Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield

Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield – See what Makes Nvidia Shield Best!

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Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia ShieldApple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield are two excellent streaming TVs, but I recommend the Nvidia Shield.

Why I recommend Nvidia Shield?

  • Nvidia Shield gives solid performance for streaming devices because it has a Tegra X1+ processor. But Apple 4K has an A10X Fusion that is not perfect like Nvidia.
  • The high-end processor of Nvidia Shield provides AI Upscaling for the lower resolution content, but Apple cannot do it. So you will get excellent image quality from the Nvidia.
  • It uses 2 USB ports for storage expansion, keyboards, controllers, USB cameras, etc. Besides, the Apple 4K has one USB port.
  • Nvidia Shield features both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus sound to deliver you immersive and proper audio-passthrough. In contrast, Apple 4K doesn’t have those sound quality.
  • The Nvidia remote has an IR control for the TV and a built-in remote control locator that makes it the most advanced remote to date. On the contrary, the Apple 4K doesn’t feature these exclusive properties.
  • Nvidia Shield has the GeForce Now and Fortnite games, which are the most popular. But Apple doesn’t support those games, if you are a game freak, Nvidia should be your choice.
  • The Shield also supports Alexa, Echo, or Google Home assistant so that you can control the device through them. On the other hand, Apple TV 4K only supports Siri voice.

Hopefully, now you understand why I recommend Nvidia Shield rather than Apple TV 4K. If you want the best performance from your smart TV device, the Nvidia Shield would be the best option for you.


Similar Features

  • Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield features 2160p picture quality.
  • They have Dolby atmos that deliver three-dimensional audio.
  • Both include 3 GB RAM.
  • Apple and Nvidia come with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • They support the game.
  • The device comes with the voice command remote.
  • Apple 4K and Nvidia Shield come with a one-year limited warranty.
Specifications  Apple TV 4k Nvidia Shield
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5 
Picture Quality 2160p (4K)  2160p (4K) 
Audio Output Up to Dolby Atmos 360-degree cinema sound Up to Dolby Atmos 360-degree cinema sound
Processor A10X Fusion 64-bit Tegra X1+
AI Upscaling No  Yes 
Standard Ram  3 GB 3 GB
Remote locator  No  Yes 
Dolby Vision  Yes  Yes 
Dolby Atmos Yes  Yes 
Memory Storage Capacity   32 GB,64 GB 16 GB
HDR10 Yes  No
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Gaming Support  Yes  Yes 
Voice Command Remote Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1-year Limited  1-year Limited 

Differences and Similarities Between Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield


Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield have a pretty good design, and both come in a shiny black color. The Apple 4K device is small compared to the Nvidia. It is square-shaped and provides an ethernet port, a power connector, and an HDMI port with a built-in voice remote.

And if you look at the Nvidia Shield, it is slightly complex but looks excellent. Nvidia Shield larger than Apple 4K, it has a rectangular shape. Also, it is highlighted with green-lit to make it stylish. It also provides remote control, an ethernet, and an HDMI port, including a USB port pair. Two USB ports make it versatile, while the Apple is not versatile.


Apple 4K and Nvidia Shield are straightforward to install and the same. But if you do not have a 4K tv, then the process could be slightly different. However, first, connect the HDMI port to the Apple or Nvidia and into your tv and then plug them into the power outlet. Now, turn on your tv and sign in or create an account. Once the account is done, follow the instructions that will show on the screen. You may need to set up the location and language as well. The process is simple, and it doesn’t matter whether you are using an Apple 4K, or Nvidia. And it’s more straightforward if you already have a google or apple account.


Here we will talk about the interface, and once you set up your Apple or Nvidia, now it will take you to the interface. Apple 4K has a smart interface, and it will stream apps and streaming icons on the screen. Simply click on the icon or app to dive into the streaming. Apple 4K works with the tvOS, which offers faster support.

In contrast, the Nvidia Shield has a traditional interface, but it is quite fast because the device has a Tegra Processor. Nvidia Shield screen will show you the streaming app. Also, it will provide you the recently viewed content at the front. If you want a smart interface, Apple 4K is the way to go, but remember that Nvidia provides the best features.


