Air Max 95 vs 97

Air Max 95 vs 97 – Check Why We Recommend Air Max 95!


Air Max 95 vs 97Air Max 95 & 97 are from the most popular brands of fashion accessories, Nike. Comparing the detailed feature and benefits, the Air Max 95 will be the better option for you.

Why Air Max 95 is Better?

  • Air Max 95 comes with a Modern look with an innovative lacing system, whereas the other model tried to bring the classic retro design.
  • The rubber outsole of Max 95 adds more traction and durability, which will allow you prolonged use without any issue. But Max 97 doesn’t have this feature.
  • Its flex grooves in the midsole for a comfortable feel will make you feel much better than the other pair.
  • Max 95 comes with many variants of color, and you can pick a model as per your personality, but the other pair is kind of childish.
  • It is manufactured with at least 20% recycled weight material, like Nike Grind in the outsole and some recycled upper felt, but the Air Max 97 isn’t made with the same process.

Just don’t go for the looks. For unbelievable comfort and with better texture and leather, the Air Max 95 is a complete package.


Similar Features

  • Nike’s next-gen shoes with a modern design that will give you a smart and gorgeous look.
  • Both have huge variants of color available which allow you to choose according to your choice.
  • They come with a comfortable outsole and midsole that will ensure the ultimate convenience of use.
  • The same series is available for other departments like male/female.

Both pairs feature these similar facilities. If you are wishing to feel comparatively better with your wearing then you should go with Air Max 95.

Quick Comparison: Air Max 95 vs 97

Specifications Air Max 95Air Max 97
Editor’s Choice4.6 out of 54.5 out of 5
Color VariantsAvailableAvailable

(Women/Kid/Unisex available)


(Women/Kid/Unisex available)

Size available6-156-15
Product Dimension0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds2 pounds
Warranty or ReplacementFor any flaw within 60 days – a full refundFor any flaw within 60 days – a full refund

Differences & Similarities: Air Max 95 vs 97


The Nike Air Max comes with large variants of color. There are shoes in full white and full black. Also, some models with a stripes design are available, which are really great for use. A classic, durable look will surely bring style to your feet.

Both the models are available in multiple colors, but the Air Max’s color variants are more suitable with its modern flavor than the other retro color pair. 


The human body and running DNA inspired the designers while designing this Air Max 95 model. Its head-turning style with rich texture and recycled canvas will give you the best look of shoes. The heel is designed with air technology. So, there is no doubt about flexibility and using this pair on different kinds of surfaces.

Whereas the Air Max 97 is designed with a classic look. The design is inspired by ripple water. The look represents the 90’s look, so it’s a kind of retro design that you may not prefer to choose.

Sustainable materials

Nike considered a huge factor for the environment while manufacturing the Air Max 95. This shoe is made of  20% recycled content by weight. Also, the unique speckle is designed to tribute nature.  A next-generation shoe with recycled materials, Air Max 95 is the perfect combination.

Unfortunately, the Air Max 97 is not made from recycled products. You may not like this feature as a nature lover or shoe lover, but there is an option for you. It’s the Air Max 95.


In the Air Max95, they included a volt-colored insole, which will make you feel extra-cushy and allow you to use this shoe in any field or surface. You can even play tennis or a racquet while playing this pair. Also, the outsole made of Nike Grind will add durability and traction to your actions and make you able to run more smoothly than before.

On the other hand, the Air Max 97 has a rubber sole that provides durable traction whenever you need it. But again, the winner is Air Max 95. I guess you already understood the reason behind calling it the ‘Winner.’

Durability and Warranty

Nike shoes always come with the box design and feature using the latest technology. You will get a full refund for durability if you feel any flaw in the quality within 60 days of purchasing. Also, Nike has a statement on their official site that the quality won’t drop within 2 years of purchase. If you feel it, you can notify them. So don’t worry about durability. You can use the Air Max for years after years without any doubt.


One of the positive sides of these pairs is, they are available for anyone. If you are looking for the same model for your wife/daughter or even kids, you can pick them all. There is an Air Max Kid model, Air Max Women model available for these series.

Final Words

Both pairs may come with some attractive features and the latest upgrades. But as you are purchasing shoes at this rate, you will definitely want to worth every penny you invested. With its sustainable design and cool features, the Air Max 95 is my final recommendation for anyone doubtful to pick one between these two. So don’t wait for more, go for the Air Max 95.

FAQ about Air Max 95 and 97

Is the product similar, as shown in the image?

Yes, the product is exactly the same as the image.

Do the shoes stay in size? Or do they run small or tight after a couple of days?

No, they stay in their regular size.

Are the products real?

Yes, they are authentic and real.

Are the shoes for males?

These are unisex shoes. Also, there are male/female and unisex models available.

Do the shoes run small?

No, perfect fit. Check the chart of sizes before placing an order.

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