Brother LX3817 vs LX3817A

Brother LX3817 vs LX3817A – Check Our Recommendation!

Sewing Machine

Brother LX3817 vs LX3817ABrother sewing machines come with the best quality to start your sewing career. Brother LX3817 and LX3817a are excellent sewing machines, especially for beginners. Testing all the features of these two Brother sewing machines, I would highly suggest you go with Brother LX3817A as it can give an outstanding user experience that will surely make your sewing career special.

Why I Suggest Brother LX3817A?

  • Brother LX3817A offers you four bobbins to provide you with a smooth user experience. In contrast, the Brother LX3817 has only three bobbins.
  • It lasts longer than the Brother LX3817. After using it for some days, many users find some issues with the Brother LX3817.
  • After using the Brother LX3817 for some days, the thread of this machine gets jammed and even won’t work. In contrast, the Brother LX3817A has been built with solid manufacturing that does not have this problem.


Similar Features of Brother LX3817 and LX3817A

  • Brother LX3817 and LX3817A combine with seventeen built-in stitches that will allow you to complete different types of sewing.
  • The built-in free arm feature is available with these Brother sewing machines that will let you sew legs of pants and trousers and so on effortlessly.
  • The product material is solid of these Brother sewing machines, built with metal.
  • Twenty-five years limited warranty is available with these machines. If you find any manufacturer’s issue with your device by this given time, you can use your security.

Quick Comparison: Brother LX3817 vs LX3817A

Specifications Brother LX3817 Brother LX3817a
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Bobbins Three bobbins Four bobbins
Swing Features 17 built-in stitches 17 built-in stitches
Item Weight 10.36 Pounds 12.85 pounds
Included Sewing Feet Four: button sewing foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and zigzag foot Four: button sewing foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and zig-zag foot
built-in free arm Yes Yes 
Product Material Metal Metal
Power Voltage 110 V. 110 V.
Power Sources Electricity Electricity
Included Accessories Eyelet punch, twin needle, cleaning brush, screwdriver, three spool caps, accessory pouch, three bobbins, seam ripper, extra spool pin, power cord and operation manual, ballpoint needle, needle set Buttonhole Foot, Foot controller, darning plate, needle set, screwdriver, Zipper Foot, Zigzag Foot, Accessory pouch, four bobbins, operation manual, and Button Sewing Foot,
Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 850 850
LED Light Yes (built-in) Yes (built-in)
Product Dimension 17 x 14 x 7 inches 17.72 x 14.09 x 7.56 inches
Durability 25 year limited warranty 25 years limited warranty

Similarities & Differences Between Brother LX3817A and LX3817


The Brother LX3817 and the Brothers 3817 are two strong-built sewing machines that look great to see. The Brother LX3817 is lightweight, while the other is a bit heavyweight. But, these machines are built with the same metal material, making them a vital device for long-lasting. 

The Brother LX3817 is 10.36 pounds with 17 x 14 x 7 inches of product dimension. While the Brother LX3817a is 12.85 pounds with its 17.72 x 14.09 x 7.56 inches of item dimension. 

With these devices, there are LED lights that can help you run the machine even in low light circumstances. 

Built-in Free Arm

One of the essential features of a sewing machine is the built-in free arm property of that particular sewing machine. Built-in Free Arm will provide you with so many benefits. It will let you circle sewing like a bag, trouser leg hems, sleeve or cuff, and so on. So, before buying a device, you must check this crucial specification. 

Sewing Feature

Stitches are the main topmost crucial features that complete the sewing. If there are more stitches with your machine, it will benefit you in many ways. First, you will have more options to change them from time to time when needed. Seventeen built-in stitches are available with these Brother sewing machines.

Included Sewing Feet

Four included sewing feet are provided with these Brother sewing machines. They are a zipper foot, buttonhole foot, zigzag foot, and button sewing foot: can use these feet to sew different clothes. For example, you can use the zigzag feet during general sewing, plus decorative sewing. 

Maximum Sewing Speed 

Before buying a product, you must know your ability to run the machine. Some machines are so fast. But, if you are a beginner, you need to have a machine that is not so fast. Another best way, you can buy a sewing machine with a speed control feature. These devices will let you do 850 stitches per minute. So, for the beginner, this is so helpful. 

Power Sources and Voltage

The Brother LX3817 and Brother LX3817a are electric power sources. It would be best if you connected with electricity with enough voltage. These are 110 V machines. So, make sure you have a perfect connection with your sewing machine. 


When it comes to talking about the duration of the product, these Brother devices may be the best option for you. Brother never compromises their product quality, but they are still providing you a twenty-five-year limited warranty.

In addition, you will enjoy a one-year contract for accessories, parts, and labor—besides two years for electronic components. But, you must keep the item safe; no harm done by you will be accepted by the authority. Plus, you must buy these sewing machines from an authorized shop by Brother. 

Last Words

In the end, I would say that these Brother sewing machines are pretty similar to each other. And they do not have many differences. But, considering their performances and bobbins, I would highly recommend you go with the Brother LX3817a. It is a more robust and long-lasting device. 

Therefore, if you are satisfied with the other one, you can go with the Brother LX3817 as well, but it is your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother LX3817 and LX3817A

Is the Brother LX3817 machine suitable for making cloth diapers?

YES, it is possible with the Brother LX3817. You can sew all kinds of diapers easily with this machine. 

Can the Brother LX3817 machine sew through denim?

Yes, the Brother LX3817 can sew on denim. It is suggested to use a size 16 needle and run the device prolonged or by hand when sewing over seams.

Is the Brother LX3817 seam allowance listed on the needle plate

Yes, there are measurements on the needle plate.

What accessories does the Brother LX3817A come with?

It comes with a foot pedal, zigzag presser foot, buttonhole presser foot, zipper foot, some replaceable machine needles, a few plastic bobbins, and a flat “screwdriver.”

Is the buttonhole setting available with the Brother LX3817A?

Yes! The Brother LX3817 has a buttonhole setting. And, it comes with a unique presser foot just for buttonholes!

How fast does the Brother LX3817A go?

The Brother LX3817 is a pretty fast sewing machine, and any heavy-duty machine would go. But, of course, you can slow down or speed up with the pedal as you see fit.

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