Bose Soundbar 500 vs Sonos Beam

Bose Soundbar 500 vs Sonos Beam – Get the best one for your home!


Bose Soundbar 500 vs Sonos BeamBose Soundbar 500 & Sonos Beam are two great devices for enhancing the TV sound experience. If you want to choose the better one, then you should go for Sonos Beam as it comes with some advanced features.

Why You Should Go For Sonos Beam?

  • Sonos Beam comes with a high-definition sound and will deliver you a rich and detailed sound in every corner of your room. In contrast, Bose Soundbar 500 has a decent sound but is not as great as the Sonos Beam.
  • This device has a 25.6-inch wide portable design and also weighs less than the competitor. Bose Soundbar’s width is 31.5 and weighs around 7 pounds.
  • This TV Bar comes in two different color variants. You can choose black or white according to your room setup, while Bose Soundbar comes with only a black variant.
  • There is a night mode available in the Sonos Beam. But this feature isn’t included in the Bose Soundbar 500.
  • Bose Soundbar 500 comes with a 1-year of Warranty. On the other hand, Sonos Beam comes with a 2-year warranty.

Sonos Beam is a perfect device that combines all the aspects to enhance the sound of your TV, music, and more. You will enjoy your sound system way more than before.


Similar Features

  • The soundbars are compatible with Alexa and apple airplay 2 that allows you to wirelessly stream whatever you want.
  • The devices are compatible with additional modules. As a result, you can enjoy brilliant sound in any or every room.
  • Both speakers are easily controllable, so you can control them with remote, app, or voice control.
  • The devices come with a simple setup that lets you fix them personally.
  • They come with a very slim design. 

Quick Comparison: Bose Soundbar 500 vs Sonos Beam

SpecificationsBose Soundbar 500Sonos Beam
Editor’s Rating4.5 out of 54.6 out of 5
Product Dimension4 x 31.5 x 1.75 inches25.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches
Product Weight7 pounds6.35 pounds
Alexa YesYes
Night ModeNoYes
Dolby DigitalYesYes
Remote Control YesYes
Warranty1-Year of Warranty2-Year of Warranty

Difference and Similarities: Bose Soundbar 500 vs Sonos Beam


As they are soundbars, they come with the typical long size. The Sonos Beam has a round shape on the edges, and that looks great. The inputs are placed on the backside of the soundbars.

Sonos Beam comes in two different colors so that you can choose black or white according to your preference. They come in a perfect compact size that will fit any space on your TV shelf and won’t block the TV screen. You can even mount the Sonos Beam into the wall of your room.

Voice Assistant

The Soundbars come with a voice assistant to give you the freedom to control the devices. You will have built-in Alexa to control your playlist on the Sonos Beam.

Bose Soundbar 500 comes with Google Assistant and the Alexa with superior voice pickup as this one comes with a noise rejection microphone. The Bose Soundbar & The Sonos Beam are also compatible with Apple Airplay 2.  


There should not be any objection to the sound quality of the soundbars. Bose Soundbar 500 will provide you the classic Bose sound that you will surely enjoy. The device is engineered to provide you a powerful sound.

The other one, Sonos Beam, will also provide you a satisfactory sound with the 5 powerful drivers included. Oscar-winning sound engineers custom-tuned the Sonos beam for a more emphasized sound. This instrument produces a rich and informative tone. The high-definition sound of this Soundbar will fill the entire room. 


Bose Soundbar 500 can be controlled in three different ways. This device comes with a remote so that you can adjust volumes and other controls through this. There is a Bose Music app available that can be used to control the device too.

The last alternative is to use the voice assistant. The other one, Sonos Beam, can also be controlled in different methods. Sonos app and the voice assistant are compatible to control the Soundbar.


The devices are very easy to set up. You will be able to configure them within two minutes. Sonos Beam requires configuring two cords, and the remote comes with automatic detection. Bose Soundbar 500 comes with a simple app driver setup. You won’t feel any hassle while configuring them with your TV. 

Set Variants

The soundbars come with different variants for surround sound. Bose Soundbar 500 comes with 3.1 and 5.1 system variants, while the other variants include mount and remote. On the other hand, Sonos Beam comes with three different variants. You can select your desired configuration from an option of 3.1,5.0 and 5.1 surround set. You can even buy the Beam only. 

Additional Module

If you are not satisfied using only the Soundbars, you can add other specific devices for an enhanced sound or bass. For the Bose Soundbar, if you want to amplify the sound, you can add the Bose Surround Speakers for thunderous bass and sound. On the other hand, you can add Sonos One SLs for surround sound and Sonos Sub for additional bass.

Durability & Warranty

Both the speakers come with a premium build quality. They are designed to use as a soundbar so they won’t get defective easily. Bose offers a 1-year of Warranty for the Bose Soundbar 500, while Sonos Beam comes with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Final Words

The soundbars are undoubtedly the best available in the market. They come with so many features that you will love to discover. Bose Soundbar 500 is a great device, but the winner would be Sonos Beam.

Sonos Beam offers some specs that you will get some advantages from while using this one. You may consider the Bose Soundbar if you prefer the classic Bose sound.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose Soundbar 500 and Sonos Beam

Do the soundbars support Bluetooth?

They don’t. You can use Wi-Fi.

Can I mount the Sonos Beam onto the wall?

Sure. The Sonos Beam is designed as wall-mountable.

How can I convert the soundbars into a 5.1 system?

You can pair them with additional devices for this purpose.

How is the bass of the Bose Soundbar 500?

It’s perfect. If you want to amplify, you may try the subwoofers.

Can I run CD into the devices?

Unfortunately, No. You can play music through Spotify on the Bose Soundbar 500.

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