Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite

Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite – Check Why Elite is Best!

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Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest EliteBetween the Aerogarden Harvest & the Harvest Elite gardening system, I would recommend you the Harvest Elite.

Why I recommend Harvest Elite?

  • Harvest Elite comes with a Digital Screen Display that is very easy to control & monitor as well, while the Aerogarden Harvest provides a push-button display.
  • There is a vacation mode implemented on this system that will keep your plants growing healthy even if you are out of town. But Aerogarden Harvest doesn’t have this feature.
  • You will be able to customize the settings through the LCD control panel, whereas the other one isn’t compatible with this function.
  • There are four color variations available of this Kit with different designs. You may choose the one that better fits your expectations. In contrast, Aerogarden Harvest has three variants of single colors.
  • Harvest Elite comes with a durable stainless steel finish that will surely enhance the beauty of your place. On the contrary, Harvest comes with a matte finish.

These unique features will surely make you fall in love with your plants. Harvest Elite will make your plants grow better.


Similar Features

  • They have 20W LED grow lights that ensure rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests.
  • Both systems have a 12-inch extendable lamp arm, which helps to simply grow in water with no soil or mess.
  • There is a reminder of watering. You will get notified when to add water & plant food.
  • They come with a handy control panel that lets you customize according to gadgets effortlessly.

Quick Comparison: Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite

Specifications Aerogarden Harvest Harvest Elite
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Color Black/Sage/White Black/Sage/SS/Platinum
Display Type Push Button Digital Screen
Finishing Matte Stainless Steel
Capacity Six plants at a time Six plants at a time
Extendable Lamp Arm 12-inch 12-inch
Customize Growing No Yes
Vacation Mode No Yes
Product Dimension 11 x 8 x 15 inches 11 x 8 x 15 inches
Product Weight 5.44 pounds 6.03 pounds
LED 20 watt 20 watt
Ultra-Thin Grow Light Hood Yes Yes
Reminder Yes Yes
Auto Light On/Off Yes Yes
LED Grow Lights Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Limited Warranty 1-Year of Limited Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Aerogarden Harvest vs. Harvest Elite

Light Hood

The lighting system of the Aerogarden Harvest & the Harvest Elite is developed for maximum energy efficiency and will cost very little to operate. They are designed for a satisfactory output. This Ultra-thin light hood will help your plants to grow bigger and healthier.

Plant to Plate

You can plant up to 6 plants at a time on both gardening systems. There is a 12-inch extendable lamp arm available on Aerogarden Harvest & the Harvest Elite. They will grow in water without soil, so you are free from mess.

Natural Growth

The gardening systems will surely save you from the hassle and mess of growing plants indoors. Aerogarden Harvest & Harvest Elite will help your plants grow 5x faster than soil. The water and plant food will provide them with all they need, and their growth will be natural.


The gardening systems come with the traditional Aerogarden looks. They have a light bar on the top. Aerogarden Harvest comes with a matte finish body, while the Harvest Elite has a stainless steel finish. They come in perfect shape and will fit any space in your house.

Control Panel

The devices come with an easy-to-use control panel. There are reliable indicators to remind you when to add plant food or to add water. There is also an indicator for turning the light on or off. The display of the Aerogarden Harvest comes with a push-button, but you will have a digital screen with the Harvest Elite.

Vacation Mode

Harvest Elite comes with a vacation mode that will keep your plants healthy if you are out of town for a couple of days. This will save your effort and the plants from getting defective. This mode automatically shortens the Light On period. Thus, the amount of water is also adjusted. Unfortunately, this unique feature isn’t available in the Aerogarden Harvest.

Customize Growing

To maximize progress, you can customize the Harvest Elite‘s ‘light on time using the LCD control panel. This can be used for a variety of plant types, spices, and vegetables. You will get a faster-growing cycle compared to the previous records. The other one, Aerogarden Elite, isn’t compatible with this feature.

Durability & Warranty

The gardening systems are made to save you from hassles and give your plants better growth as well. They are simple to use, and no complex configuration is needed. You will get a 1-year of warranty from the manufacturer, Aerogarden.

Final Words

Aerogarden Harvest & Harvest Elite are both very effective for your plants. The Harvest Elite is the upgraded one that is suitable for any house. The vacation mode will keep you tensed free while you are outside of the house. You may choose the Aerogarden Harvest as this one is also an effective gardening kit with all the required features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aerogarden Harvest vs. Harvest Elite

Can I place the systems in a non-lighted room?

Sure. You can even place them in a room without a window.

Do they come with any seed pods?

Yes. They come with a free seed pot.

Do they have a stainless steel body?

No. Only the Harvest Elite has a stainless body.

Do the systems make any noise?

Not at all. They are quiet as a whisper.

How to raise the light?

You can raise them by moving the lever on the back of the system.

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