Chamberlain RJO20 vs Liftmaster 8500

Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500 – Check which one is Best!

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Chamberlain RJO20 vs Liftmaster 8500Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster 8500 are well known for their service, but I suggest you select Liftmaster 8500.

Why do I suggest LiftMaster 8500?

  • The motion range is the main difference between these two garage door openers. LiftMaster 8500 is capable of opening the door from 5-6 houses away that is very convenient. In contrast, Chamberlain RJO20’s motion range is limited.
  • The pair of built-in wifi and the MyQ app lets you use LiftMaster very straightforwardly. On the other side, Chamberlain RJO20 loses its connection with the app though it has a separate MyQ device, and it has no built-in wifi option.
  • In terms of the installation of the machine, it is effortless, but the Chamberlain RJO20 is painful. So, you can install LiftMaster easily, even it is a space-saving machine too.
  • LiftMaster has a battery backup that helps to stay out of harm’s way with audio and visual alerts when the garage door is about to shut. Even, you won’t get stuck in the dark. On the contrary, RJO20 doesn’t have this amazing feature.

These fantastic and helpful features make LiftMaster 8500 the best choice. You can rely on this with your eyes closed and if you love it plus want to check its best price, just click the button below.


Similarities Between Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster 8500

  • Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster 8500 are compatible with the MyQ app that helps to open or close them efficiently from anywhere.
  • They have DC motors that ensure reliable and powerful performance.
  • Both come with a wall-mount design, and the maximum weight capacity is 650 pounds.
  • Both turn on the light while entering the garage. So, they activate the light whenever you enter the room.

You will get these useful functions with them. But if you want the best performance with advanced features then you have to go with LiftMaster 8500.

Comparison Chart

Specification Chamberlaine RJ20Liftmaster 8500
Editor’s Rating4.5 Out of 54.8 Out of 5
Dimensions6.85 x 6.01 x 16.2524 x 10 x 12
Maximum Weight Capacity650lbs650lbs
Drive TypeDirectDirect
Smart Phone ControlYesNo
Battery BackupNoNo
Built-in WiFiYesNo
Security LockYesYes
Homelink CompatibleYesYes
Soft Start/StopYesYes
Timer To ControlYesYes
Auto Light Turn OnYesYes
Maximum Door Height14ft14ft
Maximum Door Weight18ft18ft
Accessories Warranty1 Year1 Year
Parts Warranty5 Years5 Years
Motor Warranty LifetimeLifetime

Difference and Similarities Between Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster 8500


The motors in both LiftMaster 8500 and Chamberlain RJO20 are DC motors. So, these two come with a good quality motor. A DC motor gives you smooth management of your garage door. Therefore the door opener is noiseless. Also, the motors are powerful and durable at service. These motors make these two a preferable garage door opener.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum capacity in both of these garage door openers is the same. They both can lift up to 650 pounds. The Chamberlain RJO20 is specially made for big and heavy garage doors. The Liftmaster 8500 opens the door 7.6 inches in a second. It is a plus point in LiftMaster 8500.

Smartphone Control

Both are compatible with the MyQ app that is very convenient when it comes to operating the machines. LiftMaster also has built-in wifi that is not available on Chamberlain RJO20. The built-in WiFi option allows it to work with the MyQ app of your smartphone. It permits you to manage your opener from your smart mobile phone. So, you can operate it on your phone from far away. This option is a must-have option in a garage door nowadays.

Automatic Garage Door Lock

These two garage door openers from LiftMaster and Chamberlain come with an automatic garage door lock. This feature assures you to lock your garage door after closing it. It works as a time saver for you. This feature makes managing your garage door effortless and more straightforward. And the lock feature is essential for safety issues.


Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster have another similar feature, and that is the timer. These two have a Timer To Close feature for the garage door openers. So, you can set the timer any time you want and close your garage from being away from it. It is really an essential feature when you may be busy or have to multitask.

Auto Light Turn On 

This auto light turns on offers you another user-friendly feature. The light turns on immediately after the opening of the garage door. It is a convenient feature as most garages are windowless. Chamberlain RJO20 and Liftmaster 8500 both have this feature to offer you.


These two garage door openers come with a warranty of one year on the accessories. And a five-year warranty for the parts of the garage door openers and a lifetime warranty for the motor. These warranties are a good deal for garage door openers.


In the end, it is visible how these two are excellent garage door openers for you. Where LiftMaster 8500 comes with some additional features to make your garage door opener experience better. So why choose the machine with fewer features. Get yourself the better one and make good use of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500

Does Chamberlain RJO20 come with a backup battery?

No, Chamberlain RJO20 does not come with a backup battery.

What is the maximum weight capacity of LiftMaster 8500?

The maximum weight capacity of Liftmaster 8500 is 650 pounds.

What is the weight of Chamberlain RJO20?

The weight of the Chamberlain RJO20 is 31 pounds.

Does the LiftMaster 8500 come with built-in WiFi?

No, Liftmaster 8500 does not come with a built-in WiFi option.

Does Chamberlain RJO20 come with a motion sensor?

No, Chamberlain RJO2o does not come with a motion sensor.

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