Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave

Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave – Which is the best vacuum cleaner?

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Bissell Spinwave vs CrosswaveBissell Spinwave & Crosswave are two great vacuum cleaners, but if you want to have an all-in-one cleaning machine, you should choose the Bissell Crosswave

Why Should You Choose Bissell Crosswave?

  • Bissell Crosswave comes with a Dual-Tank technology that lets you clean your surface with clean water as this tank separates the used water from the unused fresh water. While the competitor doesn’t have this feature.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a vacuum & wash feature that washes your floor while vacuuming. This will provide you with an effective clean and save your time as well. This feature isn’t available on the other one. 
  • The ergonomic carrying handle on this machine will help you move this machine from one place to another without any hassle, whereas the Spinwave comes with an ordinary handle.
  • The Crosswave is suitable for any surface, but you won’t be able to clean the carpets with the Bissell Spinwave.
  • The advanced brush roll of this vacuum cleaner will mop and pick up debris from hard floors that will provide you an effective performance better than a sponge mop of Spinwave.

You won’t need any additional equipment for cleaning if you have the Bissell Crosswave in your hand. This is the winner and will surely satisfy you.


Similar Features

  • Bissell Spinwave and Crosswave run with electricity and come with a long cord, which allows you to comfortably clean a larger area from the same place.
  • These cleaning machines are lightweight. As a result, it’ll be easier to clean around furniture and along baseboards.
  • They have a 28-oz tank capacity that lets spray and mop messes away.

Quick Comparison: Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave

Specifications  Bissell Spinwave Bissell Crosswave
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Color Green Green
Dual-Tank No Yes
Carry Handle No Yes
Mop Pads 2 Mop Pads + 2 Scrubby Pads 1 Multi-Surface Brush Roll
Swivel Steering Yes Yes
Easy Tank Fillup Yes No
On-Demand Spray Yes No
Washable Mop Pads Yes No
Product Dimension 10.5 x 12 x 46 inches 8 x 16 x 45 inches
Product Weight 11.02 pounds 9.5 pounds
Handheld  No No
Warranty 2-Years of Warranty 2-Years of Warranty

Difference and Similarities: Bissell Crosswave vs Spinwave


The machines do have a different outlook as they are made for different surfaces. Bissell Spinwave comes with two circular scrub pads, while the Bissell Crosswave comes with a mop pad. There is a carrying handle included on the Bissell Crosswave that will allow you to use the machine for a long period. They come with a green color variant and a decent height that is perfect for anyone.


The vacuum cleaners are made for specific surface purposes. Bissell Spinwave is suitable for cleaning sealed wood floors and laminate floors, and you won’t be able to clean your carpets with this. You will have the advantage of cleaning any floor with the Bissell Crosswave. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning hard floors and even floor mats or carpets.


Bissell Crosswave comes with a Dual-Tank feature. These two tanks will make sure that you are always cleaning your house with clean water. The Dual-Tank will keep the dirty water separate from the unused water that means you are vacuuming your house with clean water. Unfortunately, this handy feature isn’t available on the Bissell Spinwave. 

Brush Roll & Pads

Bissell Spinwave comes with two scrub pads. These scrub pads are effective for cleaning soiled hard floors. Bissell Crosswave comes with a Dual Action multi-surface brush roll that uses an advanced microfiber, and the nylon brush mop and picks the debris at the same time. This initiative brush roll will provide you an effective performance and save your time as well.  


You won’t feel any difficulties while cleaning a large space. They are very lightweight and can be moved easily with the swivel steering included. They are designed for extended area sweeping. You will be able to clean under the furniture with the devices. Bissell Crosswave has a carrying handle that will allow you to move the device with comfort. They can’t be converted into a handheld device, so it is impossible to clean the ceiling or car interior with these machines.

Spray & Wash

Bissell Spinwave has a spray trigger that will allow you to control how much formula you want to apply on the floor. If you feel like the floor needs more formula, you can spray it from the machine without any extra hassle. The other one, Bissell Crosswave, comes with a vacuum and wash feature. After cleaning, you don’t need to rewash the floor as the machine will wash the surface independently. 

Washable Mop Pads

As most vacuum cleaner comes with fixed mop pads, Bissell Spinwave has detachable mop pads that can be washed after the cleaning. The reusable scrubby and soft microfiber pads will give you a better cleaning as you are using a fresh pair of pads. This will make sure that you are not making your floors dirty from the debris of your pads. Bissell Crosswave won’t provide you with this feature.

Easy-Fill Water Tank

As you may spray the formula into the surface while cleaning, you will need to fill the Bissell Spinwave water tank frequently. This vacuum cleaner comes with an easy-fill water tank. You will be able to easily clean and fill the water tank. The other one, Bissell Crosswave, comes with a 28-oz tank capacity and doesn’t require that much water while cleaning. 


Bissell has dedicated formulas for different types of surfaces. You are recommended to use a Bissell formula with vacuum cleaners for optimum performance. You can choose the one you need from the hard floor formula or even the multi-surface formula. They will provide you an excellent cleaning and give your cleaning area a different vibe by spreading fresh odors.

Durability & Warranty

The vacuum cleaners are very effective for large or small houses. You will enjoy the cleaning because of the top-notch performance. They don’t make that noise while cleaning, which is a plus. You can enhance durability by maintaining them properly. Bissell provides a 2-year warranty for the mentioned vacuum cleaners. 


Bissell Crosswave and Spinwave are two great vacuum cleaners, and there is no doubt about that. If you want to clean your whole house with a single machine, you should pick the Bissell Crosswave. The Bissell Spinwave is recommended if you have a sealed wood floor or a tiles floor & you get them dirty with sticky liquids. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bissell Spinwave and Crosswave 

Which one is better for scrubbing?

Bissell Spinwave is better for scrubbing.

How difficult is it to move them while cleaning?

They are very easy to move and feel like wheels.

Can I use other solutions or formulas?

Yes. Use the Bissell one to get the best result.

Do they have a steam feature?

No. The Bissell Crosswave has a vacuum & wash feature.

Do they have auto-clean mode?

No. They come with a manual cleaning mode.

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