Canon M6 Mark ii vs M50

Canon M6 Mark ii vs M50 – Which Is the Best & Why?


Canon M6 Mark ii vs M50If you want to choose the best DSLR between Canon m6 mark ii and Canon m50, I strongly recommend Canon m6 mark ii. Check the below section to know why Canon m6 mark ii is best.

The reason for my recommendation:-

  • Canon M6 Mark ii camera has a 33mp APS-C-CMOS sensor, while the Canon m50 has a 24mp APS-C-CMOS sensor. Canon m6 mark ii has 35.42% more megapixels than Canon m50. The higher sensor ensures impressive image quality.
  • Its fast internal processing and high-capacity buffer memory with 14fps ( frames per second) can capture around 146 standard shots in one continuous burst. Contrary, the Canon m50 comes with only 10fps.
  • You will have a better run-time backup on this camera as it can shoot 305 shots with a single charge. Contrary, Canon m50 can shoot only 235 shots per charge.
  • Canon m6 mark ii video resolution is 2160p x 30fps and another one has 2160p x 24fps.It provides 25% better video recording quality. 

For these reasons, I recommend Canon m6 mark ii. If you want a camera with an impressive updated feature, this camera is the best choice for you.


Similar feature

  • Both cameras’ ISO range is 100-25600, which ensures impressive image quality.
  • Their screen size is 3 inches. The ideal screen size makes it easy to operate. 
  • Both devices have an electronic viewfinder feature. As a result, you will have better image output with this device.
SpecificationCanon m6 mark iiCanon m50
Editors Rating4.9 out of 54.8 out of 5
Continuous shooting speed14 fps10fps
Battery power1040 mah875 mah
Battery life305 shots235 shots
Weight1.1 pound13.7 ounces
Product Dimensions1.9 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches2.3 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches
Screen size3 inches3 inches
Flip-out screenNoYes
Touch screen featureYesYes
Two-stage shutterYesYes
CMOS sensorYesYes
Timelapse functionYesYes
USB type CYesNo
Warranty1 Year1Year

Similarities and Differences Between Canon m6 mark ii VS m50


On an excellent camera, weight and size is an important part. Canon m50 is a little bit larger than Canon m6 mark ii. This camera is slightly heavier than the Canon m50. This camera’s external dimension is 1.9 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches, and the product weight is 1.1 pounds; besides Canon m50, the external dimension is 2.3 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches, and its weight is 13.7 ounces.

You will find a brand new AF/MF switch along with an AF-on button in the center of the Canon m6 mark ii. Both cameras have a pop-up flash feature. The Canon m50 has an older USB connector, whereas Canon m6 mark ii has a USB-2.0 port with a Type-C connector. Both cameras come with a 3.5mm microphone jack.


The sensor is an essential part of any camera. Here is the main difference between these two cameras. Canon m6 mark ii has a new 33mp APS-C sensor whose resolution is more significant than Canon m50. Canon m50 sensor is 24mp APS-C sensor.Both cameras have to include DIGIC 8 processors. Their ISO range is 100-25600. Canon m50 has a 34% larger pixel area than Canon m6 mark ii, and it has a larger pixel area.


Canon m6 mark ii and Canon m50 both camera screen size is 3 inches. The main difference in their display is their respective tilting mechanisms. The Canon m6 mark ii tilts down 40 degrees and up 180 degrees. On the other hand, Canon m50 can be flipped out and rotates in all directions.


Both Canon cameras have an excellent Dual pixel CMOS AF system. But still, Canon m6 mark ii is more advanced than canon m50. Two cameras provide 143 autofocus points, but only Canon m6 mark ii sports up to 5481 autofocus positions across the frame. 

Continuous Shooting speed

This device’s continuous shooting speed is 14fps that’s means you can capture 14 pictures per second. While Canon m50 10fps, which can capture 10 photos per second. This feature is mainly used for action shots. The Canon m6 mark ii also supports for UHS-ii memory card, which improves the buffer performances.


This camera’s maximum video resolution is 2160 x 24 fps, while Canon m6 mark ii has 2160 x 30 fps video resolution. Both cameras provide phase detection autofocus for videos. That makes your video footage more quality full. These cameras also have timelapse functions. That can show the long passage of time speeds up.

Battery life

Canon m6 mark ii has 18.86% more battery power than Canon m50. It comes with 1040 mah battery power, while Canon m50 comes with 875 mah battery power. Canon m50 can take 235 shots at a single charge. On the other hand, Canon m6 mark ii can take 305 pictures. If you are a full-time professional photographer, then Canon m6 mark ii is the best choice for its long battery life.

Additional Feature

Both cameras can be connected with WiFi.This device has an external memory card slot, so you can easily extend your storage or easily retrieve all your information, data, photograph. You can control your cameras remotely. Canon m50 has an NFC feature that allows performing simple wireless transactions. Besides, Canon m6 mark ii does not have this feature.


I think now you have no more doubt about which camera is best for you. Canon m6 mark ii is far ahead of canon m50 for its upgraded features. It offers you a more extended battery backup and 35.42% more megapixels,40% faster-shooting speed, and more impressive features. So you should choose this one without thinking twice.

Frequently asked questions about Canon m6 mark ii and m50

Can the Canon m6 mark ii record video at 60fps in 1080p?

Yes, it can do up to 120 in 1080p.

Does this have a micro-adjustment feature?

No, there is no need for micro-adjustment since the camera uses the sensors to focus.

Is this WiFi-compatible?

Yes, it was WiFi-compatible.

Can I connect this camera to a wireless microphone?

It should be connected via Bluetooth.

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