Blink XT2 vs Ring

Blink XT2 vs Ring – Why Should You Select Ring Spotlight?

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Blink XT2 vs RingRing comes with different security cameras, and I choose the Ring Spotlight Cam. I also suggest you invest in Ring as it comes with more excellent facilities than the Blink XT2 camera.

Why Ring Spotlight Cam is Suggested?

  • Ring Spotlight Cam has a 140-degree field view, while Blink XT2 offers a 110-degree. You can watch a more comprehensive video from this camera.
  • You will get a versatile power option from the Ring since it allows you to use solar panels for a continuous charge. But the Blink only uses a battery, so the Ring would be an ideal choice.
  • Both offer night vision, but Ring gives a color night vision, which is not available on Blink XT2. The color night vision allows the user to reduce any unwanted issues; moreover, it is built with a siren that ensures safety.
  • Ring Cam has a spotlight that reaches up to 50 feet, but Blink XT2 isn’t equipped with any spotlight. The light is convenient as you will get a clear vision.

These incredible features make Ring Spotlight Cam the best option for you. You can consider this device for you rather than its competitor. Furthermore, if you are interested in these devices and want to check the price, go through the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Blink XT2 and Ring are compatible with two-way audio and are consistent with the app.
  • Both security cameras offer a one-year limited warranty, including a 30-days return policy.
  • They are built with the 100db Siren function so that you can avoid any unwanted incident.
  • You can mount the devices inside or outside of the home since these are weather-resistant devices.
  • Blink and Ring offer a one-year free cloud storage feature.
Specifications  Blink XT2  Ring Spotlight Cam
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5
Camera Resolution  1080p 1080p
Advanced Object Detection  No  Yes 
Solar Panel  No  Yes 
Field View  110-degree 140-degree
Dimension 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inch 4.9″ x 2.7″ x 2.9″
Color Night Vision  No  Yes 
Motion Detection  Yes  Yes 
Spotlight  No  Yes 
Battery Life  2-years  12 months 
Two Way Audio Yes  Yes 
Works With Alexa  Yes Yes 
Siren  Yes Yes 
App Compatible  Ring App  Blink Home App 
Free cloud storage  Yes  Yes 
Weather Resistant  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year 

Differences and Similarities Between Blink XT2 vs Ring

Video Quality

Ring Spotlight Cam gives you better live video quality than Blink XT2 since the device has a 140-degree field view. While the Blink has a 110-degree field view. However, both have 1080p camera resolution, yet you will get the best video quality from Ring. You can monitor your home or other property with the 1080p HD video, as well as you can hear audio.

Spotlight Function 

Blink XT2 doesn’t build with the spotlight; in contrast, the Ring is made with the spotlight. Moreover, the Ring offers color night vision so that you can watch everything clearly at night. With the combination of the color night vision with infrared spotlight, you can adequately monitor yours.


These two smart security cameras featured with the siren. They use a 100dB siren that you can activate right from your smartphone, PC, or table. Furthermore, both of them have motion-activated features. When anyone steps on your home, you will get alerts on your phone or PC, or tablet as they have a motion sensor. And if you find anything unusual, you can activate the siren. If you want to improve your motion activation, Ring Spotlight would be an ideal option since it can detect small objects while Blink XT2 cannot do it.

App Compatibility & Voice Command 

You will get the app-compatible function, including voice command from these two security cameras, that will make these devices more comfortable. The Ring offers you a Ring App while the Blink has a Blink Home App; to use the app, you need to install them on your smartphone, and it’s free. And you can view or control the cameras from anywhere you are. Additionally, they use Alexa plus Siri, or Google Assistant, and you can talk to the guest through them who is at the door. Another best part of these devices is two-way talk; the built-in microphone plus speakers lets you talk to the people in your home.

Advanced Motion Detection

Ring XT2 and Ring Spotlight Cam come with the motion function. You can set any specific areas in your home for extra security. While the devices detect anything, you will be notified; also, they will keep recording during the motion. But the Ring is slightly advanced, and it will see any objects too that Blink can’t.

Installation Process 

Installing the Blink Xt2 and Ring Spotlight Cam is very simple as they don’t require an expert. They include a user manual on which you will get to learn how to mount and set up these devices easily. These cameras are weather-resistant, that’s why you can install them inside or outside wherever you want.

Power Options

In terms of power options, the Ring is a little bit better rather than its competitor. As you can use the Ring with a solar panel while the Blink uses only a battery. You can be tension-free even when the battery is running out of charge as solar is there. But if you choose the Blink XT2, then you’ll need to switch. However, the Blink battery has a two-year warranty, but the Ring provides a 12-months warranty. Though Blink offers more warranty on batteries yet the Ring would be the wise option.


Ring and Blink come with a one-year warranty, including a 30-days return function. If you are not satisfied with them, then you are allowed to replace them, or if there’s any manufacturer defect, you can repair them free of cost.

Cloud Storage

Your videos will be protected since the Blink and Ring are combined with the cloud storage. Blink XT2 lets you save all your recorded videos to the cloud for up to one year; whereas, the Ring gives 60-days free. And after that, you’ve to pay for the cloud, and in Blink, you’ve to pay after one year. Cloud storage lets you save photos or videos to any local USB drive.

Final Thought 

Blink Xt2 and Ring are better quality security for any home, but I highly suggest you use the Ring Spotlight. Since the Ring has a few incredible features, it would be worth your investment. If you want tight protection, Ring should be your obvious choice. And if you do not need tight security, Blink XT2 is the right answer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blink XT2 and Ring

How long do the Ring batteries last?

The ring security camera provides you with long-lasting battery life; the device comes with two batteries. When one battery is dead, the device will automatically switch to the second battery for power.

Will they continuously record during motion detection?

Yes, both devices will record the live video plus save them in the cloud storage as well.

Can you tell me the motion range sensor in the Ring device?

The spotlight range sensor is 45 to 50 feet on the front, 60 feet on the right, and 30 feet on the left.

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, Blink XT2 and Ring offer a one-year warranty, plus both offer a 30-day return facility.

Will Blink XT2 connect to 5Ghtz wifi?

No, the security camera can connect to the 2.4Ghtz wifi signal.

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