Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch

Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch – Why Barista Touch Worth?

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Breville Oracle Touch is an upgraded espresso machine that gives you cafe-quality espresso every time. These two are integrated with handy features, so let’s check out their differences first.

What Are the Differences Between Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch?

Breville Barista Touch Breville Oracle Touch
Breville Barista Touch Breville Oracle Touch
Breville Barista Touch has a 3-second heat-up feature. Breville Oracle Touch does not have a quick heat-up function.
This lets you create latte art. You cannot create latte art on this espresso machine.
The Barista gives you quiet operation. The Oracle does not deliver quiet operation.
It has an auto-cleaning feature. This machine does not have an auto cleaning feature.
It has a 67 oz water tank capacity. It has an 84 oz water tank capacity.
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As an espresso lover, you should pick the Breville Barista Pro machine as it has more convenient features than Breville Oracle Touch. Moreover, I’ve discussed the details here to give you a clear idea.

Why I Recommend Breville Barista Touch?

  • The 3 seconds heat up makes the most significant difference between the Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch. Since Barista Touch can heat itself so fast, you do not need to wait much longer to get your favorite drink. In contrast, Oracle Touch takes at least seven minutes to heat itself.
  • When an espresso machine is in use, it makes noise, but the Breville Barista Touch does not make an unpleasant noise. Besides, the Oracle Touch makes a noise like a jet; it is so loud. And if anyone is sleeping at home, the machine will wake them up.
  • Cleaning the Barista Touch portafilter is simple, but the Oracle Touch portafilter is required to take over the sink to rinse it properly.
  • Both have commercial steam wands, but the Oracle wand only froths the milk. As a result, it’s impossible to create latte art since there is no control for raising or lowering the steam wand. At the same time, the Barista Touch steam wand lets you make latte art.
  • Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch have an auto-clean function, but Oracle’s auto-clean wand spills water everywhere. Fortunately, the Breville Barista Touch won’t spill water or mess up the countertop.

All those features made the Breville Barista Touch a perfect espresso machine for you, despite some upgraded features of Oracle Touch.


Similar Features of Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch

  • Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch have a touch interface for easy operation, and it makes the machine hassle-free.
  • Their PID technology accurately controls water temperature for perfectly balanced coffee extraction, giving you a delicious tasting coffee every time.
  • These coffee machines come with five pre-program settings, which allow the user to set their espresso settings according to their need.
  • Both have a built-in grinder; as a result, you can take the flavor of freshly ground coffee.

Other Specifications Chart of Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch

Specifications  Breville Barista Touch Oracle Touch
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Interface  Touch Interface  Touch Interface 
Water Tank Capacity  67 oz  84 oz 
Pre-program Yes  Yes
Dimension  12.7 x 15.5 x 16 inches 14.7 x 14.5 x 17.6 inches
Weight 26.8 pounds 37.3 pounds
PID Technology  Yes  Yes 
Built-In Grinder Yes Yes
Material Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel 
Warranty  2 Years  2 Years 

Features and Benefits of Breville Barista Touch vs Oracle Touch

Fast Heat Up 

You should consider the heat-up time when it comes to an espresso machine. Breville Barista Touch can heal within 3 seconds so you do not need to wait longer for your favorite espresso. The Breville Oracle Touch will require a little more time to heat up, which is not pleasant. If you want to get your espresso ready in seconds, then go with the Breville Barista Touch.


Both have pre-program settings, and you can adjust the coffee strength, texture, and temperature to get the best suit. Moreover, Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch allow you to personalize your drink to 8 different coffees. The machine also includes coffee images with names, which is very handy.

Water Tank

The Breville Oracle Touch is a better option for the water tank because it has a larger capacity. Barista Touch water tank can store 67 oz water, while the Oracle Touch has an 84 oz capacity. Furthermore, they have a water filter, and this feature is missing in most espresso machines. Oracle Touch is the right answer if you need a larger water tank or drink too much espresso. If you are not required to prepare many espressos, then Barista Touch is just a perfect machine.

PID Technology 

They give you precise espresso extraction since both machines have digital temperature control, mostly known as PID. It ensures the right temperature of the water, as well as provides a perfect extraction of espresso. And the espresso will be very delicious and comes in the right consistency.

Built-in Grinder 

You will get the flavor of freshly ground coffee from the Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch since they have a built-in grinder with a bean hopper with a capacity of 1/2 lbs. Before starting using the machine, you need to keep the espresso bean in the hopper, and then the grinder will start to grind the beans. Since both have a built-in grinder, you can always drink freshly ground espresso from these machines.

Dose Amount

These espresso machines contain an integrated conical burr grinder that automatically grinds, tamps, and doses the coffee just like your favorite cafe. And they use 19-22 grams of freshly ground coffee beans so that the bean expresses an incredible aroma for the quality coffee.


They have a touch interface and ensure you use the machine straightforwardly. All you need to do is, swipe the settings and select your preferred coffee. Once you select a coffee, it will prepare the drink, and you can enjoy cafe-quality coffee right at your home.

Commercial Steam Wand 

A commercial steam wand is a handy addition to both machines since it lets you create latte art. But the Oracle Touch steam wand does not work properly because it froths milk. And it does not let you lower or raise the steam wand, so it’s almost impossible to create latte art. On the other hand, the Barista Touch steam works appropriately and allows you to make latte art.

Easy Cleaning 

They use an automatic cleaning feature, but the Oracle Touch is a little hassle. Because some users complain that it spills water everywhere during cleaning. On the flip side, the Breville Barista Touch doesn’t spill water or mess the countertop. It will smoothly clean the machine instead.

Dimension & Weight

Breville Barista Touch should be your choice if you seek a compact espresso machine because it will take less space on your countertop. The total dimension of the Breville Barista Touch is 12.7 x 15.5 x 16 (L x Wx H) inches, plus it is 26.8 pounds that lightweight. Besides, the Breville Oracle Touch dimension is 14.7 inches long, 14.5 inches wide, and 17.6 inches tall. And it is 37.3 pounds weight.


They come with a two-year repair warranty, also made with stainless steel material. The material ensures the machines’ durability; moreover, they take little care yet will last for years. If they have any defective parts, they will repair it until the machine is under warranty period. But remember, if you do not follow the warranty rules, then the warranty will not cover you.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to purchasing a new machine, it all starts with your budget, and that’s why my recommendation is the Breville Barista Touch. It also has some handy features missing from its rival product, and you can easily use the machine. But if the budget is not an issue, then Oracle Touch could be your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch

Are they compatible with European electricity?

Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch are built for 120v, so if you want to use them outside the USA, you’d need to purchase an adapter.

Does the Barista Touch have a dual boiler?

No, this machine is not built with the dual boiler feature, but it works perfectly without it.

Do I need to use ground coffee?

No, both machines are built with a grinder to drink freshly ground coffee, and you do not need to use ground coffee.

Can I prepare regular coffee in the Barista Touch?

Unfortunately, the Breville Barista Touch isn’t designed to make regular coffee but lets you prepare Americanos.

What is the warranty?

Both Breville Barista Touch and Oracle Touch come with a two-year repair warranty, and they are built with high-end stainless steel material to ensure you use the machine for years.

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