Chamberlain B1381 vs B970

Chamberlain B1381 vs B970 – Check Why We Recommend B1381!

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Chamberlain B1381 vs B970Chamberlain B1381 includes smart functions that make it better than Chamberlain B970. So, We highly recommend Chamberlain B1381 for you.

Why We Recommend Chamberlain B1381?

  • Chamberlain B1381 has an auto-lock feature, but the B970 doesn’t contain this impressive thing. As a result, you can open or close the garage door from anywhere you are, also, the myQ app will notify you if the door is open.
  • It uses 3,100 lumens of LED lighting so that you can see every corner of your garage. Besides, the B970 uses a regular bulb that cannot provide full garage coverage.
  • The safety sensor of B1381 automatically detects the obstructions, also, this will automatically reset itself. In contrast, the B970 safety sensor occasionally won’t reset itself.

These are the reasons we suggest the Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener for you. You may select the B970, but this won’t provide you with these handy features.


Similar Features

  • Chamberlain B1381 and B970B have built-in Wifi and the myQ app, so you open or close the garage door easily from anywhere.
  • They provide a 5 years warranty. As a result, you can use these openers for a certain period without worrying about their durability.
  • Both door openers come with a belt drive system that ensures reliable and smooth performance for years.
  • Both come with a remote control that will let you control, so it will be simple to control the openers from a certain distance.

Both openers come with these similar features which will provide the same facilities. But some advanced functions made Chamberlain B1381 the best choice here. If you prefer B970 then you can value your preference.

Quick Comparison: Chamberlain B1381 vs B970

SpecificationsChamberlain B1381Chamberlain B970
Editor’s rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Dimension 26.75 x 8.06 x 13.38 inches18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Auto-LockYes No
Light LedBulb 
myQ app Yes Yes 
Timer YesYes 
Drive System Belt Drive Belt Drive 
Built-in Wifi Yes Yes 
Power Voltage 120v120v
Timer Yes Yes
Motor power1.25 hp1.25 hp
Motion Detection YesYes
Remote Control Yes Yes 
Wireless KeypadYes Yes 
Warranty5 years on parts5 years on parts

Differences and Similarities: Chamberlain B1381 vs B970 

Wifi Enabled 

B1381 and B970 both are Wi-Fi-enabled, you can connect them to your home network. The Wifi enabled makes these devices very convenient to use because you can control them from anywhere you are. Also, these are myQ app compatible that can be installed on your smartphone or iOS.

The app is very handy when it comes to using the machine, it lets you open or close the door. Moreover, the B1381 will let you know if you leave the door open.

Furthermore, the built-in Wifi lets you connect your Chamberlain to the Google Assistant voice command, which is free for a lifetime. Both of them work with the Key by Amazon, Wink, and IFTTT. The IFTTT offers you to connect your favorite app plus device to create a complete custom schedule.

Installation Process

Generally, garage door openers required expert installation help. You can also install the machine if you want, but you should read the manual properly before walking through the installation. However, this may take 2+ hours to install.

You will need a wrench, drill, tape measure, wire cutter, screwdriver, and hammer, the common tools found in most homes for the installation process. Remember, if you are a newbie, you should take the help of a professional.

Motion Detection

The motion sensor on the door will automatically turn the garage door opener’s lights if a person walks in front of the door control. It will stay on for up to 5 minutes and then shut off automatically. Not all the Chamberlain has motion detection functions, fortunately, the Chamberlain B1381 and B970 include this.

Motor Power

These two Chamberlain is powered by 1/4 hp that is powerful enough to lift any material’s high garage door. They use a belt drive system that uses the max powerlifting system; it is considered the best in the world since many garage door openers use belt-driven.

However, these two can lift more than 650 pounds which is faster than others. These are steel-reinforced belt drives for smooth, strong, and quiet performance, which is ideal for the garages to have room beside or positioned above them.

Safety Sensor

You can find the safety sensor in the power unit with the machine. The sensor will detect any obstructions plus will reverse the garage door before any damages. The safety sensor function is not available on traditional garage door openers, but these two have this thing.

Wireless Keypad 

Chamberlain B1381 and B970 come with a wireless keypad as well that ensures extra protection against hacking and so on. It has Posilock anti-theft protection that assures the door is locked once it closes. The wireless program is easy to follow, plus it lets you set up the device within seconds.

Battery Backup

Another similar and convenient part of these openers is the battery backup. It lets you open or close the door during a power outage. You don’t need to wait for the power, instead, the built-in battery backup lets you open or close the machine. On the other side, most garage door openers don’t have battery backup, which is a major problem.

Remote Control

Both include two 3-button TriBand frequency remotes that have exclusive technology. The remote has a range of up to 1,500 feet which enables you to get in, and out of the garage for quicker entrance and exit, also, these two include the highest levels of encryption that prevent hacking. The remote lets you control three garages within 1,500 feet ranges.

Timer Function

Both Chamberlain devices have a timer which is a crucial feature. You can schedule your garage door opener when to open or close so that you don’t miss it. It’s a useful thing plus reduce your stress from closing the door.

Lights Function

Chamberlain B1381 provides you the best light than B970. It uses the latest 3,100 lumens LED lights that are fitted to the device, and the lighting will fill your entire garage. While its rival doesn’t include LED light, instead, it uses a regular bulb. If you want the best light, Chamberlain B1381 should be your choice.


They will provide you handy accessories with the Main Unit. You will get a battery backup, full-function wall control, two three-button remote and safety sensors, a Wifi DC belt drive garage door opener, a Wireless keypad, and a myQ control panel.


Chamberlain provides an impressive warranty on their garage door openers. The garage door parts are backed up by 5 years warranty, and accessories offer a one-year warranty, belt and motor have a lifetime warranty. If your device has any issues, you will get free service, but the warranty will not cover it if you damage any parts.


Chamberlain B1381 and B970 are wonderful devices that work efficiently. Both are great, but the B1381 includes a few advanced features that are missing in its rival. Since the B1381 has advanced functions, we strongly recommend you to select this one. And if you are seeking an affordable and doesn’t need these qualities in your machine, you can select the B970.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chamberlain B1381 and B970

Can I use Alexa to operate Chamberlain B1381?

No, it is not integrated with Alexa, but it is compatible with the myQ app that lets you control the machine.

Do they support a track-type garage?

Yes, both of them can be installed for the track-type garage door.

Is B1381 compatible with old Chamberlain sensors?

Yes, this will perfectly work with the old master sensors.

Where is the backup battery stored?

The battery backup is stored inside the overhead unit, and if you want to remove it, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Can I use push-button control?

Both units come with the remote control and wall button as well, so it’s your choice whichever you want to use.

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