Brooks Ghost 10 vs 11

Brooks Ghost 10 vs 11 – Check Which Pair would be Better!


Brooks Ghost 10 vs 11Brooks Ghost 10 and 11 are very comfortable shoes to wear, but with some unique features and supremacy, Brooks Ghost 11 will be the best for your feet.

Why Brooks Ghost 11 is best?

  • A segmented crash pad with a shock absorber of Ghost 11 will give you a smooth ride doesn’t matter on which surface your foot is landing, but the Ghost 10 won’t give you the same feel. 
  • This pair comes with BioMoGo and DNA Loft cushioning, which is the latest upgrade, whereas you are missing this cushion on the other pair.
  • The engineered mesh upper of this pair will provide you the fit you need with the perfect stretch and structure, whereas the Ghost 10 doesn’t offer this feature.

These are the key features that keep the Ghost 11 ahead of the other one. Click the buttons below if you want to have a look at the products and price.


Similar features between Brooks Ghost 10 and 11

  • Brooks dedicated running shoes.
  • Midsole drop of 12mm.
  • Both of the shoes are Neutral in support. 
  • Suitable for any kind of surface.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Brooks Ghost 10 Brooks Ghost 11
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Variants available Variants available
Department Male(Female available) Male(Female available)
Support Neutral Neutral
Midsole Drop 12mm 12mm
Weight 294.8g 309.0g
Arch Medium, High Medium, High 
Test Run Available Available
Warranty/Replacement 90 days free return for a quality drop 90 days free return for a quality drop

Detail about the Feature of Brooks Ghost 10 and 11


Brooks always comes with the latest design update for its shoes. With a fresh appearance, Ghost 11 has a very appealing style that makes it perfect for anyone. Anyone will surely love the mesh texture and the shoelaces. Also, the heel of this shoe is very adaptive to the design. 

The other pair’s design, Ghost 10, is not that good as the previous one. As this is an older version, the design is also kind of backdated.


Ghost 11 comes with a total of 9 variants. There are plenty of color options in front of you to pick your desired one. The best part is there are full black variants available, which is the most popular one. The texture on the heel is very clear on the black version. You can check other versions if you are not a black lover, these are also pretty. 

There are 5 variants available for the Ghost 10. Unfortunately, a full black variant is not available for this model.


The Ghost 11 comes with a balanced soft cushioning, which will help you the perfect softness underfoot and help you stay focused during your ride. The cushion is implemented with the latest technology if your satisfaction is guaranteed. This is the functionality that most users need during a ride. 

On the other hand, the Ghost 10 won’t give you this much satisfaction as this is not coming with the latest upgrade.

Crash Pad

The Segmented crash pad of the Ghost 11 is going to give you a smooth ride with its shock absorber system. It doesn’t matter how or where your foot lands, you are going to have a stable ride. So there’s no excuse for not putting this pair on the bucket list.

Durability and Warranty

Brooks is very much admired for its super durable shoes. They always prefer their runner’s satisfaction. The Ghost 11 will bring you the satisfaction you have never witnessed. If you want, you can try a test run, which can be availed from their official site through a request. You can also return your pair if you don’t like the quality within 90 days of purchasing.

Final Words

I guess you are no more confused to differentiate the better one between these two. My final suggestion will be to go for the Ghost 11 without any doubt. This will make your experience with shoes to another level. 

FAQ about Brooks Ghost 10 and 11

Is the shoe for men or women?

The shoe is for both, this is a male model, but there is a female model available too.

How is the shoe for forefoot strikers?

As this is a neutral balanced shoe so it will be comfortable for any kind of feet.

How are the shoes for walking?

These are great. With proper cushioning and balance, you will feel great while walking. Also, they are designed especially for forward movement.

How is the toe box of this shoe?

It is generous, not too tight. 

What does the XW size mean? Is it a EE width shoe?

For the size comparison, you may take a glance at their official site.

How well do these shoes hold up for a long time use?

These are made for prolonged use. So there won’t be an issue.

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