Bowflex M6 vs M7

Bowflex M6 vs M7 – Check Which Elliptical would be the Best!

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Max 6 and Max 7 elliptical trainers deliver intense workouts for both beginners and gym enthusiasts. Here I’ve shared the major differences of these machines to make your investment decision easier.

What Are the Differences Between Bowflex M6 vs M7?

Bowflex M6 Bowflex M7
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Bowflex M6 lets you create up to 2 users. Bowflex M7 lets you create up to 4 users.
The M6 has 16 resistance levels.  The M7 has 20 resistance levels. 
This machine offers 29 programs.  This machine offers up to 11 programs. 
The M6 has no Timer function. It has a Timer feature.
It is JRNY app compatible.   This is not JRNY app compatible.
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If you want to level up your workout, I strongly recommend the Bowflex M7. Still confused? Read the following section.

What Features Made Bowflex M7 Best?

  • Bowflex M7 has 20 resistance levels that let you perform a more intense workout. On the contrary,  M6 includes 16 resistance levels. Also, switching the resistance is very easy in M7.
  • Max 7 contains a dual-mode backlit display, an excellent addition, so you can reposition the display to your needs. On the other side, M6 doesn’t have this incredible feature.
  • M7 allows connecting up to 4 individual users’ profiles, while M6 allows 2 profile connectivity. As a result, your whole family members can start their workout with M7.
  • The machine of M7 contains the “Add Time” feature; if you feel good and want to extend your workout time, just press the button through this feature. And it is not available on M6, which is a little bit of a hassle for people who want an extreme workout.
  • Bowflex M7 comes with a 3-year warranty, while M6 offers only 2 years. So with M7, your machine will be protected more than the previous Max gym machine.

So, these were the things that made Bowflex Max 7 the best gym machine for your home. If you love those functions, you can add this machine to your home.


Similar Features

  • Bowflex M6 and M7 are compatible with the Max Trainer App, which allows you to set your target and monitor your progress.
  • Both are Bluetooth compatible, so they wirelessly show your heart rate per minute during the workout.
  • Moving the machine from one room to another is straightforward because they contain transport wheels.
  • They offer a media rack so that you can keep your smartphone or tablet in it.

You will all these functions with these two exercise machines. But those improved features made Bowflex M7 the best pick here. If you still wanna go with M6, then you can follow your choice.

Other Specifications Chart of Bowflex M6 vs M7

Specifications  Bowflex M6 Bowflex M7
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H 49” L x 30.5” W x 65.5” H
Machine Weight  148 lbs  148 lbs 
Workout Program  29 11
User Profile  Up to 2 users  Up to 4 users 
Resistance Level  16 20 
JRNY App  Yes  No
Weight Capacity  300 LBS 300 LBS
Max Trainer App  Yes  Yes 
Display  Unique burn rate display Dual-Mode Backlit LCD/LED Screens
Wireless Heart Rate  Yes  Yes
USB Charging Port  Yes No
Media Shelf Yes  Yes 
Transport Wheel  Yes  Yes 
Labor 90-days 90-days
Warranty  2-years 3-years

Features and Benefits of Bowflex M6 vs M7

Resistance Level 

You can set your resistance up to 16 levels in the Bowflex M6; besides, the M7 lets you set up to 20 levels. The more the resistance motions, the quicker you’ll likely reach your targets. Both offer a wide variety of resistance, but the M7 is better because it has better resistance. With a button press, you can switch between the different resistance levels in both machines.

Workout Programs 

Bowflex M6 has 29 different workouts, while the M7 contains 11 workout programs. Because the M6 is compatible with the JRNY app and free for the first two months, and the subscription fee will be added afterward, and the M7 is not compatible with it.

However, though the M6 offers 29 workouts, the M7 is better because you’ve to pay for the M6 JRNY app’s different workouts. But the M7 doesn’t need to pay. Also, 11 workouts are sufficient for any intense workout user to help you reach your target.

Compact Size 

The machines are very compact and will fit any of your room corners. You can keep them on hard floors or carpets. However, both machines are 148 lbs, also built with transport wheels. The wheels are the added comfort as you can move them.

And when it comes to size, I mentioned both are very compact and share the same dimension. Bowflex M6 and M7 are 49 inches long by 30.5 inches wide by 65.5 inches high.


Bowflex M7 comes with a dual-mode LED screen that can be repositioned anywhere you want. In contrast, Bowflex M6 has a standard display that will show your heart rate plus the calories burned per minute. Since the M7 has an improved display, you can consider this machine.

User Profiles 

The Max 6 let’s connect up to 2 users; its big brother also connects up to 4 individual user profiles. Your whole family can use the machine to stay fit, and they can check their individual workout history right into the machine display. As the M6 provides 2 users, so the M7 would be an ideal option for you.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Both are Bluetooth-compatible machines; they allow you to wirelessly check your heart rate and the fat-burning per minute during your workout session. It is very handy as you do not need to use the integrated contact grip for monitoring the heart rate.

JRNY app 

The M6 is compatible with the JRNY app, while the M7 is not. It offers you personalized coaching technology, the app lets you create custom workouts, plus the machine will automatically adjust the time. The JRNY app is beneficial for making your workout more intense and improved. But it requires a monthly subscription, and you can use the machine free for the first two months.

Max Trainer App 

Bowflex M7 is not compatible with the JRNY app, but it can connect to the Max Trainer App; also, the M6 is compatible with it. Once you are syncing the machines to the Max Trainer app, you can set your target, and the app will monitor your workout progress and notify you. Furthermore, it lets you stream professional trainers’ video that influences you to succeed in your fitness goal.

Extended Workout Time

And Max 7 is very handy for those who love intense workouts; if you feel good and want to extend your workout time, all you need to do is, press the button on the Add Time feature. This convenient function is missing in M6, so the M6 users cannot extend the workout time.

The best part about the Bowflex Max series is whether you try the 14-minute workouts or follow the trainer’s coaching; they will give you a longer workout in less time.

Other Comfortable Features 

They include multi-grip handles plus pedals that have additional paddles that add comfort. Both have an improved media rack to hold your tablet or smartphone, and it is adjustable. The grip also handles heart rate features; when you contact it, the screen will monitor the heart rate.

Furthermore, the M6 has a USB charging port, but the M7 does not contain this. They offer the benefits of an elliptical since they combine full-body workouts.


When it comes to the workout, the M7 is a better option because it combines a 3-year warranty while the M6 has 2 years. But both offer 90-days of labor while purchasing the machine. You should go with Max 7 as it has a better warranty than its little brother.


As you can see, both are awesome gym machines that don’t let you go to a gym center, and you will be fit right from your home. Both have many similarities, but the M7 is a great one. It is ideal for newbies to pro-level users.

The M7 includes handy features to help you reach your fitness target. You will not get improved functions of M7 in the M6, so I heartily recommend you consider the Bowflex M7 rather than M6. The M6 is also a great gym machine, but the M7 is slightly better than this one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bowflex M6 vs M7

How difficult is it to put together both M6 and M7?

Two people will take around an hour to completely put together these two gym machines.

Does M7 include a USB port?

No, the USB port is not available on the Bowflex M7, but it is available on the M6.

Do they recommend any weight limit?

Yes, the Bowflex Max is perfect for people with 300 lbs; if you are more than 300, skip them.

What is the warranty for M6?

The M6 is equipped with a 2-year warranty, including 90-day labor.

What are the workout programs of these machines?

The M7 offers 20 resistance levels, including 11 workout programs, while the M6 has 16 resistance with 20 workouts.

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