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Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2 – Which Security camera to pick & why?

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blink xt2 vs arlo pro 2If you need a better security camera system, I would recommend you choose the Arlo Pro 2 rather than Blink XT2. It is more reliable and could be the best option for you. In the following, I’ve shared Everything that proves Arlo Pro 2 is the best.

Why do I recommend the Arlo Pro 2? 

  • The main difference is in the field view. Arlo Pro 2 has a 130-degree field view, while the Blink XT2 has 110 degrees. You will get a broader perspective, which helps keep on eyes, especially in the areas you want.
  • Arlo Pro 2 has a 3 seconds lookback feature while the Blink XT2 doesn’t. You can check what happened a few seconds ago. Furthermore, the device has a 110 dB siren that helps reduce crime in the areas you live in.
  • Both are compatible with the two-way audio storage, but you can directly command the Arlo Pro 2 since the camera is equipped with the Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. But these two security cameras have a light function so that the users can use it at night.

So these were the main differences and functions that made Arlo Pro 2 the best security camera. If you are interested in this camera and want to check the price, just follow the button below.


Quick Comparison

Specifications Blink XT2 Arlo Pro 2 
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches 4.53 x 5.98 x 2.95 inches
Weight  0.20 Pounds 1.07 pounds
Resolution  1080 p 1080 p
Works With Voice Commands Alexa only Yes 
3-Second Lookback No  Yes 
Infrared night vision  Yes  Yes
View  110 degrees  130 degrees
Siren  No  100 DB 
Free cloud recording  Yes Yes
Battery life  2 years  Six months 
App  Blink Home Monitor app Arlo App 
Rechargeable Batteries  Non-rechargeable battery  Yes 
Two-way Audio  Yes  Yes 
Placement  Indoor and outdoor  Indoor and outdoor 
NIght vision Yes Yes 
Motion-activated  Yes  Yes 
Weather-resistant Yes Yes
Warranty  One-year Limited Warranty  One-year Limited Warranty 

Differences and Similarities Between the Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 

Video Quality 

In terms of video quality, the Blink XT2 and Arlo Pro 2 have the same 1080 P camera resolution. The HD resolution works with the advanced motion detection feature to record video. They contain wide-angle motion detection, so the cameras make sure that no movement is unnoticed.

Field View 

Arlo Pro 2 comes with a 130-degree field view option; on the other side, the Blink XT2 has a 110-degree. You will get to watch a broader and clearer field view from the Arlo that provides strong security. And comparatively, the Blink XT2 has narrow view properties, so you cannot see everything correctly.


You can find a siren function in the Arlo Pro 2 while the Blink XT2 doesn’t provide this. The 100 dB siren helps reduce crime around your areas. You can easily control the camera; also, the camera can detect any sound. And it will detect any motion to help you stop any crime.

Night Vision

The camera will record 1080p HD quality video during the night as well. Blink XT2 has an infrared light that lets the camera record HD videos, While the Arlo Pro 2 features integrated light to providing you color recording at night.

Voice Commands 

Arlo Pro 2 is compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. The voice commands allow you to talk with the Arlo camera directly, and you can listen. While the Blink XT2 is only compatible with the Alexa voice commands.

Two-way Audio

Both of the security cameras have their app that has a two-way audio function. This means the app also lets you listen and talk to the device. And when the camera detects anything, it will send a notification to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Cloud Storage

Blink XT2 comes with one-year cloud storage settings, while the Arlo Pro 2 provides seven days of free recordings. You can keep the record and motion plus audio-triggered recordings as well as free of cost. Additionally, the devices are compatible with the USB drive, which work as a local backup to keep the free recordings in the USB drive.

Wireless or Plugged In

When it comes to setting up the cameras, Arlo Pro 2 can have wireless and plugged features. But the Blink XT2 is 100% wire-free. Arlo Pro 2 also offers a Solar Panel to use, but you’ve to purchase Arlo Solar Panel. The choice is yours, which one you’d like to choose. Yet I suggest the Arlo Pro 2 since the device has both wireless and plugged-in connecting option.

Battery life 

Blink XT2 battery is non-rechargeable and can last up to two years. On the flip side, an Arlo Pro 2 battery can last for six months on average. You need to purchase a new battery to use the camera. If you want tight security at your home, then Arlo Pro 2 would be the best choice though its battery needs to replace soon. But the Arlo will give you better protection than Blink.


Both cameras are brave to stand with rain, summer hot, and cold weather as well. Blink and Arlo are water-resistant so that you will get to see a clearer vision. Therefore, the cameras can be installed anywhere you want.


Blink XT2 plus Arlo Pro 2 comes with a one-year limited warranty. Yet compared to Blink, Arlo is famous for its users. Though the backup warranty is the same, Arlo would be the best camera for you. However, the warranty period will cover any manufacturer issues free of cost.


Blink and Arlo are two of the fantastic security cameras. If you seek a high-end camera that will provide you tight security, consider the Arlo Pro 2. And if you are on a budget plus okay without tight security, then Blink XT2 could be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Arlo pro 2 vs blink xt2

Will Blink continue recording when motion is detected? 

It is a motion-based camera that can record the clip for up to 60 seconds. The clip can be paused for ten seconds or more.

Can I set the Arlo Pro 2 outside for the continuous record?

Yes, you can place the camera outside of the house since the camera is waterproof.

Can Blink work without wifi?

No, the camera requires wifi, or else it cannot work and capture any events.

Will my existing XT system work on the XT2 camera?

Yes, you can add the Blink XT2 to your current system, and it will work finely.

Does the Blink camera come with a manufacturer warranty?

Yes, the camera offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Also, Arlo Pro 2 comes with the same warranty.

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