Bowflex M3 Vs M5 – Check which one is Best & Why?

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Bowflex M3 Vs M5Bowflex M3 and M5 are excellent gym machines, plus they have a few similarities at first glance. But when you deeply look at them, you will see Bowflex M5 is an upgraded version with some special features. So, I heartily recommend you select M5. Let’s know why this could be your best bet.

Why You Should Select Bowflex M5?

  • The built-in workout programs create a significant difference between these machines. Bowflex M5 includes eight different programs, while M3 contains only two programs. More workout programs allow you to exercise effectively.
  • It has 16 resistance levels, but the rival comes with eight levels. The 16 resistance level helps you to make your muscle quicker, which isn’t possible on M3.
  • The machine is compatible with the Max Trainer; on the other hand, M3 does not. The app allows you to connect with professional trainers; it’s also the easiest way to track and monitor your personal fitness goal.

As you can see, the features made Bowflex Max 5 a better home gym machine for anyone. If you love those features and interested to know the price? Then you can press the button below.


Similarities of Bowflex Max Trainer M3 vs M5

  • Bowflex Max 3 & 5 are Bluetooth compatible to let you connect your smart device with them.
  • The max weight capacity is 300 lbs; if you have more weight than 300 lbs, this is not an ideal machine.
  • The machines are designed with a media shelf so you can keep your tablet or smartphone.
  • Bowflex Max 3 and Max 5 user profiles are 2.


Specifications Bowflex M3Bowflex M5 
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension46″ L x 25″ W x 63″ H46.1″ L x 25″ W x 62.9″ H
Weight Capacity 300 LBS300 LBS
Workout Programs28
Resistance Level 816
Max Trainer App NoYes 
Backlit Display Yes Yes 
Bluetooth CompatibilityYes Yes
Heart RateIntegrated Contact Grips and Included Chest StrapIncluded Chest Strap
Media ShelfYesYes
User Profile Up to 2 Users Up to 2 Users 
Warranty 1-year 1-year 

Differences plus Similarities Between Bowflex M3 Vs M5

Workout Programs 

Bowflex M3 comes with two workout programs that are manual workout and 14 minutes intervals. In contrast, the Max 5 is built with eight different workouts, and these are – Manual, 7 Minute Interval, Upper Body Interval, Stairs, Calorie Burn, 14 Minute Interval, and Fat Burn. The M5 will help you reach your ultimate goal faster than M3; moreover, it lets you build your body entirely.

Resistance Level

Bowflex M5 combined with 16 resistance levels, while the M3 has 8. You can control the resistance on both machines just by pressing a dial. I suggest you select Bowflex M5 as it has a better resistance level that allows you to perform to strengthen your muscle. The M3 contains less resistance; you can consider the Max 5.


Both combined with the display, but the Max 5 has an interactive backlit display that shows you the programs without a light. But the M3 display cannot provide you better sight at night time; you may need a lamp around it. However, you can check how many calories burned per minute during your workout. But the Max 5 is very helpful as it lets you set your target activity. Once you set your target, the machine will track it so that you can see the result.

Max Trainer App 

The Max trainer app is compatible with the improved Bowflex that is M5. Besides, the M3 does not feature the app. You can stream videos from professional trainers with the help of the app. It also helps you set your fitness target, and the app will notify your workout results.

Heart Rate 

Bowflex Max gym machines include a chest strap that can be used wirelessly. It will ensure that the user works on their targeted heart rate zone. So keep track of your heart rate while the workout is straightforward with this feature.

Media Shelf

They are built with a media shelf that is very handy because you can put your smartphone or tablet in it. And during your workout, you can watch videos or listen to songs. Moreover, the machines give you the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity.

Weight Capacity 

There is a restriction when it comes to weight capacity; the machines’ highest weight capacity is 300 lbs. But they do not mention the height limit; whether you are 4 ft 11 inch or more than 6 ft, it doesn’t matter. Keep in mind, if you are more than 300 lbs, you should avoid these two machines.


Bowflex Max 3 and Max 5 comes with a one-year warranty; also, they offer 90-day labor. And within the warranty period, if the machines have any defects, they will repair it for free.


Both machines are efficient in helping you reach your fitness goal. Bowflex M3 is an entry-level gym machine, while the M5 is an upgraded version. If you are an intermediate athlete or new to the gym, go with the M3. Or, if you want to upgrade your workout or an intense person to the gym, Bowflex M5 would be perfect for you. Also, I recommend the upgraded Bowflex Max to help you reach your fitness goal quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bowflex M3 and M5

How long will they last?

The machines come with a one-year warranty, and they can last more than five years with a little care.

Is Max 3 compatible with the app?

No, Max 3 is not compatible with the Max Trainer App, but the Max 5 is compatible.

What is the dimension of Max 5?

The Bowflex M5 dimension is 46.1″ L x 25″ W x 62.9″ H.

Are there any built-in programs available?

Yes, both contain workout programs; the Bowflex M3 has two programs; besides, the M5 has eight workout programs.

What is the stride length?

They are not elliptical; that’s why there are no real stride lengths available. And the vertical stride is approx 12-inches while the travel is 4-inches approximately.

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