Brother HC1850 vs CS6000i

Brother HC1850 vs CS6000i – Why Brother CS6000i is Best?

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Brother HC1850 vs CS6000iConsidering all the features of Brother HC1850 and Brother CS6000i, I would strongly recommend you to go with Brother CS6000i as it offers you some impressive features, plus you can use them for various purposes.

Why I Recommend Brother CS6000i?

  • Brother HC1850 has more stitches (185 stitches) than the Brother CS6000i (60 stitches), but you must pay for that extra stitches, plus these additional stitches have no job to do.
  • One carrying case offers Brother CS6000i that you can use while caring for the machine. On the contrary, no carrying case is available with the Brother HC1850.
  • It will let you four bobbins cases, but the Brother HC1850 offers you only three bobbins. These four bobbins will let you stitch comfortably and without any interval with this machine.
  • Brother CS6000i machine combines an automatic needle threader that can ideally push the thread through the needle and a convenient, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin. But, the other one has only an advanced needle threader.

Taking into account all these improved features mentioned above and the usabilities of the Brother CS6000i, I would suggest you go with this sewing machine if you want to have a great experience with your sewing machine.


Similar Features of Brother HC1850 and CS6000i

Some outstanding features placed these two brothers’ sewing machines, among others.

  • Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i have built-in free arm features to get circular sewing like bag, sleeve or cuff, trouser leg hems.
  • This two Brother’s sewing machine is combined with adjustable speed control that will let you control the device’s speed when needed.
  • The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i will need 120 voltage power to run them. So, you must make sure you have enough of it to have continuous sewing.
  • A smart Twin Needle Function has been implemented with these Sewing machines. And, this function can let you sew with stretch or jersey fabrics.
  • These are electric sewing machines. You must ensure enough electricity to get proper connectivity so that the devices can run smoothly.
  • Twenty-five years warranty is available with these sewing machines. You can get free services from the company if you find any issue by this time.

We have picked some of the best features of these sewing machines. I hope this information will help you to choose the best sewing machine. 

Quick Comparison of Brother HC1850 vs CS6000i

Specification Brother HC1850  Brother CS6000i
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of  5 4.8 out of 5
Automatic Needle Threader Yes (advanced) Yes (automatic)
Swing Features 185 Built-in Stitches 60 Built-in Stitches
Item Weight 10.14 pounds 13 pounds
Item Depth 19.25 inches 6.7 inches
built-in free arm Yes  Yes 
Included Swing Feet 8 feet 9 feet
Adjustable speed control Yes  Yes 
Product Material Metal Aluminum
Power Voltage 120 V. 120 V.
Display Screen LCD backlit Display 2 inches backlit LCD Display
Twin needle function Yes  Yes 
Power Sources Treadle Powered Treadle Powered
Electric  Yes Yes
Product Dimension 19.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches
Stitch width 7 mm 7 mm
Stitch length  5 mm 5 mm
LED Light Yes  Yes 
Included Accessories 8 sewing feet, a wide table, instructional DVD, manual, and many more 10 sewing feet, a hard protective case, side table, needle set including twin needle, 3 bobbins, and many more
Warranty 25 years of limited 25 years of a limited, 1-year labor

Similarities & Differences Between Brother HC1850 and CS6000i


The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i are two impressive sewing machines with their gorgeous look. However, the Brother HC1850 is more lightweight than the Brother CS6000i. The Brother HC1850 is 10.14 pounds with its 19.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches of product dimension. On the other hand, the Brother CS6000i is a bit heavyweight, and its weight is 13 pounds with its 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches of item dimension.

In terms of product material, there is a massive difference between these two sewing machines. The Brother HC1850 combines with metal that will last long. But, the Brother CS6000i properties with aluminum are not as long as the HC 18050.

There is one LED light with the Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i sewing machines so that you can work even in low light circumstances.

Built-in Sewing Features

The sewing feature is one of the essential properties of a Sewing machine. You must know about the number of stitches you will get with a particular device. This time, the Brother HC1850 offers you 185 Unique built-in stitches. In addition, the Brother HC1850 includes 130 sewing stitches and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches, plus there are eight styles of auto-size buttonholes. 

