Beats Solo3 vs Studio3

Beats Solo3 vs Studio3 – See our best pick!


Beats Solo3 vs Studio3

Beats Solo3 and Studio3 are two amazing headphones, but between them, the best one is the Beats Solo3.

Why did we say the Beats Solo3 the best?

  • Beats Solo3 can work for almost 40 hours. So, you can listen for 40 hours without any hassle. On the other side Studio3 only gives you 22 hours of listening time after a full charge. 
  • Its weight is 1.45 pounds while Studio3’s weight is 2.2 pounds. Therefore the Solo3 is more comfortable to carry than the Studio3 that makes it a more user-friendly headphone. 
  • Both of these headphones have fast charging options, but they charge on a different scale of time. The Solo3 only takes 5 minutes to charge for 3 hours non-stop playback time, while Studio3 takes 10 minutes to charge for the same amount of playback time. That means in the long run Solo3 will be with you rather than Studio3.

Hopefully, now it is clear to you why did we suggest Solo3 for you.


Similar Features in Beats Solo3 and Studio3

  • Both have built-in mic and control options.
  • They are available for Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Beats Solo3 and Studio3 come with a fast-charging feature.
  • These two have the Apple W1 audio chip.
  • Their charging type is micro-USB.
  • They also have the wired option included.
  • Both are capable of Android connectivity.
  • Beats offer a 1-year limited warranty for both of these.

Comparison Chart

Specification Beats Solo3 Beats Studio3
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Weight 1.45lbs 2.2lbs
Dimension 5.16×3.74 x7.44 inches 6.3×4.7×8.9 inches
Fit On-Ear Over-Ear
Noise Canceling No Yes
Built-in Mic and Controls Yes Yes
Battery Life Up to 40 Hours Up to 22 Hours
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity Yes Yes
Fast Charging Yes Yes
Charging Time 5 Minutes for 3 Hours of Playback 10 Minutes for 3 Hours of Playback
Audio Chip  Apple W1 Chip Apple W1 Chip
Charging Type Micro-USB Micro-USB
Battery 1 Lithium-ion 1 Lithium-ion
Wired Mood Yes Yes
Android Compatibility Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Difference and Similarity Between Beats Solo3 and Studio3


These two headphones from Beats have a sound system called the stereo speaker. The Solo3 has the on-ear fit, and Studio3 has the over-ear fit. In this feature, Studio3 is better. Their weight and size are quite different. Solo3’s weight is 1.45 pounds, and Studio3’s 2.2 pounds. In this case, Solo3 will be more comforting to carry than Studio3. The size of Solo3 is 5.16×3.74×7.44 inches, and for Studio3, it is 6.3×4.7×8.9 inches. For this reason, Solo3 could be a little tight fit for some people.


Both of these headphones’ sound gives you a good quality listening experience. Studio3 comes with an extra Noise-canceling option which is a premium feature in this headphone. But Studio3’s noise quality is not that good as the manufacturer promises. The sound might crack on higher volume in Studio3. This is not very comforting for the ears. 

Battery and Charging

Solo3 and Studio3 come with 1 Lithium-ion battery. You can listen up to 40 hours of playback after full charging on Beats Solo3. The Studio3 only can provide you with 22 hours of playback time after getting a full charge. These two amazing headphones have a fast charging feature. The Solo3 only takes 5 minutes of charge to work for 3 hours, and Studio3 takes 10 minutes for three hours of work. So, when you are in a hurry, their fast charging feature will work like magic for you.


These two Beats headphones can connect through Bluetooth, also can provide you with a wired mood. The Solo3 also can connect with a non-Bluetooth device. But for this, you have to buy Beats RemoteTalk Cable separately. They are good to go with any iOs device and Android device. For Android device connectivity, you have to install the Beats App from Google Store.


Beats offer a 1-year limited warranty for these two headphones. The manufacturer’s warranty does not include in case of any self-destruction or accident. Otherwise, in any problem with the headphones, you can call for help from customer service.


These two are almost the same headphone, excluding the noise canceling option on Studio3. In some cases, Solo3 is way better than Studio3. Besides, with Solo3, you can take care of the budget. But with Studio3, this matter could be a hassle. So, think wisely about your choice. In the end, I must say if you are looking for a noise-canceling headphone with all the good features, you should choose Studio3 without any hesitation. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Beats Solo3 and Studio3

Can Beats Solo3 be plugged into a non-Bluetooth device?

Yes, you can plug Beats Solo3 into any non-Bluetooth device by connecting the Beats RemoteTalk cable that you can buy separately.

Does Studio3 come with a case?

Yes, Studio3 does come with a case so that it could be stored and carried easily.

Is Beats Solo3 water resistance?

No, Beats Solo3 is not water or sweat resistance. So, you should keep it away from water and make sure it is dry.  

Is Studio3 an on-ear or over-ear headphone?

The Beats studio3 headphone is an over-ear headphone.

Do they work on Android devices?

Yes, Both Solo3 and Studio3 work on android devices. You may connect them with the Bluetooth option or get Beats App from Google Play Store. With this, you can get the easy one-touch pairing feature.

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