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Apple TV 4K vs Roku – Check Which Smart TV Streams is Better!

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Apple tv 4k vs RokuApple TV 4K and Roku both are amazing smart devices, but I recommend the Apple TV 4K for you.

Why do I recommend Apple TV 4K?

  • You will get robust dual-band network connectivity with Apple TV 4K, but Roku Streambar wireless network doesn’t work properly.
  • It features an A10X Fusion Processor that lets you stream any app faster. Besides, Roku has a slower processor that takes time to stream.
  • The device features a touchpad top, and you just need to swipe it. In addition, Roku uses a button remote, but both of them have a voice-command function.
  • Apple TV 4K is capable of handling all the apps at the same time. Also, it will remember all your logins, even it can fire the tv and go straight to the content. In contrast, Roku cannot handle all the apps and won’t save the logins.
  • Both have Dolby vision and atmos, but the Apple TV is better than the Roku. Apple 4K will deliver you clearer vision and better sound rather than its competitor.

Apple TV 4K includes all those fantastic features, and you can depend on the smart TV rather than others. If you are interested to know the price, go through the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • They come with a built-in remote.
  • The device features a one-year limited warranty.
  • Apple Tv and Roku have the Dolby atmos sound quality.
  • They let you play popular games.
  • Both are iOS compatible and let you share photos, or music, or videos via AirPlay.
  • The devices are Bluetooth compatible.
Specifications  Apple TV 4k Roku
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Dimension  5.3 x 6.4 x 2.6 inches 16.25 x 7.5 x 4.25 inches
Weight 1.8 Pounds 38.4 ounces
Processor A10X Fusion MStar C2
Standard Ram  3 GB 1 GB
Video Output 2160p (4K)  2160p (4K) 
Dolby Vision  Yes  Yes 
HDR10 Yes  Yes 
Platform Apple tvOS Roku OS
Audio Output Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 4.0
Gaming Support  Yes  Yes 
Voice Remote Yes  Yes 
iOS Compatible  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1-year Limited  1-year Limited 

Differences and Similarities Between Apple tv 4k vs Roku


You can install these smart devices without the help of a professional. But before installing them, read the user manual properly. In terms of the setup, both are the same, you will need the USB port and the HDMI cable, and the devices come with them so that you can use them right after you get them.

To set them up, plug in the device to the power outlet, and connect the HDMI cable to your tv and the devices. Then connect them to the internet, and create an account, Or if you already have an account, simply log in and enjoy what you want to watch.

Video Quality 

You can enjoy fast streaming from the Apple TV 4K and Roku because both are built-in 4K to give you endless entertainment. They are compatible with HD, HDR10, and Dolby Vision to deliver brilliant streams every time. Both offer realistic colors with detail, and you can enjoy your favorite show or movie better than before.

Sound Quality 

They are equal when it comes to sound quality as they support Digital Sound and Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Atmos combination sends sounds above or around, and you will feel fully immersed in three-dimensional audio with pinpoint precision. Apple TV 4K and Roku ensure you get the complete cinematic experience from these smart devices.

Roku has a soundbar that produces sound beyond its size and works with advanced audio engineering with the Roku OS. Also, controlling the sound is very easy. Simply ask your remote to lower the sound or boost the volume.

Streaming App

Apple TV 4K and Roku let you stream what you love, whether it’s a tv, sports, live news, or movies, with thousands of streaming free or paid apps. They are also compatible with Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, Slings, Disney+, YouTube, and many more.

But the Apple TV only connects itself to the Apple TV store, and the Ruku can access the Google Play Store as well. However, the Apple TV 4K is still the best, as it can access the majority of streaming platforms.

Game Support 

Both support games for the individual or multi-users, also, they access the Xbox to other gaming networks so that you can play your favorite games. As they provide multi-users, they allow you to invite your friends to play the game together. Also, the device lets you track the game levels for the individual.

Apple AirPlay Compatible

Use your iPhone and enjoy your favorite moment on the large screen as both of them support the iPhone. Turn on the iPhone into the remote, then share your photos through the AirPlay, which is the easiest way. Also, ask your family members to share pictures or videos on the big screen wirelessly. When you connect the AirPlay to the screen, the smart TV will automatically create collections of the best photos and videos. You can watch them in 4K detail, share the music you love, and listen to them in the Dolby Atmos.

Bluetooth streaming

Apple TV 4K has better Bluetooth connectivity rather than the Roku. If you cannot share music, photos, or videos via AirPlay, just turn on the Bluetooth and share it instantly. They also use dual-band wifi to ensure faster network speed, as well as they, have Gigabit Ethernet.


The Apple TV 4K built with the A10X Fusion processor, which is faster than the Ruku. Ruku has an MStar C2 CPU, and it works slightly slower than the Apple TV. That’s why the Apple TV would be an ideal choice for you if you want faster performance.


They share almost the same remote, yet there is a little difference. Apple TV 4K has a touchpad top on its remote, whereas the Ruku doesn’t. However, these two remotes include voice-command functions, you don’t need to type anything, ask your device, and it will find the result for you. Also, if you forget something, don’t worry. Simply ask it “show me the comedy show,” and it will deliver what you were looking for.


Apple TV 4K and Roku provide their users with the same accessories so that they can start using the TV right after they get it. Both come with the streaming device, voice remote, HDMI cables, batteries, and power cable, including an adapter.


Apple TV 4K and Roku have the standard one-year limited warranty, which is available for any manufacturer issues. Also, Apple gives 90-days of technical support as well. If you have any manufacturer issues during streaming, contact customer support to get free service.


After reviewing both smart tv, I found the Apple TV 4K is the best compared to the Roku. They have many similarities, yet some incredible features made the Apple best option. If you want to get better vision, audio, fast streaming, the Apple TV 4K will provide you everything you want. If you are not convinced with its features, Roku would also be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple tv 4k vs Roku

How is the Roku sound quality?

It provides the same Dolby Atmos sound quality as the Apple TV 4K that will give you a cinematic experience.

Do they have a remote finder feature?

No, Apple TV 4K, or the Roku Streamer doesn’t include a remote finder feature.

Do they support Netflix?

Yes, both devices support Netflix to other streaming apps, and you can watch buffer-free streams every time.

Will Apple TV 4K work on my tv?

Yes, the stream bar will work on any tv with the HDMI cable, so don’t worry if you don’t have a 4K tv.

Are they warranty protected?

Yes, all the Apple and Roku smart devices provide a one-year warranty from the date you get it.

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