Brother PE770 vs PE800

Brother PE770 vs PE800 – See Why We Recommend Brother PE800!

Sewing Machine

Brother PE770 and PE800 are two great embroidery machines manufactured by Brother Brand. If you want to get the best one, then go through the differences section below. 

What Are the Differences Between Brother PE770 vs PE800?

Brother PE770 Brother PE800
Brother PE770 Brother PE800
Brother PE770 doesn’t build with a touchscreen. Brother PE800 has a 3.2″ sew touchscreen LCD. 
The PE770 has 136 built-in designs. The PE800 comes with 138 built-in designs.
It has 6 embroidery letters. It has 11 embroidery letters.
This sewing machine has 10 border styles. This sewing machine has 14 border styles.
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Brother PE800 machine is integrated with better functions compared to the Brother PE770, which will take your sewing experience to the next level. Also, I strongly suggest you pick this one.

Why Do I Suggest the Brother PE800?

  • Brother PE800 owns a better and larger 3.2″ sew smart color touchscreen LCD, while Brother PE770 has a 2.7 * 1.4 inches back-lit LCD. So you can do more amazing jobs with a PE800 because of its clear color visibility.
  • It can place monogramming letters on an arc and edit multiple designs and fonts simultaneously. In contrast, PE770 can only rotate a design or font, create a mirror image and change the size of the designs.
  • PE800 has 138 more built-in designs, 11 fonts, and 14 more border styles, allowing you to create manifold designs for your project. It also has a more colorful and vibrant built-in color palette, so you are free to paint with your creativity! O the contrary, Brother PE770 has 136 built-in designs, 6 lettering fonts, and 12 built-in border styles.

These major reasons Brother PE800 deals better than the other sewing machine. So we strongly recommend you choose this machine.


Similar Features

  • PE770 and PE800 feature a USB stick that imports more designs into the machines for aesthetic output.
  • Both machines can sew 650 stitches per minute, which is huge and perfect for stitching larger designs.
  • The products have a bilingual instruction manual and a built-in step-by-step video tutorial. So, newbies can use these machines effortlessly. 
  • They have 25- a year’s limited warranty and access to embroidery.

After reading the similar things in both products, if you think the PE770 would be an ideal choice, choose this one.

Other Specifications Chart of Brother PE770 and PE800

Specifications  Brother PE 770 Brother PE 800
Editor’s rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Display 2.7” * 1.4” back-lit LCD  Large 3.2” sew smart color touchscreen LCD
Embroidery design editing feature Rotate, mirror image, increasing and decreasing size Rotate, mirror image, increase and decrease the size, edit multiple designs and fonts, place letters on an arc
Built-in color palette Yes Yes, vibrant
Built-in frame shapes 10 10
USB availability Yes, a USB stick Yes, a USB stick
Hoop area 5” * 7” 5” * 7”
Automatic needle threader Available Available
Max embroidery speed 650 stitches per minute 650 stitches per minute
Built-in tutorial Yes, step by step tutorial Yes, step by step tutorial
Operational manual Bilingual (English and Spanish) Bilingual (English and Spanish)
Built-in memory Yes Yes
Item dimension 21.2 * 16.9*17.3 inches 21.75* 19.02 *19.09 inches
Item weight 26.95 lbs 13.74 lbs
Power source Treadle powered Treadle powered
Access to iBroidery Available Available
Warranty 25 years along with toll-free technical phone support for the lifetime 25 years along with toll-free technical phone and online support for the lifetime

Features of PE770 vs PE800

Item weight and Dimension 

The weight of PE770 is 26.95 pounds, and it has 21.2 * 16.9 * 17.3 inches dimension. On the contrary, PE800 is 13.74 pounds and has a 21.75 * 19.02 * 19.09 inches dimension. So PE800 is a light embroidery machine to carry.

Hoop Area 

Usually, the hoop or embroidery field area defines how much space you will get and how smooth your embroidery projects will be. Whatever, both models maintain the same quality in this regard.

They are provided with a 5″ * 7″ hoop area that is large enough to use in large sewing projects as it assures more spaces for embroidery and more perfection.

If a user wants to make home decor embroidery, bags, or jackets, this excellent feature will undoubtedly facilitate him. 


The display of an embroidery machine is one of the most crucial features and having a high-tech, large, and well-functioned screen is therefore highly important. Brother PE770 is built with a 2.7 * 1.4 inches back-lit white and black LCD, while PE800 is built with a large 3.2″ sew smart color touchscreen LCD.

As PE800 possesses a color display, it is more convenient for the users to select and preview the designs. But in the PE770, because of the W & B display, it does not go well that much.

