Arlo Vs Arlo Pro

Arlo Vs Arlo Pro – Which one is best and What it can offer you?

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Arlo Vs Arlo ProArlo and Arlo Pro, both wireless cameras, can provide you with very well video quality, but when it’s about to choose the best from these two, I highly suggest you choose Arlo Pro.

Why do I suggest Arlo pro?

  • Arlo Pro has a 130-degree wide-angle field view. On the flip side, Arlo built 110-degree. A wide-angle view allows you to see the outside of your home or office properly.
  • Before any crime happens, stop it with a 100+ decibel siren that you can find on Arlo Pro. The camera is brilliant as it can detect motion transfer or another sound. Also, you can control the camera remotely, which is very convenient. But Arlo doesn’t contain this feature.
  • Arlo Pro features two-way audio since the camera is a built-in speaker, as well as a mic, so you can listen and talk to the camera directly. Arlo doesn’t build with the Audio function, which is a little hassle.

Arlo security cameras have lacked these functions, while these made Arlo Pro the best option. It is a great wireless camera that provides a clear vision. If you are interested in this device, then go through the button below to check its price.


Arlo Vs Arlo Pro Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications  Arlo  Arlo Pro 
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 2.8 x 2.6 x 1.7 inches 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches
Weight  2.5 pounds 3.2 pounds
Resolution  720 P  720 P 
Field of View  110 Degree 130 Degree 
Night Vision  Yes  Yes
Siren  No  Yes
Audio  No  Two-way 
Motion Alert Yes Yes
Wireless Range  300 ft 300 ft
Weatherproof  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences and Similarities Between the Arlo and Arlo Pro 

Camera Resolution 

The camera resolution is a vital thing to consider. These two Arlo offers HD quality 720 P camera resolution. So you can watch everything clearly in detail. Though they have the same camera, the Arlo Pro has a better field view. Arlo comes with a 110-degree field view. On the other side, the Arlo Pro has a 130-degree field view. That’s why selecting the Arlo Pro would be a better option.

Two-way Audio 

Arlo Pro system features motion transfer and sound-activated function. The device also offers two-way audio, so you can talk and listen from the camera straight to your smartphone. On the other hand, the previous Arlo is not compatible with the two-way audio function.


The siren function helps reduce crime in your areas, and fortunately, the Arlo Pro comes with the siren. The 100+ decibel siren helps you stop the crime before it happens. The siren can be controlled remotely, or you can control it when the camera detects motion to transfer or sound, While the Arlo has no siren function, so it would be a little tough to control crimes.

Cloud Storage 

Both of the Arlo offer seven days of free cloud storage to secure your recordings. You need to purchase the cloud storage after seven days of the free trial. You can also save the recordings with the USB drive which will work as a local backup storage option.

Motion Alert 

The two come with a motion alert, which is very convenient. Since the cameras are smart, they will detect any unusual motion and instantly show you the reports to your device.


Put the Arlo camera anywhere you want, indoor or outdoor. They will be there to secure your home or office. The cameras will stand with the hot, cold, rain, or shine. The camera will bravely stand there. And you can use the camera with a rechargeable battery or plug it into the power outlet.

Battery life

The Arlo battery will last for more than six months on average. The batteries are rechargeable to offer you uninterrupted security without a longer lifespan. However, if you find any issues with the battery, then make sure to replace the batteries.


When it comes to accessories, the Arlo offers the same things. You will get a user manual, rechargeable battery, ethernet cable, camera power adapter, camera power cable, wall mount, wall mount screw set, base station, wire-free camera, and the window decal.


They are equipped with a one-year limited warranty, and you can expect the Arlo to last for years without any major issues. The warranty period will repair any issues with the camera. However, though they have the same warranty, I suggest you choose Arlo Pro.


The Arlo security cameras are easier to use compared to other cameras on the market. Both the Arlo and Arlo Pro are excellent products to choose from. But the Arlo Pro is the fantastic one so you can consider this one for your home or office. If you have any budget issues, choose the Arlo, yet you should try investing in the best one.

Frequently of Arlo Vs Arlo Pro

Will Arlo save recordings?

Yes, it will save the recordings for up to 7 days on cloud storage for free. And then, you have to purchase cloud storage. In the meantime, you can store the recordings on the USB as well.

Can I disable the siren?

If you don’t want to use it, you can disable it from the settings. Read the instructions for more information.

How many cameras will the Arlo Pro base support?

You can use up to 15 cameras, depending on your plan. You need an additional base if you need to connect more than 15 cameras.

How to know the battery status?

You can know the battery status from the app. And the battery can last for more than six months on average.

Does Arlo have two-way audio?

It doesn’t have two-way audio, but you will get it on the Arlo Pro camera.

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