All Clad Ns1 Vs HA1

All Clad Ns1 Vs HA1 – Check why All-Clad HA1 is better than Ns1!


All Clad Ns1 Vs HA1All-Clad HA1 and NS1 are both capable of cooking any food items. But I suggest HA1 as it has some improved features that make it better than NS1. Let’s see those features that made it the best choice here.

What made HA1 Better than Ns1? 

  • All-Clad HA1 kitchenware set has a steeper side design and NS1 has lowered sides. Because of the steeper side design, you can cook food without the risk of splatter.
  • All-clad HA1 kitchenware has an angled upwards designed handle, and All-Clad NS1 has an angled downwards designed handle. The angled upward design will increase your hand grip and ensures easy control. But Angled downwards design doesn’t provide this facility. 
  • All-Clad HA1 kitchenware has a glass lid, and NS1 has a metal lid. Glass lid increases the kitchenware set’s gorgeousness, but the metal lid doesn’t look gorgeous. 
  • All-Clad NS1 kitchenware set has riveted handles, which are hard to clean, but HA1’s handles are easily washable.

So, you can see that All-Clad HA1 has a work-friendly and gorgeous design. These features are not available in NS1. If you want All-Clad HA1 for your kitchen, then click on the button and check its best price below:


Common features of All-Clad HA1 and NS1

  1. All-Clad HA1 and NS1 cooking sets are nonstick, hard-anodized kitchenware.
  2. All components have three layers.
  3. Both kitchenware set includes 10-pieces of components.
  4. They are oven and broiler safe up to 500° Fahrenheit. 
  5. These items are easily washable.
  6. Both have riveted handles.
  7. PFOA-free nonstick coating is ensured.
  8. A limited lifetime warranty is provided with these kitchenware sets.
SpecificationsAll-Clad HA1All-Clad NS1
Customer Review4.7 out of 54.3 out of 5
Dimension27 x 15 x 13.5 inches24.4 x 15.25 x 12.25 inches
Weight34 pounds27.2 pounds
Style NameCookwareCookware
Handle  DesignAngled upwardsAngled Downwards
Oven safety

(without lids)

500° Fahrenheit500° Fahrenheit
MaterialHard anodized aluminumHard anodized aluminum
Handle made ofStainless  SteelStainless steel
Warrantylimited lifetimeLimited lifetime

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between All Clad Ns1 Vs HA1

Kitchenware Set Includes

All-CLAD HA1 includes- fry pans (8inch, and 10 inches), saucepans with lids (2. 5 quarts, and 3. 5 quarts), a sauté pan (4-quart) with lid, a Soup pot (4-quart) with lid, and a stockpot (8-quart) with lid.

All-Clad NS1 includes- fry pans (8inch and 10 inches), saucepans with lid (2 quarts and 3quart), a sauté pan (4-quart) with lid, a soup pot (4-quart) with lid, and a stockpot (8-quart) with lid Stainless steel handle.

An ideal designed Handle:  

All-Clad items are made with amazing plans and fine materials. Apprentice to proficient level people can undoubtedly deal with this cookware. Both All-Clad HA1 and All-Clad NS1 both have calculated tempered steel bolted handles. 

Handles are the main part of cookware as you have to control the whole pan with it. The handles on the HA1 kitchenware set is angled upward. The NS1 cookware set components point towards the floor. Upward handles ensure a good handgrip and help you to cook easily.

The dimension of All-Clad HA1 and NS1: 

All-Clad HA1 kitchenware set’s dimension is 27 x 15 x 13.5 inches, and the NS1 kitchenware set’s dimension is 24.4 x 15.25 x 12.25 inches. 

Steeper side design: 

All-Clad HA1 has a steeper side design. This design reduces the chances of splatting of food while cooking. You can prepare anything in the kitchen without the risk of splatting. 

On the other hand, All-Clad NS1 lowered sides. So, while cooking with this kitchenware, you will always have a risk of splatting. That’s why I recommend HA1.

Lid Design

All-Clad HA1 kitchenware has a glass lid design. Glass lid increases the gorgeousness of the kitchenware set. Besides, All-Clad NS1 has a metal lid design. If you compare the looks, you can see that the glass lid design looks more excellent than the metal lid.


Both All-Clad HA1 and NS1 have three layers combined, and they are PFOA free. It will ensure the effortless release of foods. 


All-Clad HA1 kitchenware set’s weight is 34 pounds, and the NS1 kitchenware set’s weight is 27.2 pounds. 

Temperature Safety: 

All-Clad HA1 and NS1 kitchenware sets are oven safe and broiler safe up to 500° Fahrenheit. So, within this temperature, you can make delicious food items.

Easily Washable: 

All-Clad HA1 and All-Clad NS1 are effectively washable. On the off chance that anything is stuck on the surface of the item, you can mix white vinegar, water and wash it! Else, you can utilize a stainless steel powder chemical (Like-Bar Keepers Friend).

Sometimes, the nonstick surface of the NS1 gets damaged, and the water spot can’t be removed. You will not face any problem with the HA1 kitchenware items. 

Warranty policy: 

All-Clad kitchenware items are made in Canonsburg and Pennsylvania, and it has given a lifetime warranty assurance to all the kitchenware set items. All-Clad will fix or supersede the All-Clad cookware thing in the procurement nation that is ensured by this confirmation, and you don’t have to pay any cash for the association. You have to buy the thing from the main vendor; else, you won’t get the organization freed from cost.


All-Clad HA1 and NS1 are both the best in the market, but if you are looking for the best one between them, then All-Clad HA1 will be the best one. All-Clad HA1 is better than NS1 in structure and work-friendly design. So, you should pick All-Clad HA1. Otherwise, you can choose the NS1 kitchenware set, although it isn’t upgraded as HA1. 

Frequently asked questions about ALL-CLAD HA1 VS All-Clad NS1

Is All-Clad HA1 is broiler safe?

Yes, All-Clad HA1 is broiler safe up to 500° Fahrenheit. 

Does All-Clad provide any warranty? 

Yes, a limited lifetime warranty. But you have to make sure that you have registered the kitchenware set or bought from an authentic All-Clad seller. 

Between HA1 and NS1, which one has less risk of splatter?

All-Clad HA1 has less risk of splatter than NS1. HA1 has a steeper side design, which will prevent splatter. But the NS1 kitchenware set has a lower side. That’s why there is a risk of splatter. 

What is the temperature capacity of All-Clad HA1? 

All-Clad HA1 kitchenware set components bear up to 500° Fahrenheit.

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