Chamberlain B750 vs B970

Chamberlain B750 vs B970 – Check which is the best and why?

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Chamberlain B750 and B970 garage door openers are very convenient. Let’s read on their differences so that you get the best one.

What Are the Differences Between Chamberlain B750 and B970?

Chamberlain B750  Chamberlain B970
Chamberlain B750  Chamberlain B970
Chamberlain B750 doesn’t provide battery backup. Chamberlain B970 has battery backup.
The B750 garage door opener has a 3/4 HP motor.  It has a 1 1/4 HP motor. 
This is not built with timer function. The B970 has timer function.
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Chamberlain B970 garage door opener built with better features so that you can use the machine easily. Hence, I recommend this machine to you.

Why I Recommend Chamberlain B970?

  • Chamberlain B970 is equipped with 1 1/4 HP motor power which can lift up to 650 lbs. In contrast, the B750 has 3/4 hp that is able to lift up to 350 lbs only.
  • It has a battery backup in the main unit, allowing you to open or close your garage door during a power outage. On the contrary, B750 doesn’t provide any battery backup.
  • Both units are comparatively quiet, but the Chamberlain B970 is quieter than its rival.
  • It is built with a better control switch in the garage that has motion-sensing light, plus it has more function than the old one.
  • Chamberlain B970 timer to close works faster than the B750 version. Moreover, this will send you real-time notifications if the device detects anything.

As you can see, these two garage door openers are almost identical, but these features mentioned above made the B970 a better option than the B750. That’s why I strongly recommend it, plus you can consider the B970 for your home or commercial use.


Similar Features 

  • Chamberlain B750 and B950 have a belt drive system that ensures extra safety and smooth performance, basically ideal for attached garages.
  • Both are equipped with automatic lights-up functions that automatically turn lights on when motion is recognized.
  • These two come with built-in wifi and the MyQ app. So, you can open or close the door no matter where you are. Even it will notify you if the door remains open.
  • The B750 and B970 have motion-sensor functions. So, you can easily program the remote controls, keypads, and myQ lighting associates.

You will get these functions with both garage door openers. But if you want the best performance with improved features,, you have to go with Chamberlain B970.

Other Specifications Chart

Specifications Chamberlain B750  Chamberlain B970
Editor’s rating  4.4 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  26.7 x 13 x 8 inches 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Noise  Ultra Quiet  Ultra Quiet 
Motion Sensor Yes  Yes 
Soft Start / Stop Yes  Yes 
Timer to Close  Yes  Yes 
Automatic Lights Up  Yes  Yes 
Drive System  Belt drive  Belt drive
Built-in Wifi Yes  Yes
Support myQ App  Yes  Yes 
Belt System Drive Belt Drive Belt
Warranty  5 years  5 years 

Features and Benefits of Chamberlain B750 and B970

Motor Power 

Chamberlain B970 has better motor power compared to the B750. It has a super robust, reliable, and highest lifting capacity compared to the B790 power.

The device is also equipped with Anti-vibration technology that works in excessive cold, heat, or even humidity. It can lift up to 650 lbs, and this superior lifting performance is the highest lifting capacity in the industry.

On the other hand, the Chamberlain B750, equipped with the 3/4 HP, can lift up to 350 lbs.

App Compatible 

Fortunately, these two garage door openers have built-in wifi, so you can connect them to your home’s network. Moreover, Chamberlain devices are compatible with the MyQ app that lets you wirelessly control your opener.

You can share the myQ access with up to three people, and they can also open or close your garage.

The app is very handy; if the door is open, this will send you real-time notifications. If you are far away from your home, the app lets you control your garage door opener.

However, the MyQ app allows you to connect to the Google Assistant voice command, just ask the device, and this will follow your rule.

It also lets you access Wink, which helps lighting come on while you open the garage door. You can also connect the device to the IFTTT, the IFTTT enables you to access your favorite apps or devices and lets you schedule your opener.

Battery Backup 

Chamberlain B970 provides a battery backup, but the B750 doesn’t have this. It’s very helpful during a power outage or storm. If there is no electricity in your area, the backup lets you open your garage door without the help of a remote or the myQ app.

Easy to Install 

If you are an expert, you can easily install your Chamberlain within three hours. But if you are not an expert, you should hire a professional.

If you want to set up the device, you will need essential home tools like a hammer, screwdriver, wire cutter, and other tools.

You can also check online install videos, plus the devices provide programmable remotes, and snap-lock rail systems. These things make the installation process more straightforward than other devices.


Both Chamberlain devices are great when it comes to safety and security since they are equipped with the motion detection feature. Also, they have a pre-programmed remote, including the myQ app.

The remote provides security+ 2.0 that reassures your garage is secured every time. Also, with every remote click, the device will send you 100 billion unique codes to the opener.

Remote Control 

Chamberlain B750 and B950 come with two 3-button TriBand frequency remotes. It lets you open and closes the door whenever you need it.

The TriBand technology also boosts the remote ranges to 1,500 feet for quicker entrance and exit. Additionally, the remote has the world’s best security system that sends you more than 100 billion codes whenever you press the remote.

It helps prevent hacking which ensures you peace of mind. On the other hand, other traditional garage door openers don’t provide you with these handy functions.

Wireless Keypad 

If you don’t want to use the remote or MyQ app for your garage door opener, then the wireless keypad is a very handy. Chamberlain B750 and B970 also provide a wireless keypad that you can install outside of the garage door.

Like the Chamberlain remote, this also offers the same security system so that you can be tension-free. Also, the keypad has an anti-theft protection system that assures the door stays locked.

The wireless program is very simple to follow, and it takes a second to use the keypad.

Accessories Included

When it comes to accessories, the B750 and B970 provide the same handy items that let you start using the device right after you get them. Chamberlain offers you a keyless entry keypad, the main garage door opener unit, a rail kit unit, the remote control, wall control, and the safety sensor.


Chamberlain is made with the highest quality software and hardware so that they deliver you worry-free performance for many years to come. Also, they offer a convenient warranty on the garage door opener.

The motor and belt of B970 and B750 have a lifetime warranty, the parts provide five years warranty, and accessories have a one-year guarantee.

The Chamberlain warranty made them the most reliable devices in the industry rather than other devices.


You won’t purchase a garage door opener frequently; that’s why you should consider the best one, which is the Chamberlain B970. It is equipped with unique things that are not available on the B750. If you want the convenient one, you should consider the B970. But after all, you are going to use the device, so take your personal preference first and then make your best decision.

FAQ about Chamberlain B750 and B970

Do these units have wifi?

Chamberlain B750 and B970 are built with wifi; also, they are compatible with the MyQ app, so you can operate these devices from your smartphone.

Does B750 come with battery backup?

No, the B750 doesn’t come up with a battery backup, but the B950 provides a battery backup.

Do they work with Alexa?

No, these machines don’t support Alexa, but they work with Google Assistant.

Can I adjust the speed?

No, you cannot adjust the speed of these devices since these units are designed to open and close in 10 seconds, and the speed or logic board cannot be altered.

Will I get the timer to close with B950?

Yes, the B950 features a timer-to-close feature, and you can schedule your device’s opening or closing time via your smartphone.

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