Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3

Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3 – Check Why Studio 3 is Best!


Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3Beats Studio 2 and Studio 3 have many similar features. But between these two, we highly suggest you go for Studio 3 because it is an updated version with a few advanced features.

Why We Suggest Beats Studio 3?

  • Beats Studio 3 has a pure adaptive noise cancellation system which is blocking the external noise. Besides, Studio 2 also has a noise cancellation system, but it can’t obstruct the background noise properly.
  • This headphone includes Apple W1 chips which automatically connect your devices without any pairing. On the contrary, Beats Studio 2 does not have apple W1 chips. In this connectivity section, Studio 3 is a great choice.
  • Studio 3 wireless headphone comes with a soft over-ear cushions feature and signature ergonomic pivoting, which assure custom and flexible fit for any head shape. But Studio 2 doesn’t include such functions. Thus, in terms of long-term wear Beats Studio 3 would be incomparable.
  • This headphone gives 22 hours of battery life that ensures all-day listening time. While Studio 2 provides 20 hours of battery life. So with Studio 3, you will get extra 2 hours of playback time; which would be a plus point for you.

After reading all these features, you may understand that why we suggest you choose Studio 3. Choose whats you need precisely but choosing Beats Studio 3 would be a wise decision as well.


Similar Features

  • Beats Studio 2 and Studio 3 have a noise cancellation system, which reduces outside sound to provide a premium listening experience.
  • These headphones are compatible with ios and android devices. You can set this headphone with all android and IOS devices.

Comparison Chart: Beats Studio 2 vs 3

Specification Beats Studio 2 Studio 3
Editors rating 4.1 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
weight 9.2 ounces 2.2 pounds
Product dimension 10 x 7.5 x 5 inches 6.3 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches
Manufacturer Beats electronics Apple computer
Battery Life 20 hours 22 hours
Noise cancellation system Yes Yes
Apple W1 chip No Yes
From the factor On-ear Over-ear
Bluetooth wireless connection Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 1Year

Differences & Similarities: Beats Studio 2 vs Studio 3


It isn’t easy to find out the differences between Beats Studio2 and Studio3. They are the very first Beats Studio models. After all, these years, beats company upgrades their device again and again. Before, these devices’ frames are tough and sturdy, but after updating, these are now fittable wear. Still, there are a few differences.

Studio 3 seems to fit more nicely. The earpads are thin, soft, and very pleasurable. While after a lot of upgrades, Studio 2 does not look much fit and comfortable. If you judge these devices based on design, then go for Studio 3. It’s best for you.


There are a few bit differences in connectivity. Beats Studio 2 already has built-in Bluetooth technology to connect to the devices from the 30 fit away. Both devices come with the same connectivity system, so you don’t need any cable for connection.

It also has a built-in Bluetooth technology system and a 3.5 audio input. In contrast, Studio 3 is connected with an Apple W1 chip which can automatically connect with your Apple devices. The pairing method with Apple devices is straightforward and quick. If you use Mac,iPhone,iPad, then Studio 3 is an excellent choice for you.

Noise cancellation: 

The main difference between Beats Studio 2 and Studio3 is theirs Noise cancellation performances. If we judged then at Studio 2, noise cancellation is “almost okay. “At Studio 3, noise cancellation is “excellent.” Beats Studio2 is already able to isolate away muffle loud noises. Unfortunately, it works with only one mic. Beats Studio 2 can not cancel background noise properly.

Besides, Studio3 has two mics for active noise cancellation. Studio 3 cancel background noise perfectly. Even if you try to say something while wearing a headset, you can’t hear your voice. It’s a great headset that can help you focus on your music properly without being disturbed by others’ external noise.

Battery Life: 

For the Apple W1 chip, Studio3 increased its battery life. This intelligent digital chip makes battery use a lot more proficient. Studio 2 gives you up to 20 hours back up. There is a battery indicator that shows you remaining the battery life.

This device’s battery is perfect. It’s sufficient for a full day as it gives 22 hours of battery backup. It’s sufficient for two or three days if you don’t use it constantly. You have to charge it every two or three days. After only 10 minutes, gets enough charge to playback one hour. 

Sound Quality: 

In the sound quality section, both are almost the same. If you like Heavy base, then this device is excellent for you. There is a good bass extension, but it may be cracking up from time to time. The sound stage is a little bit wide. Anyways Studio 2 and Studio 3 are enjoyable for rock, pop any lively music.

In the box:  with the Studio 2 you will get-

  • Beats Studio 2 over-ear headphones.
  • 3.5 mm audio cable with remote talk.
  • 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Hardshell carrying case with carabineer clip.

With Studio 3 you will get-

  • Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones.
  • carrying case
  • 3.5 mm remote talk cable.
  • Universal charging cable.
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty Card.

Final Word: 

Between these two devices, Studio 3 is the best. There is an impressive improvement in battery life and noise cancellation. So strongly recommends you choose Studio 3.

Frequently Asked Question about Beats Studio 2 and 3

Is there any issue with the rechargeable battery?

No, You can be charged them all night it does not face any problem. You don’t have to worry about the battery keeps charging like that. Just use the headphones and charge them when the battery is getting low.

Do these headphones work with any Samsung devices?

Yes, They work with any android device. Just follow the pairing instruction and enjoy the headphones.

Can you use them on pc or laptop?

Yes, you can. You will get an audio jack that will use them in Pc or Laptop.

Does Beats come with a cord?

The cord is included; it’s a standard connector. Apple’s AirPods and the Beats headphones use the Lightning connector to charge.

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