Bowflex Blaze vs PR1000

Bowflex Blaze vs PR1000

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Bowflex Blaze vs PR1000Bowflex Blaze and PR1000 are great home gym machines for the money. Both will help you stay always fit from home, yet I’d ask you to prefer the Bowflex Blaze. These are great machines, there’s no doubt, but the Bowflex Blaze is built with impressive features. The following, I’ve put together the differences that made it a great one. 

What Difference Made the Bowflex Blaze the Best? 

  • The Bowflex Blaze has 60+ number of exercises while the PR1000 comes with 26+ exercises. The more exercise options make the Blaze a better choice since you will get versatile workout options.
  • Both are equipped with the 210 lb resistance level, but the Bowflex Blaze resistance level can be upgraded to 410 lb. There are no resistance upgraded options available on the Pr1000. Compared to the PR1000, you will get the best convenience from the Bowflex Blaze. 
  • Bowflex Blaze comes with the instructional placard, and the PR1000 doesn’t contain it. You will get free instruction on how you can make your workout effective. 

These incredible features made the Bowflex Blaze the best; it will change your workout game. Consider all these features once again to make your best buying decision. And if you love these features plus want to check its price, go through the button below. 

Similarities Between the Bowflex Blaze and PR1000

  • They come with a 5-years warranty, also made from the best quality material. The warranty will cover anything you need to repair or replace. 
  • You can find horizontal bench presses on both gym machines.
  • The machines offer aerobic rowing and leg extension to improve your workouts. 
Specifications Bowflex Blaze Bowflex PR1000
Editor’s Rating4.7 out of 54.4 out of 5 
Bench PressHorizontalHorizontal
Instructional PlacardYesNo 
Squat BarYesNo 
No. of Exercises60+26+
Resistance210 lb. 210 lb.
Upgraded Resistance Level Upgradable to 410 lbs. No
Leg Extension / CurlYesNo 
Aerobic RowingYesNo 
Dimension 82.5″L x 38W x 84.5″ H84L x 38W x 81H inches
Media RackNo Yes
Warranty 5-years 5-years 

Differences and Similarities Between the Bowflex Blaze and PR1000

Resistance Level 

Bowflex Blaze and PR1000 have standard 210 lbs resistance level. Generally, the resistance level lets you practice the free weights without being associated with free weights. However, the PR1000 resistance level cannot be upgraded. On the other side, the Bowflex Blaze lets you upgrade the resistance level to the 310 lbs or 410 lbs. That’s why selecting the Blaze would be an ideal option as you can switch between the exercise any time more easily than PR1000. 

No. of Exercise 

If you have a serious fitness goal, then you should go with the Bowflex Blaze. It comes with more than 60+ exercises, so you are allowed to do full-body exercise. Besides, the PR100 has 26+ exercise, so you’ll get a more versatile exercise option from the Blaze. The more exercise is, the closer to your fitness goal. And if you are new to the workout, then 26+ exercise is sufficient for you. The exercises you can do on both machines are: core exercise, leg exercises, arm exercises, back exercises, shoulder exercises, and chest exercises. 

Size and Dimension 

In terms of size, the Blaze is slightly larger than the PR1000, but they won’t take huge space in your home. The dimension of the Blaze is 82.5 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 84.5 inches high. And PR1000 is 84 inches long, 38 inches wide, 81 inches high. The machines are not excessively larger, don’t worry about the space. 

Squat Bar

Bowflex Blaze comes with the squat bar, whereas the PR1000 doesn’t offer this. The squat bar is known as a back bar, which helps the user build their back and shoulder muscles. When the user places the bar high on the back, it will demand the more forward movement of the knee and upright torso position to descend into the squat position properly. 

Instructional Placard 

Fortunately, the Bowflex Blaze includes an instructional placard, but the PR1000 doesn’t offer this. An instructional DVD will help your workout as you won’t need to go to any professional trainer to learn the exercises. Since the Blaze comes with the DVD, consider this gym machine. 

Pulley Position 

The pulley position enables the user to create customized workouts for their needs. The multiple cable or pulley lets you quickly change the angle of the workouts or resistance. It helps your workout are more effective than before. 

Media Rack 

The Bowflex PR1000 is specifically designed with the media rack; on the other side, it is not available on the Blaze. It’s made the machine more comfortable to use; you are allowed to keep your smartphone or tablet in it. Also, you can watch the trainer-led videos during the workout session. If you want the media rack built-in machine, the PR1000 is the answer for you. 

Horizontal Bench Press

The Bowflex Blaze plus the PR100 will provide you full-body exercise with their horizontal bench press feature. Also, you can perform the aerobic since the machines are equipped with the sliding seat rail. The best part about these two machines are, you can fold them once your workout is done, it will save you huge space. 


Both machines come with the user manual, and they offer free assembly. The Blaze comes with the instructional placard, but the PR1000 doesn’t contain this. Furthermore, the Blaze included the ankle cuffs or hand-grip. And the PR1000 built with a media rack, and you cannot find it on the Blaze.


Knowing the warranty of the home gym machine is very vital while investing. The warranty also assures you of the quality of a machine. And the Bowflex Blaze and PR1000 are no different. Both have a year warranty on the frame, the parts have a 60-days warranty, and the power rod comes with a five-year warranty. The gym machines will last longer as they are made from the high-end steel material. 


If you think of building your body quicker, then the Bowflex Blaze would be the best option for you. The PR1000 is the answer for you if you are a newbie. You will be comfortable with the PR1000 as it has 26+ exercises while the Blaze features more than 60 exercises. However, I’ve described every detail of these two impressive gym machines. Now it’s your time to select the one you want, but I highly suggest you invest in the Bowflex Blaze.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bowflex Blaze and PR1000

Are there any height issues on the Bowflex?

No, the machines don’t make any height issue; if you are 4 ft 10 or more 6 ft 4 inch, it doesn’t make any issue.

How tall is the Bowflex Blaze?

It is 83 inches when it is assembled, and it will fit to any room with an 8 inches ceiling. 

Does it offer assembly?

Yes, the machines offer assembly so that you can be worry-free, and they save you time as well. 

Is it possible doing bench press on the Blaze?

Yes, it’s possible to do bench press on the Blaze with weights. 

Will I get the Lat pulldown bar with the machine?

No, the machine doesn’t come with this, but the machine will provide you the handles. 

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