vegetables on the kits?

Sure. They are perfect for this.

How many pods are there in the Bounty?

Aerogarden Bounty has a total of 9 pods.

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