Baratza sette 30 vs 270

Baratza Sette 30 vs 270 – Choose Baratza Sette 270 & Why?

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Baratza sette 30 vs 270Baratza Sette 30 and Sette 270 can give you satisfying results in grinding coffee beans and serve you freshly brewed coffee. Still, Baratza Sette 270 is guaranteed to provide you the best service with its improved features.

Why Sette 270 is Best?

  • The most iconic feature in Sette 270 is the number of grind settings in it. Sette 270 has 270 grind settings with itself. On the contrary, Sette 30 comes with only 30 grind settings.
  • The burr carrier in Sette 270 is made of metal, while in Sette 30, the burr carrier is made of plastic. It is an important feature as assembling burrs with Sette 270 is easier than Sette 30.
  • Sette 270 has three programmable timed presets with itself. While in Sette 30, you won’t get this feature to explore. This feature allows you to save three different presets while you are grinding.

All those features make Sette 270 a winner between Sette 30 and Sette 270. So, that’s why I said choosing Sette 270 over Sette 30 would be a wise investment. To check their prices, just click the button below.


Comparison chart

Specification Sette 270Sette 30
Speed of Grind 3.5g/sec – 5.5g/sec3.5g/sec – 5.5g/sec
Grind Settings27030
Bean Hopper Capacity10oz10oz
Device HolderNoYes
Hopper ExtenderYesYes
Power Rating220-240 V AC 240 Watts 50/60 Hz. 1.6 Amp220-240 V AC 2400 Watts 50/60 Hz. 1.6 Amp
Digital TimerNoYes
Burrs40mm Steel40mm Steel
Timer SwitchNoYes
On-Off SwitchNoNo
Grind AdjustmentYesNo
Speed ControlNoNo
Ground Beans Capacity5.5oz5.5oz
Timed PresetYesNo
Digital Control PanelYesYes

Difference and Similarity Between Sette 30 and Sette 270

Machine Weight and Dimension

The machine’s weight and dimension are the same in Sette 30 and Sette 270. Two of these weights are particularly 7 pounds. Which is 3.2 kg. They are so light and easy to handle. You can transfer it easily anywhere you want. An ultimate example of a portable coffee grinder. The dimension in both of these grinders is 13*40*24 inches. Both are well set for your kitchen or your shop.


Both Sette 30 and Sette 270 offer you a heavy-duty motor. Especially the Sette 270’s motor is well furnished to give you a strong and long-lasting service. These motors have a thermal cutoff switch, which resets automatically. And both motors are DC motors with high torque, which assures you the best quality of motor in a coffee grinder.


Sette 270 and Sette 30 come with 40mm steel burrs. These burrs are designed to give the finer grind you can ever have with your coffee beans. These burrs grind espresso 3.5 grams in one second but grind manual brewing 5.5 grams in one second. Burrs of Sette 270 and Sette 30 have an exceptional mounting system to give you the perfect grinding.

Grind Adjustment

Grind adjustment is a very important feature while you are considering buying a coffee grinder. In this section, Sette 270 and Sette 30 fulfills your requirement wisely. Both of them have a micro-adjust of 30 steps. To grind in any method espresso to manual brew. Sette 270 has a step-less micro-adjust along with 9 indicators. Micro-adjust has straightly attached to the cone burrs what assures you an instant and correct adjustment.


The Sette 270 and 30 offer you the minimal retention of ground coffees in the grinder. This feature maximizes the firmness of the brewed coffee. So, the leftover ground coffee would be less, and you can have the maximum coffees to use for you.

Brewing Method

This Sette series of Baratza is extraordinary for all its brewing methods. You can try espresso as well as the manual method of brewing. It can carry any of it well with itself. From drip to pot press brewing or even french press, you can brew any method with Sette 270 and Sette 30.

Hopper Extender

With some extra bucks, you can get a hopper extender with both Sette 30 and Sette 270. This hopper extender adds 275 grams of extra coffee with existing ones. Various extenders can be attached for the capacity you want to be brewed. What could be more available benefits in a coffee grinder?

Device Holder

Sette 30 comes with a device holder. With this device holder, you can detach and realign the arms to grind straight into a portafilter. You can detach and realign arms directly into the given grounds bin too.

Digital Control Panel

Both Sette 270 and Sette 30 have this cool feature Digital Control Panel. The control panel is easy front-mounted. So simple to read backlit LCD screens. There are 3 buttons to present the grinding time. Those buttons permit a grind time setting in 0.1 seconds. This feature makes these two grinders ultra digital to handle.


Although both Sette 30 and Sette 270 look almost like the same coffee grinder. But the grind settings, burr carrier, and programmable time setting feature make Sette 270 a better choice than Sette 30. These features make Sette 270 an upgraded version of Sette 30. So, buy the best coffee grinder for yourself. Choose Sette 270 for yourself to invest in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sette 30 and Sette 270

Is Sette 270 custom-made to grind Turkish Coffee?

No, Sette 270 is not officially custom-made to grind Turkish Coffee, but it can finely grind Turkish coffee.

What is the voltage of Sette 30?

The voltage of Sette 30 is 110.

Is the top burr included with Sette 270?

Yea, both of the top burrs are included with Sette 270.

Which one is good for commercial use, Sette 30 or Sette 270?

Sette 270 is specially manufactured for commercial use, while Sette 30  is good for home appliances. So, Sette 270 is more acceptable for commercial use.

How much voltage Sette 270 take to work?

Sette 270 takes the voltage 220-240 to work.

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