On the other hand, the Brother CS6000i will provide you with 60 Unique built-in stitches. The Brother CS6000i has 60 built-in sewing stitches, plus including decorative stitches, and it has seven styles of auto-size buttonholes.

Therefore, you can choose any one of them as they provide you with different numbers of stitches, although there is no need t have more stitches, and it can not be the property for deciding on a sewing machine.

Display Screen

You are thinking about the display screen of the Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i sewing machines! These two (The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i) offer you an LCD Screen. On this screen, you can easily select your stitches with the touch of a button, and you can see your selections on the LCD. 

Adjust Speed Control

It is a privilege to have an adjustable speed control on your sewing machine. Especially if you are a beginner, this machine will be an opportunity. Besides, having control over the device will be beneficial in terms of getting confidence as a beginner. It will not give you a good feeling when your machine is running away from you!

On the other hand, if you are an expert and working with this machine for a long time can speed up the sewing machine and get your work done within a short time, plus it will be an obvious advantage for you. The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i sewing machine combine with adjustable speed control so that you can adjust the speed of the device when needed.

Automatic Needle Threader

What is better than an automatic needle threader for getting several benefits with a sewing machine? The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i sewing machines have this improved feature. But, there is an issue: you will get an automatic needle threader with the Brother CS6000i, but the Brother HC1850 has an advanced needle threader.

So, this time, I would highly recommend choosing the Brother CS6000i as it offers you this(automatic) property. It can be tricky to adjust with the employee to let them know how they should use this function. But, once you make them understand, they will thread the needle within some seconds.  

Buil-in Free Arm

A free arm feature is a must for many reasons. The Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i have built-in free arm property for getting circular sewing like sleeve or cuff, bag, trouser leg hems, and so on.

Twin needle function

A twin needle function is an impressive feature of a sewing machine, and these two needles remain side by side. Twin need can benefit you in several ways, and one of the most valuable ways is to use to sew with stretch and jersey fabric. This crucial property will let you produce two parallel rows of stitching around the neckline, cuffs, and hem of jersey garments to look more professional. 


Why do we think about the warranty? The answer is to get to know about the durability of the product. In terms of product quality, Brother is always conscientious. Still, they are offering you a 25 Year limited warranty with both of these sewing machines, plus you will get free technical support for the life of the product and live support.

Final Thought

I hope you have understood and got enough differences between these two Brother HC1850 and the Brother CS6000i sewing machines. Considering all the improved properties of the Brother CS600i, I would highly suggest you go with this sewing machine. But, if you are satisfied with the Brother HC1850, you can purchase this one; it is your own choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother HC1850 and CS6000i

Question: How does the Brother HC1850 machine do hemming jeans? 

Answer: The needle will go through the fabric and not skip a stitch as long as you keep the presser food even (or press the black extension by the presser foot). You also need to use the needle size suggested for jeans or even hammer down the seam before you sew it if it is thick.

Question: Does the Brother HC1850 have a needle-down position?

Answer: There is a button to put the needle opposite wherever it stops. If the needle is up, push the button to put it down and vice versa. This machine also has a default setting to leave it down when it stops. To fix it:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Hold down the side of the stitch selection key.
  3. Turn the machine on.

All done.

Question: Does the Brother HC1850 sew denim?

Answer: The Brother HC1850 can sew on fabric that is no more than 6 mm (15/64 inch) thick. You can sew denim using size 14 or 16 needles.

Question: Is the Brother CS6000i easy to use?

Answer: It depends on what you want it. Simple sewing like clothing or piecing quilt tops should be okay, but putting quilts together NO! The throat is not big enough for free motion quilting, and it does not do well with bulky material. 

Question: Does the Brother CS6000i machine do monograms?

Answer: The answer is a big NO. Because this machine gear toward quilters, it comes with an extension table and quilting feet. Embroidery machines almost always do monograms.

Question: Does the Brother CS6000i come with a large table attachment?

Answer: There is a table attachment. But it is not huge. But the machine is not significant either. It helps keep the fabric from distorting and hanging off the machine bed while sewing.

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