Apex Bionic vs Apex Risor

Apex Bionic vs Apex Risor – Which one is Comfortable & Fittest?


Apex Bionic vs Apex RisorThese two fantastic winter wearings have some identical differences but the Apex Bionic does have a slight advantage over the Risor. Therefore, my recommendation is Apex Bionic jacket.

Why Apex Bionic is Best?

  • The main fabric of this jacket is very stretching and durable. That’s why you can use it for different types of activities, rather than daily use. Whereas, the manufactured fabric of the Risor is not perfect for different types of activities. It only fits well for daily activities.
  • The Apex Bionic is warmer in nature. Perfect for cold and windy conditions. At the same time, the Risor provides a medium range of cold weather protection. This one is not prepared for tough cold conditions.
  • Apex Bionic has spectacular covered secured zip hand pockets. These pockets are very useful for keeping your essential accessories. On the opposite side, the Risor’s hand pockets are not that big enough.
  • You will get a complete water-resistant ability with the Apex Bionic. But the Risor produces a water repellent protection, which is not considered as the high-class protection as the Apex Bionic jacket.  

So, now I can see the key differences between these two jackets. If you want any of these jackets at a low price? Simply go through the button below and secure the best possible deal.  


Similar Features

These two winter wearings have many similarities. Here is the list of these similar functionalities. 

  • Both these jackets come with beautiful upper front and side pockets.
  • You will get a Hem cinch cord for the proper attachment.
  • These two winter wearings are windproof and water-resistant.
  • The north face offers a lifetime replacement guarantee with these products. 

Quick Comparison

Specification Apex Bionic Apex Risor 
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 54.4 out of 5 
Style NF0A4R2ANF0A3Y35
Manufacturing fabric Recycled Polyester, Elastane mixed With Non-PFC finishPolyester Bonded Knit With (DWR) finish. 
Avg weight 19.65 oz22.22 oz
Water-resistant Yes No (water repellent) 
Secure hand pockets  Yes No 
Warmth condition Extreme cold weather Normal winter weather 
Suitable for Cold weather activities Normal winter condition 
Size options Yes Yes 
Hem cinch-cord Yes (high quality) Yes 
Middle zipper Yes (Good quality) Yes 
Windproof Yes (100%) Yes 
Lifetime warranty Yes Yes 
Center Back 26.75’’26.75’’

Comparison of features between Apex Bionic and Apex Risor man’s jacket

Style and design 

Both of these jackets are spectacularly stylish and look so fabulous. The latest version of the Apex Bionic is extra engaging than the current item. The Apex Bionic comes with a style of NF0A4R2A. While the Apex Risor comes in a different style of NF0A3Y35. It is the user’s choice with which one he goes home. 

Main fabric 

The Apex Bionic is made with a mixed polyester and elastane fabric, which is fully windproof and water-resistant. At the same time, the Risor is made with a mixer of polyester bonded knit. This fabric is not high quality like the Bionic’s. That is why this jacket is not fully water-resistant. Also, you will not find the soft shell nature. So, in this department, the Bionic quickly gets in front of Risor. 

Comfortably and usefulness 

The softshell Apex Bionic is very comfortable to wear. This jacket can also be used for different activities such as bouldering, hiking, and daily use. On the other hand, the Risor is still a good one, but not so comfortable as the Bionic. Moreover, this jacket is well suited for only daily uses, not for other activities. 

Besides, the warm nature of the Bionic makes it perfect for extreme cold weather. At the same time, the Risor is capable of protecting you from extreme cold conditions. This is an ideal fit for normal winter conditions. 

Storage and pockets 

Both these jacket’s come with upper chest and lower side pockets. You will also get well-secured side hand pockets with the Apex Bionic, where you can put your essential accessories. Here in this department, both these jackets offer quite similar types of functionality. 

Durability and breathability 

These two winter wearings of the north face are very durable and breathable. According to many user reviews, it suggests that those products are highly durable. After many years of use, these keep in good shape. Also, newish looking is their great noticeable point.

There is no problem with the wind protecting the ability of these products. But you need to know about the excellent air passing ability of these products. So, in this section, both these products will get full marks. 

Warranty clause  

Many people search for products of great warranty or backup. And the North face always gets ahead of all brands in this section. Because both these products come with replacement guarantee clauses. So, as a user, you don’t need to think twice about the North Face items’ warranty nature. 


From the features mentioned earlier, it is relatively easy to pick the Apex Bionic as my first choice. However, I would say there is not a significant distinction in these jackets, except the water-resistant ability of the Apex Bionic. Now, it is up to you, for which one you may go. So, you can choose either of those two products. 

Frequently asked questions about Apex Bionic and Apex Risor Jacket

Question: Which one has more softshells?

Answer: I would say both of them are made with full quality fabric. However, the stretchy nature of the Bionic is softer. 

Question: Tell me about the care of these products? 

Answer: Both these products are well capable of machine wash. For getting better results, use regular water because boiling water can be very harmful and could cause serious damage to the main fabric of these products. 

Question: I am 6 feet one. Can I get the apex Risor in my size?  

Answer: Yes, the Apex Risor has several size options. According to your body shape, you take your desired sized jacket. Just bear in mind, all these different sizes are ready-made. 

Question: Which one has the better water-resistant ability? 

Answer: Undoubtedly, the Apex Bionic has the upper hand in this section. This jacket comes with water-resistant ability. While the Apex Risor comes in a water-repellent ability. I would say this is the major key point of deciding your desired one. 

Question: Can I exchange my used Apex Bionic jacket? 

Answer: No, the lifetime replacement warranty doesn’t suggest you this understanding. If you have any reasonable grounds then, only can have a chance to replace the old one. 

Question: Are the Women-specific versions available of these Jackets? 

Answer: I am not sure about that. But you may search for the woman-specific version. And this review only applies to the man’s version. Moreover, these products are not unisex version.  

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