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Alesis Surge vs Nitro – Read the Comparison & Pick the Best One!

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Alesis Surge vs NitroAlesis Surge and Alesis Nitro electric drum sets come with some revolutionary features that can offer you stunning sound. But, if you are an intermediate user, you should go with the Alesis Surge. Because it is designed with up-to-date functionalities that will give you come across a better user experience. 

Why should you go with the Alesis Surge? 

  • Alesis Surge is featured with 385 variant sounds, whereas the Alesis Nitro can let you create only 350 types of sound. Therefore, the Alesis Surge allows you to produce more different sounds than its competitor.  
  • The electric drum kit is combined with a chrome rack. In contrast, the Alesis Nitro comes with an aluminum rack. So, as the chrome rack looks more professional than the other one, I urge you to go for the Alesis Surge.
  • The device has a larger kick drum pedal, and it will let you use a double bass pedal. In comparison, the Alesis Nitro has a smaller drum pedal. So, you can go with the Alesis Surge considering this feature. 
  •  If you plan to purchase a drum set for only practicing, you can consider the Alesis Nitro. But, to record sound and use it professionally, you should go with the Alesis Surge.

So, I can assure you that you will get a better user experience if you go with the Alesis Surge, and I have mentioned above why I am suggesting this device instead of Alesis Nitro.

Similar Features of the Alesis Surge vs. Nitro 

  • Alesis Surge and Alesis Nitro electronic drum kits are combined with 8 pieces of drums that will help you to run smoothly and produce versatile sounds. 
  • These devices need 9 volts of electric power. So, it would be best if you could make sure there is enough electric supply to run the devices perfectly.
  • Mesh head technology has been combined with the Alesis Surge and Alesis Nitro to deliver you the usual acoustic feel at a lower volume.

Quick Comparison Chart: Alesis Surge vs Nitro 

Specifications Alesis Surge  Alesis Nitro
User Ratings 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Sound Variant  385 350+
Snare (All Mesh) 10” Dual-Zone 8” Dual-Zone
Kick Type  8″ Mesh Pad 6″ Rubber Pad
Weight  50.93 Pounds 29.54 pounds 
Pedals Included  Kick & Hi-Hat Kick & Hi-Hat
Hit-Hat Cymbal  10″ Single-Zone 10″ Single-Zone
Ride Cymbal  10″ w/Choke 10″ Single-Zone
Crash Cymbal  10″ w/Choke 10″ w/Choke
Product Dimension  27.6 x 47.28 x 43.32 inches 24 x 38 x 43 inches
Toms (All Mesh) (3) 8” Dual-Zone (3) 8” Single-Zone
USB Connectivity  USB & 5-Pin MIDI USB & 5-Pin MIDI
Mesh Head Technology  Yes  Yes 
Voltage  9 volts 9 volts
Play-along Track  60 60
Drum Set Quantity  8 Pieces  8 Pieces 

Things you can consider about the Alesis Nitro – 

  • Alesis Nitro will provide effortless portability because it is a lightweight drum set of only 29.54 pounds. In comparison, the Alesis Surge is a heavyweight device of 50.93 pounds. So, you can carry the gadget set anywhere you want without using much energy. 

Similarities and Differences Between Alesis Surge & Nitro 

Design and Build Quality 

Alesis Surge electric mesh kit comes with a solid rack, and the set looks gorgeous to see. It weighs 53.93 pounds with 27.6 x 47.28 x 43.32 inches of item dimension. On another side, Alesis Nitro is a lightweight electric drum set with 24 x 38 x 43 inches of product dimension, and it weighs only 29.54 pounds.

Though Alesis Surge is a heavyweight drum set, it has a better sound quality and uses more robust materials. But, Alesis Nitro is convenient to move anywhere. So, if you are looking for a device that you can keep with you when you move effortlessly, you can go with the Alesis Nitro.  

In addition to that, the Alesis Surge comes with a 4-post chrome rack which is a bit more professional in sturdier and appearance, and it looks better for chrome hardware for sure. So if you are eying for an E-drum set to conduct a live concert, this would be the best option. 

In addition, these electric kits are combined with 8 drum sets. 

Sound Quality

If you look at the sound quality offered by these two electric drum sets, you will see a minimal difference between these two kits. If I say honestly, the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro electronic come with the same drum module; that is why you will get the equal quality sound from these two kits. These electric devices are very responsive that you expect from an electric drum set.

On the other hand, these are budget electric drum sets; you can not expect the best and advanced-definition sound quality with a more detailed, that lies in professional devices. Therefore, they are perfect for beginner-level users. Even if you are an advanced-level user but want to practice, you can go with these drum sets. But, I think the intermediate-level user can go for the Alesis Surge, and beginners can use the Alesis Nitro.

Mesh Pads

One of the best things about the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro is that these devices are designed with all mesh drumheads, which is an excellent property. And usually, you can not find this feature with an entry-level drum set. 

Moreover, you will find two differences between these two drum sets in terms of mesh pads. At first, the electric snare drum pads of the Alesis Surge are 10 inches, whereas the Alesis Nitro has 8 inches of snare drum pads. The larger snare drum pads of the Alesis Surge will deliver a better playing time and offer you a more authentic playing experience. 

Secondly, the Alesis Surge features 8 inches of kick mesh pad, but the Alesis Nitro is 6 inches of rubber kick drum pad. Therefore, Alesis Surge can offer you a double bass drum pedal for its larger-sized kick drum pad. On the other hand, the Alesis Nitro has only a single pedal. 


It is essential to know about the drum sets Connectivity before purchasing. In this regard, these electric drum sets are featured with USB and 5-pin MIDI. So, you can get excellent connectivity with these two devices. 

Sound Variant

When it comes to talking about the sound variant that these electric devices are proving, the Alesis Surge is the best option. The device offers you 385 more sound variants, whereas the Alesis Nitro can give you only 350 more sound variants. So, you can see that the Surge provides you with 35 more sound variants that will help you produce more versatile sounds with this machine.  

Last thoughts

Finally, If you have gone through the whole article carefully, you already have gotten many ideas why I am telling you to consider the Alesis Surge. For your assistance; the device has 385 variant sounds that can deliver you to produce more different sounds compared to its rival, plus the machine comes with a chrome rack that looks more professional.

And, it has a larger kick drum pedal that can let you use a double bass pedal. In addition to that, you can practice with Alesis Surge, and at the time, you can record professional-quality audio with this device.

But, if you think and are satisfied with the Alesis Nitro, you can go with it, though I am not suggesting you this device. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Alesis Surge vs. Nitro 

How many sound variants are available with the Alesis Surge?

There are 380 more sound variants available with the Alesis Surge that will let you produce more sound with this device.

Do the Alesis Surge, and the Alesis Nitro have mesh head technology?

Yes, the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro are combined with mesh head technology to offer you average sound quality with lower volume.

How many drum pieces are combined with the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro electric drum sets?

The Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro come with 8 drum sets that will give you an effortless user experience. 

What has connectivity technology been used with the Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro?

The Alesis Surge and the Alesis Nitro are designed with USB & 5-Pin MIDI for your hassle-free connectivity.

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