chicco myfit vs britax frontier

Chicco Myfit vs Britax Frontier – Check & Pick the best one!

Baby Car Seat

chicco myfit vs britax frontierChicco Myfit and Britax frontier are both booster car seats that will perfectly fit any car, but some impressive features made Britax frontier a better choice here.

The Impressive Features of Britax frontier!

  • Side protection ability is an essential feature for a baby, and this booster seat comes with two layers of side protection measurements. Whereas Chicco MYfit has a medium level of side protection and safety.
  • Britax Frontier can carry 40 pounds of toddlers to 120 pounds of big children. Even ten years of children easily fit in here. But, Chicco Myfit comes with a holding capacity of 100 pounds on its maximum standard.
  • Britax frontier has 9 positions of harness and headrest adjustability that allows more comfort for your baby. But Chicco Myfit offers fewer headrest positions than this one.
  • Both booster seats have a friendly adjustable torso system. However, accessing the Britax frontier is relatively more comfortable than the other one. 
  • This Britax frontier’s seat installation system is also more straightforward than the Chicco Fit car seat because it arrives with a patented chick-tight system.  

All these major differences made Britax frontier the best option here. If you are satisfied with all those features of this baby seat and want to know the price, simply press the button below.


Similar Features

  • The orientation system of those two items is forward-facing characters.  
  • They are manufactured with high-quality mesh fabric. That is why it is so soft and comfortable for your baby. 
  • The body material is manufactured of steel. Therefore, it is very long-lasting. 
  • They are designed for the unisex gender. Children feel a lot of comfort and safety in this car seat.  
Specifications Chicco Myfit Britax frontier 
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches21 x 19 x 28 inches
Weight 25 Pounds24.9 pounds
Product orientation Forward-facing Forward-facing 
Latch installation system Yes Yes (Click tight) 
Adjustable torso Yes (57 inches) Yes 57 (inches) 
Headrest capability Yes (9-positions) Yes (9-positions)  
Sideway protection Yes (regular) Yes (double layers) 
Manufactured materials Mesh fabric Mesh fabric 
Body frame Steel Steel 
Minimum weight recommendation  25 pounds 40 pounds
Maximum weight recommendation 100 pounds 120 pounds 
Style Booster car seat Booster car seat 
Maximum height recommendation 57 inches 57 inches 
Gender Unisex Unisex 
Harness type 5-point 5-points 
Care Handwash Machine/hand wash 

Comparison of features between Chicco Myfit and Britax frontier


Product dimension has some dissimilarities here. Britax frontier comes in a little smaller size than the other. It has a size range of 21 x 19 x 28 inches. Whereas the Chicco Myfit comes in a dimension of 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches. 

However, weight is an essential thing to consider as having lightweight is very manageable to carry. Britax frontier is 24.9 pounds. But the other one is slightly heavier than this, and it weighs 25 pounds. 


Both of them possess different kinds of capacity. Generally, people look to find out the large capacity holder one. Because bigger-sized babies get fit on a big holding car seat, both minimum and maximum capacity sectors favor the Britax frontier. The minimum weight recommendation of this car seat is 40 pounds. And the maximum limit is 120 pounds. That is a perfect combination of maximum and minimum capacity range. 

Here, Chicco Myfit has a minimum weight range of 25 pounds. The highest limit of this car seat is 100 pounds. So, it offers 20 pounds less than its competitor. 

Installation system 

Those items’ latch installation system is straightforward and quick. It only requires a little time to be turned into a different position. Yet, the installation system of the Britax frontier is easily accessible compared to the alternative one.

Headrest and sideway protection

You will get a high-quality headrest facility with those car seats. Moreover, the sidewalk is also very, very good. Britax frontier brings in a more advantageous position than the competitor with double layers sideway protection. That allows your independent child to be more active. 

Product care 

When it comes to caring about the baby car seat, the Britax frontier can put on the washing machine, but the Chicco Myfit is not washable. The Chicco Myfit is only suited for hand wash. As the Britax frontier provides easy to wash, you can choose this one. 


Both car seats appear with an all-time reparable warranty clause. Plus, you will get a 30 return policy obtaining those items from amazon. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Because having this kind of warranty clause increases the using range of the product. 


My final verdict will be in favor of the Britax frontier. Overall this car seat is a perfect one for a little toddler to a ten years old kid. All the essential features are there. On the opposite side, Chicco Myfit also has some magnificent functionalities. But it will not be able to overtake the Britax frontier. 

Frequently asked questions about Chicco Myfit and Britax frontier

Question: Can I get cup holders?

Yes, both car seats have dual-sided cup holders. Especially Britax frontier’s cup holders also are used as a space for putting your light snacks. The cup holders are designed in a space-saving manner.

Question: Which one has a better installation system?

Both car seats here have a nice and easy installation system. But the click-tight installation system of the Britax frontier is amazing. It is very easily accessible. 

Question: How much is the height of that back torso?

You will get an adjustable torso system with these car seats. You can extend the back torso of this car seat up to 57 inches tall and the button of that car seat can shorten this torso.   

Question: Can I remove the cover of this car seat? 

Yes, this cover is removable. It can be removed pretty easily, without getting into any hassle. 

Question: What is the armrests facility? 

The armrest is manufactured with soft mesh padded fabric. Also, the armrest’s height is very adjustable. This thing is very satisfying for the children. 

Question: Tell me the air passing ability of those car seats? 

The breathability of these car seats is top class. The main material is made with soft mesh fabric. It is famously recognized for its great air passing ability. As well as the lasting ability of this fabric is great. So, using this for a longer period will not cause any harm to your baby. 

Question: Is the backless booster option available? 

Yes, Both car seats can be used as a backless booster. It just needs several steps to be removed. Simply follow the user manual to complete your wish.   

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