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Baratza Encore vs Oxo – Get the Best Coffee Grinder!

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Baratza Encore vs OxoBaratza Encore and Oxo both coffee grinders are very convincing to perform. But if you are thinking about buying the best one, then I endorse Baratza Encore as the right choice because of its ability to grind beans for the best quality coffee.

Why Baratza Encore is Right Choice?

  • Baratza Encore has 40 grind settings, while OXO Brew has only 15 grind settings. Therefore you get a lot of options for grind settings in Baratza Encore. But OXO Brew gives you limited options in this regard.
  • The bean capacity of Baratza Encore is 13 oz, but Oxo comes with 12 oz. So, you can grind more coffee at a time in Baratza Encore than OXO Brew.
  • Baratza Encore is fast and not so loud as a coffee grinder. On the other side, OXO Brew is a loud coffee grinder, which is a bit hurtful for your ears as the first activity to witness in the morning.
  • It is a user-friendly coffee grinder, comes with an easy on-off switch, which makes it effortless to deal with. OXO Brew does not have an on-off switch to regulate it. That power switch makes Baratza Encore more user-friendly and easy to deal with a grinder.
  • Baratza Encore is a trouble-free to clean coffee grinder. The burrs are very easy to remove without any instruments, which makes them a hassle-free machine to clean. However, OXO Brew does not perform like Baratza Encore in this case. It is quite a mass-creating coffee grinder because it needs to be cleaned after every finishing.

These are the key points that made Baratza Encore better than OXO Brew. Baratza Encore is clearly a dominant coffee grinder. So, choose cleverly which one to buy for yourself.


Comparison Chart: Baratza Encore vs Oxo

Specification OXO Brew Conical BurrBaratza Encore
Editors Ratings4.5 Out of 54.8 Out of 5
Construction Material Stainless SteelPlastic
Bean Capacity12oz13oz
Hopper ExtenderNoYes
Grind Settings1540
Burr MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Digital DisplayNoNo
Burrs40mm Conical40mm Conical
Timer SwitchYesNo
On-Off SwitchNoYes
Grind AdjustmentYesYes
Speed ControlNoYes
Device HolderNoNo
Digital TimerNoNo
Warranty 1 Year1 Year

Difference and Similarity: Baratza Encore vs OXO Brew Conical Burr

Machine Weight and Size

The machine weight of Baratza Encore is 7 pounds and OXO Brew’s 5.6 pounds. Both are quite lightweight to handle. On another side, the dimension of Baratza Encore is 12*35*16 inches, and OXO Brew comes in 16.8*11.8*14.8 inches dimension. So, in the case of portability, both show equal potentiality.


The motor in Baratza Encore is more promising than OXO Brew as it has a DC motor with high torque. Which makes sure to operate the burrs easily. This motor spins slowly, which results in smooth and quiet grinding. This slow rotation allows the grinder to work for a long time. It has an automated reset button with a thermal cutoff. The OXO Brew’s motor is not that powerful quality.


This is an important feature of a coffee grinder. Baratza Encore has 40mm conical burrs with itself. OXO Brew also comes with conical burrs. And both of their conical burrs are made of stainless steel. These burrs are the reason for constant grinding. Burrs grind coffee on Baratza Encore .8 to 1.1g/sec. Also, Baratza’s coffee grinder ensures you have soft and accurate grinding as it has a unique mounting system for its burrs.

Grind Settings

There is a huge difference in both of these coffee grinders’ grind settings. That is because Baratza Encore offers a big range of settings in grinds At the same time, grind settings are quite limited in OXO Brew. Bratz Encore has 40, and OXO Brew has 15 grind settings. So you can try a lot more grind settings in Baratza Encore and be creative with your grinding.

Gear Box

The gearbox in Baratza Encore makes it a preferable coffee grinder. This gearbox carries gear reduction to the revolving cone burr from the DC motor. This makes grinding so smooth. Also, it has a thermal stop switch. This switch shelters the motor from overheating. OXO brew does not have any such features to make its motor over bearable and long-lasting.

Grind Left in Grinder

Baratza Encore makes sure the minimum leftover coffee is in the grinder after finishing a grind. This results in the maximization of the freshness of your coffee. OXO Brew does not focus on the minimization of leftover coffee left in the grinder. So, you end up having a lot of wastage of coffee in this process. With Baratza Encore, you have the freshest coffee without a lot of wastage.

On-Off Switch

The Baratza Encore is a well-known user-friendly coffee grinder. It appears with an easy On-Off switch, which makes your work easy and hassle-free. So, grinding coffee is so much easier with it. OXO Brew does not come with an On-Off switch. It makes grinding a little troublesome with it.


The warranty on both of these machines is for 1 year. So you can think of any of them in the matter of warranty. You are backed up by both of them for a year. Baratza Encore promises to give you world-class support for one year.


In the end, I would definitely suggest you invest in Baratza Encore. As you are investing for one time, then pay for the best one. Which gives you the best grinding machine with all the finest features.  And that is sure not OXO Brew Conical Burr. So, make a wise decision, invest for one time. Invest money for the best one.

FAQ about Baratza Encore and OXO Brew Conical Burr

Burr material in Baratza Encore?

The burr material in Baratza Encore is stainless steel. The burrs are 40mm conical burrs.

How loud is OXO Brew Conical Burr?

The OXO Brew Conical is a pretty loud coffee grinder.

Is Baratza Encore easy to clean?

Yes, Baratza encore is super easy to clean. The burrs are so easy to remove. You can remove it without any kits or hardware. This makes the cleaning way more effortless.

The gears in OXO Brew are made of?

The gears in OXO Brew Conical Burr are made of stainless steel.

Is there any cord storage in Baratza Encore?

No, there is no spot to stock cords in Baratza Encore. Also, cords are not removable in Baratza Encore.

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