Bowflex M5 vs M7

Bowflex M5 vs M7 – Which is the Best Home Gym Machine?

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Bowflex M5 vs M7When it comes to Bowflex, the M5 and M7 are two handy machines that fit perfectly with newbies and extreme workout people. Compared to the Bowflex M5, I would ask you to invest in M7.

See the reason.

  • The M7 has 11 different workout programs, including 20 resistance levels which are the significant differences between them. These things make the Bowflex M7 slightly better than M5 as the machine allows you to improve your fitness quicker.
  • Bowflex M7 can track up to 4 users’ workout history; besides, the M5 allows two users. So now your whole family members can use the machine.
  • You can extend your workout time to the M7 with a press of a button, but the extended time is not available on M5.
  • The M7 comes with a 3-year full warranty but the M5 is equipped with a 2-year warranty. The more the warranty period, the better your machine will be protected; that’s why Bowflex M7 would be perfect for you.

Bowflex M7 will be a perfect match for you if you want to improve your daily exercise. Also, the M5 is an incredible gym machine, yet these mentioned features make it the best. And if you want to know the price of these gym machines, press the yellow button below.


Similarities Between the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 vs M7

  • The maximum weight level is 300 lbs; if you are more massive than this, these are not the ideal gym machines.
  • Both are built with transport wheels that are very handy so that the machine can easily store at any corner of your house.
  • They are compatible with Max Trainer App; the app will track your workout history; also, it allows you to customize exercise sessions.
  • Bowflex M5 and M7 let you connect to Bluetooth.
Specifications  Bowflex M5 Bowflex M7
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 46.1″ L x 25″ W x 62.9″ H 49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H
Machine Weight 143  148 
Weight Capacity  300 LBS 300 LBS
Max Trainer App  Yes  Yes 
Resistance Level  16 20
Workout Programs 8 11
Transport Wheel  Yes  Yes 
Display  Backlit Screen Dual-Mode Backlit LCD/LED Screens
User Profile 2 profiles  4 profiles 
Workout History Tracking Yes  Yes
Heart Rate  Included Chest Strap Integrated Contact Grips and Included Chest Strap
Media Shelf Yes Yes 
Warranty  2-year 3-years

Differences & Similarities Between Bowflex M5 vs M7

Resistance Level 

The machines come with a computer-controlled resistance level, but they are slightly different. Bowflex M5 has 16 resistance levels, while the M7 contains 20 resistance. The more resistance level allows you to build your muscles strong quicker. On the other side, the M5 is also the right choice as it has 16 resistance levels, but you will get more functionality from the M7.

Workout Programs 

Bowflex M5 has 8 workout programs, and M7 comes with 11 programs. You will get a versatile workout from the M7, and switching the different workouts is straightforward. If you want to try different exercises, then M7 will help you. On the other hand, the M5 includes 8 programs; it contains slightly fewer workout programs.

User Profile 

Up to 4 users’ workout sessions will be recorded on the M7, so your whole family members can join you. And the Bowflex M5 allows up to 2 users; it is ideal for a small family. The workout tracking is an excellent addition to the Bowflex because you can see the improvement.


Both are equipped with a backlit LED screen, but the M7 has a dual-mode display. Connect your workout with the display; it will let you check your heart rate, also, how many calories burns. Additionally, it will show you if you fulfill your daily target or not.


Bowflex M5 dimension is 46.1-inches long by 25-inches wide and 62.9-inches High. On the other side, the Bowflex M7 is 49 inches long, and wide is 30.5 inches, 65.5 inches high. And the best part is, the machines are built with transportation wheels. The wheel is convenient as it lets you keep the machine in any corner of your home.

Maximum Weight Level 

The maximum weight level of Bowflex M5 and M7 is 300 lbs. If you are less than 300 lbs, then the machines are perfect for you. Otherwise, you should not go with the M5 or M7 gym machines.


They are compatible with the Max Trainer App; the app will monitor and track personal fitness goals. Moreover, you can stream video from the app; also, the app allows you to connect with professional trainers. The Max App will help you to succeed in your fitness.

Other Smart Features

Both are compatible with Bluetooth; the machines are also combined with the low-compact motion of an elliptical that delivers cardio benefits. And the training session is very little as 14 minutes only that is enough for the day. But if you want to extend your workout times, then M7 will let you do it.


Bowflex M5 has a 2-year warranty, while the M7 is protected with a 3-year warranty. But they offer 90-days labor that is free for assembly. However, since the Bowflex M7 has a 3-year warranty period, you should consider this one.


Both are excellent gym machines, but I highly recommend the Bowflex M7. It has some handy features that the M5. You will get a versatile workout program from it, also, a better resistance level. Moreover, it is protected with an extended 3-year warranty. However, the M5 is also an outstanding gym machine but does not contain all those excellent features.

Frequently Asked Questions of Bowflex M5 vs M7

How many workout programs do they provide?

Bowflex M5 includes 8 workout programs; on the other side, the M7 has 11 programs.

What is the warranty for M7?

The M7 comes with a handy 7-year warranty, but the M5 contains 1 year.

Is there any USB port available?

No, these two machines do not contain any USB port, but they have a media shelf.

Is Bowflex M5 an ideal option for beginners? 

The M5 and Bowflex M7 is a perfect options for beginners since the resistance level starts from 1 and the workout programs are easier to understand.

Can I fold down the machine?

No, the machines can’t fold down, but Max 7 is built with transport wheels; you can keep the machine in any corner of your room.

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