Canon t7 VS t7i

Canon t7 Vs t7i – Which Is the Best Canon DSLR Camera?


Canon t7 VS t7iHi, I am here to help you with choosing the best one from Canon t7 and t7i. Between these two I will suggest the Canon t7i, wanna know why? Okay, let’s get into the points.

Why Canon t7i would be the best choice?

  • It has 45 focus points, but Canon T7 has only 9 focus points. Hence, this device can maintain and track any moving subject better than its competitor. 
  • The Canon T7i has 4x higher maximum light sensitivity than the t7, t7 has only 12800 ISO sensitivity. It allows you to capture incredible images in any lighting situation. 
  • This DSLR allows you to capture more than 600 shots on a single charge, besides, the Canon t7 can click 500 photos on a charge. Since it has longer battery life so you don’t need to take the hassle of charging the camera frequently. 
  • This device gives you 2x better video quality compared to t7, it records videos at 60fps. But Canon t7 records at 30 fps.

These are the upgraded features on Canon T7i that made it a better camera than the previous one. If you are looking for a camera that will deliver you better performance then go with Canon T7i with your eyes closed.


Similar Feature

  • Both devices have removable batteries.
  • These devices support wifi.
  • They have an optical viewfinder.

Comparison chart of Canon rebel t7 vs t7i

SpecificationCanon t7Canon t7i
Editors Rating4.6 out of 54.8 out of 5
Weight1.04 pounds1.18 pounds
Dimension3.1 x 5.1 x 4 inches3 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches
Screen size3 inches2 inches
IOS range100-640025600
Max resolution24.1 megapixel24.2 megapixel
Optical zoom03x
Photo Sensor sizeAPS-HAPS-C
Video capture resolution1080p1080p
Compatible mountingCanon EFCanon EF-S
Lens TypeWide-angleWide-angle
Warranty1 Year1 Year

Differences and Similarities of Canon t7 and t7i


If we talk about the design, then both are almost the same design. There is little difference like Canon t7 is lighter than t7i. If you want a low-weight camera, then the Canon t7 is the best option for you. These devices give you 100% viewfinder coverage to compose the image correctly when you capture the photo. With Canon t7i, you can easily flip out the screen while the canon t7 camera does not function. You can not flip out the camera. If we judge them based on design, then Canon t7i is best for you.


Canon t7i is being built with newer technology. It provides you 24-megapixel sensors and 45 -point autofocus system, it’s the best feature on Canon t7i. This camera uses a new image processor, the digic7, low light sensitivity to a new high of ISO 51200, its gives a continuous shooting speed of 6 frames per second. Whereas Canont7 did not provide you with a 24mp sensor, it is not the same unit as the one in the t7i. It used older Digic 4 processors. This device is capable of pushing the IOS as high as 12800 -useable, autofocus is also underwhelming with just nine plus.

Connectivity and Interface

The external control is almost the same in both devices. But the placement of different buttons is not the same. This device uses a fully enunciated touchscreen, while the t7 has a fixed screen. Canon t7i offers you some unique features like it has a guide menu system that Canon calls feature assistance. It helps to get new users quickly. This camera specially designs for new generation photographers who grew up with smartphones. Besides, Canon T7 does not have this new technology. Both cameras have wifi and NFC for connecting systems connected with Canon’s mobile app, and the Canon T7i can cooperate with Bluetooth. While wifi is needed for transmitting photos, the Bluetooth connection lets you keep up the connection to the camera for using your phone as a wireless switch without having to go through a wifi connection method every time.

Image Quality

These cameras provide almost the same features, but that does not have the same sensors. Joint with the new processors, the t7i has an excellent image quality. It can reach higher IOS sensitivities. However, the dissimilation between the two is not as much. But a good quality lens makes a huge difference in the quality of images or videos. So for the professional photographer canon, t7i will be a better choice.


Both cameras can be shoot with full HD 1080p video quality. But t7i can do it up to 60 fps. In contrast, t7 can do it with 30 fps. Canon t7i has huge advantages like new sensor technology(dual pixel autofocus). Besides, the T7 does not have this dual-pixel system. For future assistance, Canon t7i is easier to use the Canon t7. If you’re a professional photographer, then T7i might be the easier camera to use.


This device gives you 600 shoots within one single charge, while Canon t7 gives you 500 shoots with a single charge. Both devices have a removable battery, and it’s also a rechargeable battery. This device gives you a battery-level indicator feature. Whenever the battery gets low, you can know it instantly.

Durability and warranty

Both devices are made from some strong material. So these are more durable for long use. Both devices give a 1-year warranty from the date of product collecting. In this period if you face any problem with the device, then you can contract with their site.

Final word

The above discussion shows you that the Canon t7i is the best camera than canon t7. It gives you more upgrade features, and it’s very easy to use. If you are okay without these advanced features, then the Canon t7 is the right one for you. Choose wisely what you need.

FAQ of Canon t7i vs t7

How long does the Canon t7i battery last?

The battery life of Canon t7 has lasted you through approximately 600 shoots in one single charge.

Is the Canon T7 good for video?

Its video quality is a little bit better, and it can be autofocus, but it does not capture smooth as Canon t7i gives.

How to connect Canon t7 to my computer for transforming photos?

  1. Make sure your Canon t7 is charged. 
  2. Be patient. Allow your computer to finish starting.
  3. Turn off wifi on Canon t7.
  4. Connect to USB Cable.
  5. Turn on the Camera.
  6. Start transferring.
  7. Choose the destination folder.

Does the Canon t7i shoot in 4k?

The Canon t7i does not shoot in 4k. You can shoot in HD only.

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