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Bowflex M5 vs M6 – Pick the Winner & Enjoy Best Workout!

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Bowflex M5 vs M6Bowflex M5 and M6 both are pretty similar and top-rated elliptical machines, but between them, Bowflex M6 is the best one.

Why Bowflex M6 is Best?

  • JRNY app is a major difference between these elliptical machines because Bowflex M5 is not compatible with this app. The app with Bowflex M6 lets you create and customize your workouts to adjust the time and intensity of your fitness improvement automatically.
  • Both include a backlit display that indicates while you burn calories. Here M5 display is not durable, plus doesn’t support tech properly. Thus the M6 JRNY and MAX Trainer App can easily sync with the display.
  • It is capable of providing you with greater activation of your upper body muscles compared to the M5. Also, it features a water bottle holder that is missing in M5.
  • Here M5 is more likely to make creaking noise that is annoying. Besides, the M6 doesn’t make noise.

For all those reasons, I mentioned Bowflex M6 as the best option here. So, M6 will change your whole workout game with its improved functions.


Similar Features

  • They feature 16 resistance levels and eight different pre-program workouts that help to burn calories or fat from your body.
  • Both are compatible with the Max Trainer App so that you can track your fitness goal and also connect to professional trainers around the world.
  • Bowflex Max is built with transport wheels that allow you to move the machine, plus you can keep the machine in any corner of the room.

Quick Comparison: Bowflex M5 vs M6

Specifications  Bowflex M5 Bowflex M6
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
JRNY App  No  Yes 
Water Bottle Holder  No  Yes 
Target-Zone Indicators No  Yes 
Machine Weight 143  148 
Dimension 46.1″ L x 25″ W x 62.9″ H 46.1″ L x 26″ W x 64.2″ H
Resistance Level  16 16 
User Profile 2 profiles  2 profiles 
Weight Capacity  300 LBS 300 LBS
Max Trainer App  Yes  Yes 
Workout Programs 8 8
Workout History Tracking Yes  Yes
Transport Wheel  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  2-year 2-years

Differences and Similarities: Bowflex M5 vs M6 

Fitness Program 

The machine’s fitness program is a crucial thing to consider when purchasing a gym machine. Bowflex M5 and M6 are built with 16 resistance levels and eight pre-program workouts. These different programs push a person to an intense workout, which is very important to reach their fitness target.

App Compatible 

They work with the Max trainer app, but the M6 is also compatible with the JRNY app. It is better than Max app as it can create your workout time and your favorite exercises. The app will adjust the time automatically for you. JRNY app is free for the first two months, and then you’ve to pay a monthly subscription.

Besides, with the Max Trainer app, you can connect professional trainers plus stream their videos, and you can set your fitness goal while the app will track your daily workout.

Backlit Display 

An incredible motivating tool is a backlit display because every day, it pushes you to challenge yourself. The unique burn rate display shows you how many calories you burn every minute during the exercise that puts you in control. Also, it ensures you set and reach your daily targets through your workouts. And the machine will indicate your target zones. The target zones are impressive because the machine tells you exactly where the exercises will be effective.

Heart Rate Monitor 

Both are Bluetooth heart rate compatible; during your workout session, you can check your heart rate. They also come with a chest strap, plus include a heart rate handgrip, which is not available on the previous Bowflex Max; however, when you hold the handgrip and start exercising, the screen will show the heart rate.

User Profile 

Bowflex M5 and M6 create two user profiles on the machine. If you have a partner, then you both can start using them. The best part is, that they will track all your workouts and save them. You can check your daily improvements, and if you are not satisfied, you can increase your activities.

Maximum Weight Capacity 

The maximum weight capacity in these two machines is 300 lbs; both are ideal if you are less than 300. Or else you should skip the Bowflex M5 or M6. But there are no height limitations; whether you are less than 5 ft or more than 6 ft, they will be comfortable for you.

Compact Design

You will get a gym-level workout in any room at your home since both are very compact designed machines. Also, they have a transport wheel, and you can easily change the place anytime to keep the machine. Plus, these are lightweight; the M5 is 143 lbs while the M6 is 148 lbs. And the M5 size is 46.1″ long by 25″ wide by 62.9″ high. On the other hand, the Bowflex M6 is 64.2″ high, 46.1″ long, and 26″ wide.

Magnetic Media Rack 

The M6 has a magnetic media rack for your smartphone or tablet. Also, it contains a bottle holder, but you cannot find them on the M5. It has a media shelf that is not magnetic and includes no bottle holder.


Bowflex M5 and M6 are equipped with a 2-years warranty, including 90-days labor. The machines are protected fully until they are under warranty period. If there are any manufacturer defects in any parts of the devices, they will repair them or replace it.


Bowflex Max series gives the user many benefits in less time whether you are doing 4 or 30 minutes workouts. Though both are very handy yet I suggest you go with the improved Bowflex M6. It has a smart JRNY app, including excellent features. It’s compact to fit your home perfectly, while the M5 is also a good choice. Yet I will recommend you to think about the M6 before your purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bowflex M5 vs M6

Can I use the Bowflex M6 on the carpet? 

Yes, the M6 can use both hardwood floors and carpeting; since it’s a versatile machine, it will easily match with carpet or mat.

Is it hard to put together the machines? 

The machines are effortless to put together, and two people will take around an hour to completely do it.

Is there any recommended age limit?

Bowflex Max series gym machines are not recommended under the age of 14, but if you are more than 14, it is safe for you to use them.

What is the weight limit for M6? 

The maximum weight limit for the Bowflex M6 is 300 lbs.

Do they contain transport wheels?

Yes, both Bowflex M5 and M6 are built with transport wheels so that you can keep the machine in any corner of the room.

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