Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13

Brooks Ghost 12 vs 13 – Why I Suggest the Brooks Ghost 12?


Brooks Ghost 12 and 13 have some similarities in features and some differences and benefits that keep the Brook Ghost 12 ahead of the other pair. Check below to know why I said it the best.

Why is Brooks Ghost 12 the Best?

  • A large variety of colors with more than 32 variations so you can pick any color as per your personality, while the other pair comes with only 19 variants.
  • With its neutral support and high energizing cushioning, you will feel great even in a prolonged, but the Brooks Ghost 13 may give you a bit of hassle. 
  • A segmented crash pad with shock absorbers will keep your moves smooth on any surface better than the other pair of shoes.

Brooks Ghost 12 is the winner in every feature comparison. It is the best for you without any doubt. Don’t wait anymore, and you can have a glance at the products from the buttons below.

Similarities between Brooks Ghost 12 vs. 13 

  • A large number of color variants available
  • Both pair has Male and female model and Unisex models.
  • Neutral level with cushion level 2.
  • Recommended for any kind of use.

Quick Comparison

SpecificationsBrooks Ghost 12Brooks Ghost 13
Editor’s  Rating4.7 out of 54.7 out of 5
Color32 variants19 variants
Product Dimension10 x 15 x 6 inches10 x 15 x 6 inches
Product Weight263.7 gram286.3 gram
Test Run Available Available 
Warranty/ReplacementReplacement available if the quality dropsReplacement available if the quality drops

Details about the features of the Brooks Ghost 12 vs. 13


The Brooks Ghost 12 comes with a newly engineered mesh design. The laces also adapt well with the shoes. The heel is designed to bring comfort to any foot. Midsoles or outsoles are designed with the latest technology. Your feet won’t feel anything while they are on them. Just like a sock, nothing elseThe other pair is quite the same in the design, but the upper part has more curves than the 12. 


There are a total of 32 variants of color available for Brooks Ghost 12. They included variations in the laces too. For any use, office, or jogging, you can pick a model by matching the color for your purpose. There are some models available in a stripe design. The stripes are in blue, red, pink and grey color. You have no option to reject this model in an excuse of your favorite color. This model has them all.

On the other hand, the Brooks Ghost 13 comes in 19 different colors. Though there are variations of color, the colors don’t look as cool as the Brook Ghost 12.


The model comes with soft cushioning to provide you softness underfoot without losing energy and durability. This will stay the same till the last day of usage. Soft cushioning will provide you to stay in balance and have a smooth ride on any surface. The neutral support of the shoe will energize the cushioning and make you feel smooth while riding.

Though the other Brooks Ghost 13 has cushioning in it, this won’t provide you the same comfort as the other one. So choosing the Brooks Ghost will be the wiser decision that you should make. 

Midsole and Outsole

With a 12mm midsole, you will get the proper speed through your run. Your feet won’t feel any issue with the latest technology adopted soles. The midsole or outsoles will stay the same as new, and there is a guarantee of it. Maintaining a premium quality, they are manufactured from high-end raw materials.


With the high-end material, you are getting full support in terms of energizing. As these pairs come with responsive and springy additions, you will be fully satisfied while having them on your feet.

For its energized feature, for any surface, you won’t feel any difference while running. These shoes are highly recommended for any user.

Durability and Warranty 

Brooks Ghost is so sure about their products that they offer a replacement for any quality drops. You can get a new one for any changes in quality. Also, there is a test run available for these shoes. So, if you want to try it out before you buy it, you’re encouraged to do it. 

Final Words 

Comparing all the pros and cons, there is no doubt that going for Brooks Ghost 12 will be the better option. If you want to worth every penny of investment, my final recommendation for you will be the Brooks Ghost 12. There won’t be any regret of this decision for sure.

FAQ about the Brooks Ghost 12 vs. 13 

Has there any extra layer of padding in the back against your ankle?

Yes, there is an extra layer with an extra cushion. This will help thin ankles with soft comfort.

What country are these shoes made of?

These shoes are made in Vietnam.

How comfortable are these shoes?

These are very comfortable. The US naval academy purchases these for their freshmen batch.

How big is the X wide size?

It is not that big. This is a standard size.

What about the width of this shoe?
It depends, but there is a wider model available. Brooks Ghost site has specific answers and queries. 

Can I wear these shoes in the rain? Are these waterproof?

No, they are running shoes. But there is a variant available which can be washed in water. You should have a peek at their official site.

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