Brother SE400 vs SE600

Brother SE400 vs SE600 – Check the differences for the best one!

Sewing Machine

Brother SE400 vs SE600If you are thinking of adding a new sewing and embroidery machine to your home between Brother SE400 and Brother SE600, then suggests you choose SE600

Why do we suggest Brother SE600?

  • It has 80 designs and 6 monogramming fonts. Moreover, you can import a lot via USB. While the other has 70 built-in designs and 5 lettering fonts.
  • SE600 is equipped with a 3.2″ smart color LCD touchscreen display, where its competitor provides an intuitive backlit LCD that is less bright and not so good for your eyes.
  • It has a gorgeous collection of 103 versatile built-in stitches, on the contrary, SE400 has merely 67 sewing stitches. So with the upgraded version, you can finish your projects using basic to stylish stitches.
  • This machine includes features like thread color changeability, monogram placing, etc. Besides, the SE400 offers some elementary editing features.

From the following points, hope now you are clear which features make SE600 worthier and why it is the chosen one.


Similarities between Brother SE400 and Brother SE600

  • The body material of the machines is metal, and they are treadle-powered.
  • One can preview the designs in both of them.
  • They are user-friendly for being designed with built-in video tutorials.
  • A user can add any design through the USB in the Brother machines. 

Quick Comparison Chart

SpecificationsBrother SE600Brother SE400
Editor’s rating4.8 out of 54.5 out of 5
Embroidery design80 built-in designs, customizable70 built-in decorative designs along with 120 frame patterns
Sewing feature103 versatile built-in sewing stitches67 built-in sewing stitches along with 98 stitch functions
Included sewing feet7, quick-change 6
Embroidery lettering fonts65
Built-in embroidery card slotNoYes
Embroidery design editing featureYes (changing individual thread color, place lettering in an arc)Yes (rotate, mirror image, increasing and decreasing size)
Display3.2” Sew Smart color LCD touch screen displayIntuitive backlit LCD touch screen display
Product dimension21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches20.28 x 14.96 x15.16 inches
Item weight11.82 lbs10.9 lbs
USB port availabilityYesYes
Stitch lengthmax 5 mmmax 7 mm
Stitch widthmax 5 mmmax 7 mm
Hoop area4” * 4”4” * 4”
Thread color changeabilityYesYes
Automatic needle threaderAvailableAvailable
Design previewYesYes
Built-in tutorial for freshersYesYes
Power sourceTreadle poweredTreadle powered
Instruction manualAvailableAvailable
Video tutorials on DVDAvailableAvailable
Warranty25 years with free technical support25 years with free technical support

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Brother SE400 and SE600

Built-in Sewing Feature 

To make sewing and embroidery more spontaneous, SE600 includes 103 built-in sewing stitches with 10 styles of auto-size buttonholes, while SE400 includes only 67 sewing stitches along with 98 stitch functions. However, it is the largest difference between these two products. 

One can do a maximum of 710 stitches per minute in Brother SE600. If you want to stitch or do embroidery on a heavy piece of cloth, they have a spacious needle-to-arm workspace that is 6.4″ w * 4.1″ h ensuring more space for folding quilts or heavy stitching. SE600 also has an automatic needle threader that promotes smooth and easeful sewing. In both products, the stitch length and width are respectively up to 5 mm to 7 mm.

Included Accessory Feet 

These machines include seven versatile accessory feet with the machine. Spring action zigzag, blind stitch, buttonhole, monogramming, overcasting, zipper, button sewing feet- all these things have made them unique, exquisite, and recommendable products indeed. 

Item weight and material

The machines are made of metal which ensures the consumers about the long-lasting feature. The weight of Brother SE 600 is 11.82 lbs, and that of SE 400 is 10.9 lbs. If you consider the product measurement, then it is 21.18*15.51*16.54 inches for the first one and 20.28*14.96*15.16 inches for the latter one. Here you know that both in terms of weight and dimension, SE600 is the larger one, but this doesn’t make any complexity to work on. So you can purchase any of these models without any hesitation.

Design Editing Feature 

Both models offer this privilege, so users can enhance the traits and change the designs. Besides this, one can rotate images in different angles and change the size of the designs with this fantastic feature in SE400. And in SE600, the users can have the opportunity to change the thread color according to the clothes’ color, set a monogramming font in an arc, and move the design patterns with just a single touch.

Built-in Tutorials 

Brother sewing and embroidery machines are very adaptable for new users or beginners. These swing machines provide an instructional DVD on how to use the machine and how to deal with embroidery functions. If you are a new and inexperienced one in sewing and embroidery, do not hesitate to choose your sewing machine from these models since their quick-start guides are a great help! 

Thread Function and Bobbin

The machines are amazing with thread function as it provides easy threading with many features. SE 600 has a changeable thread color function to decorate your attire beautifully, and SE400 gives a super easy bobbin and nice winding system that helps the users to explore fun with sewing so far.


Brother SE400 includes an intuitive LCD touchscreen display, and SE 600 has a 3.2″ LCD touchscreen display. Though the display quality is better in the later model, one can preview the embroidery design, stitch length and width, color, and design patterns fully on both machines’ screens. Except these, to check the customized work or preview the edited design before final stitching helps greatly.

Built-in Embroidery Design 

Both machines are provided with some beautiful built-in customizable embroidery designs to choose any of them according to their wish. Brother SE 600 is provided with 80 built-in designs and 6 embroidery lettering fonts to personalize his works neatly. On the contrary, SE400 delivers 70 built-in nicely decorative designs in 120 types of frame patterns and 5 lettering fonts to embellish your fabric gorgeously. These facilities make sewing easier as well.

USB Port

Both the products have USB port availability to download unlimited embroidery designs for your project. The provided USB Ports are, in general, used for transforming and importing embroidery designs and patterns. It requires computer connectivity with the machine indeed. So when you need to apply new designs except for the built-in designs in the device, you have the option to do so. Besides, if you want to update your sewing and embroidery machine, you can also use the USB function.  


Brother warrants their products to gain the reliance of customers. From this point of view, SE400 and SE600 offer 25 years of limited warranty. For different machinery parts, they give a 1-year warranty, for the electronic components and boards, you can get a five-year warranty, and for the body of the machine, it is a 25 years warranty. Anyway, if the seller is someone other than an authorized Brother reseller, then the warranty conditions will fail, and consumers will not get any privilege from the company then. So, to get the warranty facilities, you should be aware of the pre-conditions given by the producing company.

Final words

Both the following models are good enough for providing you the desired service either you are a beginner or an expert. But you have to suffer any crisis to apply manifold embroidery designs, lettering fonts, and other sewing features if you own the SE600 as it has ample of those. Moreover, it assures a brightly lighted place to work in. So it will be a wise decision if you buy SE600 instead of SE400, though the choice is completely yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of needles can I use in the machines?

A: The machines are installed with Organ needles, so using them is the best for you.

Q: If I upload a logo or an image from a website, can I embroider that? 

A: If the logo or the image is not in digitized format (PES), the machine will not recognize that, and hence it will be unable to embroidery that design.

Q: Does SE600 come with a cover or case?

A: No, it does not come with a cover or case.

Q: Do the models have an embroidery card slot?

A: The SE400 has an embroidery card slot, but the other does not.

Q: Can SE600 sew leather?

A: It can sew lightweight leather. But if any fabric is thicker than denim, it will not be functional anymore.

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