Furthermore, the LCD touchscreen on the machine’s right side helps the users customize the designs by changing patterns, altering sizes, or changing thread color from a built-in color palette just using the fingertip. 

Built-in embroidery designs

The user-friendly products are developed with built-in embroidery designs to help users choose their cherished ones from them. However, PE770 comes with 136 built-in designs and 10 frame shapes, and 12 border styles, while PE800, the more advanced one, has 138 built-in designs with 10 frame shapes and 14 border styles.

Hence, PE800 is upgraded with extra designs and privileges indeed. Additionally, the machines are constituted with a few more embroidery features, such as PE770 has 6 lettering fonts and an embroidery card slot, and PE800 is developed with 11 lettering fonts, of which 7 fonts are in English, 3 in Japanese, and 1 in Cyrillic.

In addition, PE800 has a more vibrant color palette than the other. These magnificent features associate the machines with embellishing the attire beautifully. 

Sewing features

Brother PE770 is provided with 460 sewing stitches; among them, 430 stitches are built-in, and 30 are saved in the CD. Moreover, the user can bring unlimited stitches virtually with the My Custom Stitch feature from embroidery in both models.

The embroidery machines assure the customers of easy and smooth threading along with a few amazing features. Both have automatic needle threaders, and under this function, the thread is forced forward through the craft of the needle. The automatic needle threader releases the pressure and saves time as well.

Besides, PE 800 is easy to use and must follow the numbered threading diagram printed on the machines.

Furthermore, PE770 also includes a quick set Bobbin, auto height adjuster (AHA), and auto thread trimmer to make embroidery smoother. The following models can create 650 stitches per minute.

Embroidery Design Editing Feature 

Both of the machines are amazing in offering users multi-dimensional design editing features. In the previous model, rotation of patterns, image mirroring, increasing and decreasing the size of the designs, and fonts are available.

On the other hand, PE 800 includes some more multiple editing functions. One can even edit fonts and place monograms on an arc besides completing the function of its prior model.

After editing the designs’ size and color, one can see how the edited designs look on the right side of the LCD touchscreen. So before starting final embroidering, one has the opportunity to rethink the designs.

Built-in Memory 

When you import designs using a USB stick, you can find them in the built-in memory of the machines. Both Brother PE770 and Brother PE800 have added this feature so that the machine can store desired beautiful scrollwork and nice floral work in it and be used in the future. 

Built-in Tutorial 

The new users often get startled up regarding the procedure of embroidering in the machines. So Brother provides written and video guidelines with the machines. The written one is a bilingual operation manual in English and Spanish to get proper directions.

For more simplicity, there are step-by-step tutorials on how to thread, join the embroidery arm, do other embroidery functions, etc. With a little more time, effort, and patience, any beginner can run the machines smoothly.

USB Port 

A huge collection of embroidery designs, monogramming fonts, frame shapes, and border styles is an amazing thing to decorate fabrics. In these computerized embroidery machines, one can get the privilege of importing unlimited designs via USB sticks from compatible sources into the built-in memory of the machines.


Brother offers a long period of 25 years for warranty purposes. To get this privilege, the buyer must purchase the product from an authorized Brother reseller and preserve the warranty seal or card. Not only that, but the company also offers free customer phone call service and online technical support for the lifetime of the machines.

Final Words

From the above discussion, it is obvious that the PE770 and PE800 embroidery machines share similar features and good functional quality. So you can choose any of them. But if you want to get the champion one, then it is none other than the Brother PE800 for its additional collection in design, font, frames, and high-tech display. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother PE770 and PE800

Q: Can I make my design here?

A: If your designs are in PES files, then you can make them. Just get a digitizer software and convert the file images into PSE format. You can buy software from Brother or download it from anywhere else.

Q: Do the machines accept long-staple cotton thread?

A: It’s suggested to use the embroidery thread as it is an embroidery machine only. Long-staple cotton thread is usually 50 weight which is basically for sewing machines. So use a 40-weight rayon or poly thread set for the models. 

Q: Can I do regular sewing with the machines?

A: No, Brother PE770 and PE800 are embroidery machines only, so they do not sew.

Q: Is any branded towel required to do embroidery on this machine?

A: No, there is no certain brand of towel to use with PE770 or PE800. For embroidering on any towel, use a temporary spray adhesive to get extra support setting it in the hoop area for a thick towel; for a looped towel, use a washable one. 

Q: What is the perfect bobbin thread to use in the PE770?

A: One should use a 90-weight bobbin thread not to do any harm to the machine.

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