Nvidia Shield provides the best performance because it features the latest Tegra X1+ processor faster than the Apple 4K A10X Fusion chip. The latest Nvidia Processor makes the device 25% faster than its previous generation. Also, it upscale the device up to 4K by using AI power. In comparison, Apple 4K has A10X Fusion, which cannot give you faster performance like the Nvidia. It doesn’t include AI Upscaling that enhances the 4K resolution for the darker video or photos.

Video Quality 

Nvidia Shield will transform your entertainment experience to a great level rather than Apple 4K. Both Apple and Nvidia use Dolby vision, but Nvidia is equipped with the advanced HDR that delivers a lifelike vivid, lifelike image that highlights up to 40 times brighter and gives clearer vision. Even in the darker place, you can watch standard pictures in the Nvidia Shield as the device features the next generation AI Upscale.

Talking about the Apple 4K, it cannot provide brighter, more explicit pictures like Nvidia, but it includes HDR, which delivers high definition video.

Audio System 

These two smart devices feature the Dolby Atmos that surround you with immersive audio. It brings a cinematic experience to your home, but the Nvidia Shield should be your choice if you want the best sound. It has Dolby Digital Plus, which Apple 4K doesn’t include. Nvidia ensures the audio pass-through properly, and you can enjoy your favorite shows or movies without interruption.

Gaming Support 

If you are a game freak, Nvidia Shield should be your choice because it gives you ultimate entertainment with thousands of games. They do not provide a game controller, so you’ve to purchase it separately. However, Nvidia has the latest games like GeForce Now, Fortnite. Also, you can pick your favorite game from the Google Play Games.

IN CONTRAST, Apple TV 4K lets you access the Xbox for the latest games, but it cannot access the google play store, which is a downside. That’s because it’s a top-rated site for games, while the device does not allow you to access it. That’s why my recommendation is the Nvidia Shield for you rather than Apple TV 4K.


Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield have voice search remote control to find what you are looking for without typing. Apple 4K has a touchpad top, but Nvidia Shield remote is better. It has an advanced motion-activated feature, backlit buttons, IR blaster that let you control your tv smoothly. Moreover, there is a built-in lost remote locator include on the Nvidia. If you cannot find the remote, simply press a button on the Shield, and the remote will play a sound to tell its location. And Apple TV 4K doesn’t support those incredible functions in its remote.

Streaming Apps 

These two devices can access significant streaming platforms, so it is tough to differentiate them. You will get Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Sling, Plex, and so on from the Nvidia Shield and Apple 4K. The Apple 4K can also access the Apple tv app, whereas the Nvidia cannot.

In the app selection, Nvidia and Apple are the same since both can access most of the apps. So you will get the app to your preference from these two.


Apple 4K and Nvidia Shield backed up by a one-year limited warranty including 90-day technical supports. If the device has any manufacturer during streaming, contact customer care to get free service. But the warranty service is only available for people in the USA. The warranty also can be extended up to 3 years with extra bucks.


Nvidia Shield is the better fit for most of the users. It is so powerful that it offers the best gaming options, includes AI Upscale, better video and audio quality, handy remote, and contains the best voice assistant. It also can access Andriod devices. This should be your best bet, but you should invest in the Apple 4K if you are an Apple freak.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield

Does the Apple TV play amazon prime?

Yes, the Apple TV 4K is compatible with the Amazon Prime video to many streaming apps.

Can I use the 4K box with my older TV?

Yes, you can use these boxes for streaming if your TV is compatible with the HDMI port.

Does Nvidia support Dolby Atmos?

Both Apple TV 4K and Nvidia Shield support Dolby Atmos and Dolby’s vision as well.

Can I use a PS4 controller on the Nvidia Shield?

Yes, you can use this controller, as well as the Xb1 Bluetooth controller too without problems.

What is the power plug type?

They use the US standard plug, but you can use an adapter if you don’t live in the USA.

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