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Brother SE600 Vs SE625Brother SE600 and SE625 is a tough job as both are almost identical. So is here to help you by proclaiming SE625 as the better one.

See the reason. 

  • This model has 280 built-in designs, which are customizable as well. But the other offers you only 80 designs which will not allow you to go a long way in design. Brother SE625 will give you a lot of vibrant embroidery designs. 
  • It has a huge collection of letter fonts so you can do monogramming plus creative designs in it. Whereas, the SE600 fonts are too plain to do something creative.
  • It has a drag and drops feature that lets you position your embroidery design with just a touch of your finger. Besides, the other one doesn’t include this feature.

Now you know the differences that made Brother SE625 more perfect than the SE600 for sewing and doing embroidery. So it’s your choice which one you want to buy now.


Similarities between Brother SE600 and SE625

  • The sewing and embroidery machines are electric, treadle powered, and made of metal.
  • They allow a USB port for importing more designs.
  • Both have 103 built-in, programmed sewing patterns, 7 quick-change sewing feet, and a 4 “*4” hoop area.
  • One can preview the designs and change thread color while working. 
  • They have a 25 years warranty.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Brother SE600 Brother SE625
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Product dimension 21.18*15.51*16.54 inches 21.06*16.42*15.28 inches
Embroidery design 80 built-in customizable 280 (80 built-in and 200 on the CD)
Item weight 11.82 lbs 25.3 lbs
Material Metal Metal
Display 3.2” LCD touch screen display 3.2” smart LCD touch screen display
USB port availability Yes Yes
Sewing feature 103 versatile built-in sewing stitches 103 versatile built-in sewing stitches
Needle to arm workspace 6.4” W* 4.1” H 6.4” W* 4.1” H
Hoop area 4” * 4” 4” * 4”
Included sewing feet 7, quick-change 7, quick-change
Embroidery design editing feature Yes Yes
Thread color changeability Yes Yes
Design preview Yes Yes
Power source Treadle powered Treadle powered
Warranty 25 years with free technical support 25 years with free technical support

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Brother SE600 and Brother SE625 

Building Material and Weight 

The material determines the durability and permanence of the product. Brother SE600 and SE625 are made of metal that ensures the longevity of the machines. The first one is 11.82lbs, and for the later model, it is 25.3 lbs. Though the weight is a bit more than its prior model, it does not create any mentionable difficulty. 

Item Dimension 

Mainly, it is the measurement of the product, which is very important for the buyers to get the proper idea about the product size. Furthermore, it is easy for the buyers to differentiate among the products indeed. Item dimension of SE 600 is 21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches and 21.06 x 16.42 x 15.28 inches for SE 625.

Embroidery Area

Both the machines are used for normal sewing purposes and embroidery as well. It is an essential part of the sewing machine which is used to embellish the cloth. To decorate a big portion, one needs to have a large embroidery area. SE 625 and SE 600 both the machines have a 4*4 embroidery area which is good enough for a joint sewing machine.

LCD Touchscreen 

As the machines are fully computerized, they are embodied with a few technologically excellent features. The machines are adorned with a big LCD touchscreen. The touchscreen helps to choose the embroidery designs hurriedly. Besides, LCD plays a vital role to monitor the stitches and other important things, such as stitch length and width. Therefore, both SE600 and SE625 provide large and 3.2″ sew smart color LCD touch screens.

Built-In Embroidery Design

Brother SE600 presents 80 Built-In customizable embroidery designs. The other model presents 280 Built-In customizable designs, 80 of them are built-in, and the rest of the designs are on the CD. From these designs, one can choose his desired one as per his choice. 

Sewing Feature 

Another similarity between these two sewing machines is that both have 103 Built-In versatile sewing stitches. These are the accumulation of programmed stitch patterns. Thus, both the machines have become decent combined sewing machines. 

Needle to Arm Workspace 

If anyone wants to sew or make embroidery design on a weighty piece of cloth, both the sewing and embroidery machines provide a spacious room to hold them and do embroidery. For maintaining heavy clothes, 6.4″ W *4.1″ H is a nice needle-to-arm space offered by the machines.

Versatile Sewing Feet

Sewing feet is an integral part of the sewing machine that holds the fabric flat under the needle during the stitching. Both the machines have 7 versatile sewing feet along with a Quick-change feature that helps to inlay the edge of the fabrics neatly.

The attachments are monogramming foot, overcasting foot, zipper foot, blind stitch foot, button fitting, buttonhole foot, and embroidering foot. With these versatile features, one can amplify the facility of decorating any costume freely.

Embroidery Design Editing Feature 

Through this cool feature, one has the scope to change or modify the designs. If anyone wants to make a new design before finalizing the diagram, s/he has the opportunity to do this. So, both the machines are provided with this opportunity to beautify the dresses.

Changeable Thread Color 

Both the machines offer the option to alternate the thread color as per the designs, color, texture, and the client’s demand. With this privilege, one can make various chromatic decorations on the fabrics, which add dimension to the style. Along with these, changeable thread color facilitates the consumer with matching, stylish and beautiful costumes so far.

USB Port

USB Port is used for uploading the designs from the computer to the machine. By this feature, one can amalgamate the diagrams according to his own choice. To ensure the proper use of this feature, one has to connect the sewing machine with a computer via a USB port to import various patterns and designs.

And these imported designs will be accumulated in Built-In Memory. Even because of this feature, one needs not to rely upon the pre-filled designs only. The consumers will find this amazing facility in both the machines. 


Brother SE 600 and Brother SE 625 both offer a 25-years limitation as a warranty. During the warranty period, the authority will provide free technical support and repair the product if any flaw is found.


Brother SE600 and SE625 are two recommendable electric sewing and embroidery machines. You can go with any of them. But if you want to make versatile and vibrant designs with more functionality and stability, then SE600 is going to be your best option.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can I bring more fonts from another source? 

No, you can’t add additional fonts directly to the machine, but by using embroidery software, you can download the fonts you want to import and transfer them into the machine and save them for use later.

Can I do embroidery using the machine with my design?

If you want to do so, you will need embroidery digitizing software to create your design and convert the images to Brother .pes embroidery format. After that, you can use those designs.

Is it suitable for a first-time user? 

Yes, this is preferable for first-time users.  

Can I do Quilting here?

As it is not built especially for Quilting, it will not be as good as those specialized ones. But still, you will be able to do some easy tasks with Brother sewing and embroidery machines.

How does the SE600 cut thread?

Cutting the upper and lower threads is an automatic function in the machine. 

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