Bose 700 vs Sony 1000XM4

Bose 700 vs Sony 1000XM4 – See which is the best headphone.


Bose 700 vs Sony 1000XM4The Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM4 give amazing sounds, but pick the Bose 700 because of the performance of its outstanding features. 

See the features of the Bose 700 that made it the Best.

  • It features up to 11 levels of active noise canceling that allows you to enjoy music, calls, podcasts, or video calls without any distractions. Whereas the 1000XM4 also includes ANC, but it isn’t perfect.
  • Bose 700 is waterproof, splashproof, as well as it is sweatproof headphones. Unfortunately, the other one isn’t safe in touch with water or sweat. 
  • You can connect this one to multiple devices simultaneously, but the Sony 1000XM4 cannot connect multi-devices. 
  • Both of them are built with a touch control panel which is a convenient thing, but the touch control panel is less responsive in Sony, also, it is not always accurate. 
  • It offers a smooth, clear sound, also, the equalizer works perfectly on this device. While the Sound or equalizer of the other one is dull. 
  • Bose gives up to 20 hours of battery life, also you can connect Bluetooth all the time, this won’t drain your headphone battery. In contrast, Sony says they have 30 hours of battery life, but the battery will fade faster if you continuously connect Bluetooth. 
  • You can wear this headphone for hours comfortably without any headache issues because it is lightweight. In comparison, the other may cause a headache, or you’ll be uncomfortable.

So, these features make the Bose 700 better headphone, and we strongly recommend you choose this for you. 


Similarities between Sony XM4 vs Bose 700

  • Both features app control. 
  • They have a one-year warranty. 
  • They feature a touch control panel. 
  • Bose and Sony have active noise cancellation functions. 
  • They feature voice assistants.
  • You will get hands-free calling on both devices.

Comparison Chart

Specification Bose 700  Sony 1000XM4
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Size  2 x 6.5 x 8 inches 7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches
Weight 0.55 lbs 1.68 pounds
Battery Life  20 hours  30 hours 
Active Noise Cancellation  Yes  Yes
Waterproof Yes  No
Sweat-resistant Yes  No
Noise Cancellation Levels 11 levels  No
Multiple Device Connection at a Time  Yes  No
Touch Panel  Yes  Yes 
App Control Yes Yes 
Hands-free calling Yes Yes
Voice Assistant Yes Yes 
Customize Sound with app Yes Yes 
Foldable design Yes Yes 
Warranty  One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Differences and Similarities Between Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM4

Active Noise Cancellation 

When it comes to the Active Noise Cancellation, Bose 700 is better than the other one. That’s because it features 11 levels of noise-canceling, which are missing on the Sony. It allows you to enjoy music, videos, podcasts, or calls without any distractions. Both Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM4 come with ambient Sound as well. You can turn on or off the ambient filter setting from the app. 

Sound Quality 

Talking about the sound quality, here, the Bose 700 performs better than its competitor. The Sound on the 700 is clean and balanced when you moderate the volume. You will feel like in a studio while you put on the Bose headphone since it gives you a more accurate and clear Sound. 

You can enjoy the time with your headset as it gives smooth sounds. Sony 1000XM4, on the other hand, provides good Sound but not the best like Bose. 

Battery Life 

The Sony 1000XM4 comes with 30 hours of battery life, whereas the Bose 700 provides up to 20 hours of battery life. You can connect the Bose 700 Bluetooth all the time, which won’t reduce the battery life. If you connect Bluetooth to the Sony, this will drain the battery that is the downside of this device. 

Though Sony mentioned it could last for 30 hours, in reality, it cannot. However, if you want the best battery, then Bose should be your consideration. This will last straight up to 20 hours with a single charge. 

Touch Control Panel 

These two headphones come with a touch control panel which is very convenient. You don’t need to take the hassle of pressing buttons here. Compared to the Sony devices, the Bose touch is very responsive that will give you accurate results as well every time. At the same time, the 1000XM4 touch is not accurate. 

Anyhow, you can answer the phone calls, or activate your voice assistant, pause or play tracks, and control volume by the touch sensor control.


In terms of comfort, the Bose is better due to its weight. It is 0.55 lbs, and the Sony 1000XM4 is 1.68 pounds. It gives you smooth headband adjustments that accommodate a wide variety of head sizes. Compared to the Sony, the Bose cushions are comfortable and roomy. So you can put on the headphones for hours without a headache, but Sony could be uncomfortable. 


Since these are wireless headphones, obviously, they’d have Bluetooth connections. You can connect the Bose 700 to two devices simultaneously, which is a nice improvement of this headphone. You can listen to music on your phone or PC, and if your phone is ringing, you can also pick the call.

Sony 1000XM4 can also connect two devices, but the Bluetooth is not responsive on this. However, the Bose and Sony can be paired up to eight devices. If you need to pair a new device, then you may have to remove one to pair the new one. 

App Feature 

Both of them come with apps that let the user customize the settings to their preferences. The app gives the user a lot of functionality, and you can set the noise-canceling modes. Also, it lets you set the ambient sounds mode plus adjust the sounds level too with the equalizer.


A water-resistance device ensures longer durability, fortunately, the Bose 700 is a waterproof headphone. But the Sony 1000XM4 is not. The Bose is also splashproof, also an ideal choice for the people who sweat a lot because it is sweatproof. Since the Bose is waterproof, this can last longer than its competitor, which would be a good choice. 

Voice Assistant 

These are smart headphones, and they are compatible with voice assistants which is a nice thing. You can choose the assistant you want, whether it’s  Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. You need to set up the voice assistant through the app. 

Warranty Period 

Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM4 come with a one-year limited warranty from the date the user purchases them. But there’s a little bit of a difference, the Bose warranty is worldwide, and the process varies from region to region. In comparison, Sony provides a warranty for the US only.

However, both brands will cover any manufacturer defects on the headphones and will repair them. They also will carry the transportation cost. But if you damage the headphone, they won’t cover it. 

Final Thought

When it comes to quality, these headphones are good enough for their users. The noise cancellation is impressive, but the Bose 700 is slightly ahead in this. However, the best Sound between them provides the Bose 700, and it also includes some extra features discussed above. 

Choosing the Bose 700 won’t be a wrong decision for you. But if you prefer ambient sound mode and foldable design, hands-free calling, Sony 1000XM4 should be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM4

Can I use Bose 700 without Alexa?

Yes, this is not mandatory to use a voice assistant, it is your choice whether you want to use Alexa or not on your headset. 

Will the Sony 1000XM4 work with PS5?

Yes, this is the best headphone you can use with PS4 or PS5. 

Are they waterproof?

Only the Bose 700 is waterproof, plus it is splashproof and sweatproof as well. But the Sony 1000XM5 isn’t waterproof. 

Does the XM4 have an international warranty?

No, it doesn’t provide an international warranty. The warranty is only for the US. 

What is the battery life of Bose 700?

It comes with 20 hours of battery life connected with Bluetooth all time, but this won’t drain the battery. 

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