Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave

Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave – Why is Crosswave the Better One?

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Bissell Symphony vs CrosswaveBissell Symphony and the Crosswave are two impressive vacuum cleaners for your home, but Bissell Corsswave comparatively the better one.

Why Bissell Crosswave is Better?

  • Bissell Crosswave comes with a dual-action brush with an advanced microfiber and nylon brush roll that will provide you better performance than a sponge mop of the Bissell Symphony.
  • This machine has a swivel steering on the bottom that will allow you to move the machine easily from one place to another while the other one doesn’t provide this feature.
  • The dual-tank technology of this vacuum cleaner will give you an effective performance by keeping the dirty water separate from the clean water. Bissell Symphony won’t provide you this feature.
  • There is an intelligent touch control on the handle of this device that can be used to easily switch between different surfaces. The other one comes with an ordinary control.

Though they both look the same, these unique specs keep the Bissell Crosswave ahead of the other one in terms of performance.


Similarities between Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave

  • The machines run with electricity and have a 25-ft cord.
  • The machines are suitable for maximum surface types.
  • They have controls placed on the handle.
  • They are very lightweight.
  • They do steam/wash while cleaning. 

Quick Comparison

Specifications Bissell Symphony Bissell Crosswave
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Color Blue Green
Power 25-ft corded electric 25-ft corded electric
Product Dimension 9 x 11 x 46.5 inches 10.5 x 12 x 46 inches
Product Weight 13 pounds 11.02 pounds
Smart Touch Control No Yes
Dual-Action Brush Roll No Yes
Dual Tank No Yes
Steam Yes No
Assembly Required  Yes Yes
Batteries Required  No No
Warranty 2-Years of Warranty 2-Years of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave


The vacuum cleaners come with a premium outlook. They have a handle with controls and a large dust filter. The machines are suitable for any corner or space cleaning. The Bissell Symphony comes with a blue color variant, while the Crosswave comes with a green color variant. They are very lightweight and have a perfect height to control. A swivel steering was included in the bottom of the Bissell Crosswave to move the machine easily from one place to another.


The machines are suitable to clean almost all types of floors. Bissell Crosswave cleans tiles, coated furniture, rubber floor mats, and area rugs in a secure and efficient manner. That means you’ll be able to vacuum your entire house with only one machine. Bissell Symphony also does a fine job of cleaning different floors. You will be able to clean hard floors and bare floors with this machine.


The Bissell Crosswave features Dual-Tank technology that doesn’t mix dirty water with fresh or clean water. This will help you in washing the floors with clear water all the time. You will always clean your surface with fresh mixed water because of this Dual Tank. The other one, Bissell Symphony, comes with Dry Tank technology that keeps the moisture out while cleaning. This will keep the tank completely dry and give you an effective cleaning. 


The machines are convenient to use since most of the controls are placed on the handle. Bissell Symphony comes with an easy touch digital control with a 5-way adjustable handle. There is a quick-release mop pad tray and 4 mop pads included with the vacuum cleaner. Bissell Symphony will also satisfy you in this section. This machine comes with smart touch controls that can be used to easily switch between cleaning different types of floor. 

Steam & Wash

The vacuum cleaners come with unique features of steam and washing during cleaning. The Bissell Symphony does steam and cleaning at the same time. This will save your time and eliminate the maximum rate of germs with steam power. The steam level can be adjusted from the controls. On the other hand, Bissell Crosswave does a different job. This machine will vacuum and clean at the same time. It doesn’t matter what the type of floor, you are getting top-notch performance from this cleaner always.

Brush Roll

The brush is one of the crucial parts of vacuum cleaning. A dual-action multi-surface brush is included in the Bissell Crosswave that uses advanced microfiber and nylon brush to mop and picks up dry debris together. This brush roll will provide you better performance than a sponge mop. Bissell Symphony doesn’t have this unique feature thus, you may not have a superb cleaning as the Crosswave.

Formula & Discs

There are separate demineralized water & freshening discs available to use in the steam mops for the Bissell Symphony. This will leave you a fresh scent after cleaning. The other one, Bissell Crosswave, comes with a multi-surface formula for cleaning sealed hard floors. You will get a formula for each type of floor with an odor eliminator. 

Durability & Warranty

The machines come with a durable body structure. They are suitable for any space cleaning. You will be able to use them for an extended period of time without experiencing any problems. You are required to keep the filters clean for durable performance. Bissell offers a 2-year warranty for Symphony and Corsswave.

Final Words

These two Bissell vacuum cleaners are also perfect for your house. But my final recommendation would be the Bissell Crosswave because of the dual-tank advantage and the initiative brush roll. For optimum performance, this one will be the right choice for you. And you may consider the Bissell Symphony if you prefer the vacuum with a steam feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bissell Symphony vs Crosswave

Can I use other formulas except Bissell’s?

Yes, you can. But for effective performance, it is recommended to use the Bissell formula.

How effective are the machines for pet hair cleaning?

They are very much effective in cleaning pet hair dirt.

Do they run with a battery?

No. They run with electricity.

Is it possible to adjust the steam level?

Sure. There are two steam levels – high and low.

Is there any WiFi option in the Crosswave?

No. There is no functionality of WiFi in the above models.

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