Canon R6 vs R

Canon R6 vs R – Which DSLR You Should Buy and Why?


Canon R6 vs RWhen it comes to choosing the best one between Canon R6 and Canon R, you can choose the Canon R6 DSLR camera.

Why You should choose the Canon R6?

  • Canon R6 has a 204800 ISO range, and Canon R has a 102400 ISO range. The R6 let you click clearer image in low light without using the flash.
  • This camera comes with 20 fps continuous shooting speed, while its competitors come with 8 fps continuous shooting speed. Canon R6 has a 2.5x faster-shooting speed, which is handy for video recording. 
  • It has 2x better video recording quality with the main camera. Canon R6 provide 2160p x 60fps video resolution besides Canon R provide 2160p x 30 fps.The maximum resolution makes the video quality more sharp and clear.
  • This camera offers a 6072 focus point, and the other one provides a 5655 focus point. The more focus point gives the image sensor a better probability of identifying the right area of the scene.
  • Canon R6 has optical image stabilization, and Canon R does not have this feature. Optical image stabilization ensuring that any type of motion blur is corrected before capturing the image.
  • This camera has a dual memory card slot. You can add extra memory cards separately. At the same time, Canon R does not have a dual memory slot.

These were the updated feature of Canon r6 that made it a fantastic camera so you can select this one. If you want to check the price, then click the buttons below.


Similar features between the Canon R6 vs R

  • Both cameras have a weather-sealed option. This feature protects your device from upset weather.
  • Their screen can be flip-out. It’s useful for capture tricky shots.
  • They have a CMOS sensor. It provides better quality images.
  • They have a battery level indicator. Whenever the battery gets low, it will notify you.
  • 1-year warranty service. If the product gets damaged in this warranty period, then the company give you free service.
  • Both cameras have an external memory card slot. You can add an external memory card to your device.
SpecificationCanon R6Canon R
Editors Rating4.8 out of 54.7 out of 5
Product Dimension3.48 x 5.45 x 3.84 inches3.3 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches
Continuous shooting speed20 fps8 fps
ISO range204800102400
Sensor size20mp30mp
Weight3.13 pounds1.46 pounds
Screen size3 inches3.15 inches
Has an image stabilizationYesNo
Has dual card slotYesNo
Battery life360 shots370 shots
Has a battery level indicatorYesYes
Has a stereo microphoneNoYes
Support AVCHD formatYesNo
Has timelapse functionYesYes
Has a BSI sensorNoNO
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Similarities and Differences Between Canon R6 VS R

Design: Canon R6’s body weight is 3.13 pounds, and its external dimension is 3.48 x 5.45 x 3.84 inches. While Canon R’s body weight is 1.46 pounds, the external dimension is 3.3 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches. If you see the font size of these cameras, then you can see that both cameras have the same height and the width is 138mm and also with a thickness is 88mm, it is 4mm thicker than Canon R. Weight is another important factor when you want to carry it all day. Canon R is 20g lighter than Canon r6.

Display: A more prominent display give the user the best experience. This camera display size is 3 inches, and the Canon R display is 3.15 inches. You can also flip out the display to take a tricky shot. Your finger can operate both cameras. These devices have hot shoes that can attach an external flash, light meters, viewfinder, and other attachments.

Sensor: Canon R6 comes with a 20mp full-frame size CMOS sensor and features DEGIC X processors. Besides, its competitor has a 30 mp full-frame CMOS sensor. So, the canon R sensor provides 10mp more than Canon R6. Both cameras can offer the same level of control over the depth of the field.

Lenses: The number of lenses is a significant factor in choosing an ideal camera. Canon R6 and Canon R both cameras have 22 native lenses which cover the full-frame sensor. Canon R6 has optical image stabilization which is a significant advantage for professional photographers. On the other hand, Canon R does not have the image stabilization feature. You can buy an external lens that has an image stabilization feature.

Weather sealing: Both cameras have a weather sealing option in their body. So you can shot all day long. These devices are dustproof and water-resistant devices. They also have an electronic viewfinder feature.

Video: Canon R6 has 2x better video resolution that makes the video quality more sharp and clear. Both cameras have phase detection autofocus and support slow-motion video recording. Canon R6 has a continuous shooting speed of 20 fps, which means you can capture 20 images per second. On the other hand, Canon R has an 8fps continuous shooting speed, capturing 8 shots per second. This camera has a timelapse function.

Battery Life: Canon R gives you more battery life than Canon R6. It takes 370 shots at a single charge, while Canon R6 takes 360 photos. Both cameras have a battery level indicator that will inform you whenever the battery gets low. In the meantime battery gets damaged, then you can remove it, and you can recharge it.

Other features: Some extra features that make these cameras more updated. Canon R6 has a dual memory card slot that means you can use an external memory card, while Canon R does not have a dual memory card slot. Both devices can be operated remotely, and you can use your smartphone as a controller.

In the box: 

With Canon R6-

  • Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)
  • Canon LP-E6NH Lithium-Ion Battery (7.2V, 2130mAh)
  • Canon LC-E6 Charger for LP-E6 Battery Pack.
  • Canon R-F-5 Camera Cover.

With canon R-

  • Canon EOS R Body.
  • 1 x LP-E6N Battery.
  • LC-E6E Battery Charger.
  • Micro USB Cable.
  • Shoulder Strap.
  • RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM Lens.
  • Lens Case.
  • Lens Hood.

Final word: Canon R6 has a better feature than Canon R; I strongly recommend choosing the Canon R6.Otherwise, you can choose Canon, But you will not find those updated features present in Canon R6.

Frequently questions asked about Canon R6 and Canon R.

Where is the camera made?

The Camera company said it’s made in Japan.

Does this come with a Canon warranty?

It comes with a USA warranty.

Does this come with a lens hood?

The Canon EOS R6 does NOT come with a lens hood. The “high-end” RF lens, though, comes with it.

How large of a print can you achieve on your Canon R6 with it looking clear?

If the picture is taken correctly, you can go as big as you need, billboard size!

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