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Chicco Myfit vs Myfit le – Grab the Best Convertible Car Seat!

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Chicco Myfit vs Myfit leChicco Myfit and Myfit le are two great car seats for the baby, but among them, Chicco My Le has some special features that made it the best choice.

What Features Make Chicco Myfit Le Best Car Seat?

  • Chicco Myfit Le comes with a facility of duo guard 2-layers rigid shell side impact protection. But Chicco Myfit only has a single-layered side impact protection ability.
  • The energy-absorbing steel-reinforced frame of the Chicco Myfit le is way better than the normal steel constructed frame of Chicco Myfit.
  • Premium connectors and a super cinch tightened latch installation system of the Chicco Myfit le are very easy to handle. In contrast, Chicco Myfit comes with a regular latch installation system.
  • Chicco Myfit le has a fantastic storage console that helps to take extra necessary things for your child with you. Unfortunately, Chicco Myfit doesn’t offer this useful feature.

All those special abilities of the Chicco Myfit Le car seat have made it a proper one, so you can consider this baby car seat. To check their price just click the buttons below.


Similar features of Chicco Myfit vs Myfit le convertible car seats.

  • They come with two dishwasher-safe cup holders.
  • Both car seats have an easy latch installation system.
  • Beautiful and safe armrest facility for the users.
  • They are protected and well secured for your baby.
Specifications Chicco Myfit Chicco Myfit le
Editor’s rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Dimensions 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches 21 x 18 x 27 inches
Minimum weight recommendation 25 pounds 30 pounds
Maximum weight recommendation 100 pounds 110 pounds
Minimum height recommendation 57 inches 57 inches
Headrest position 9-positions 9-positions
Recline positions 4-positions 4-positions
Extra storage No Yes
Cup holders Yes (Dual sided) Yes (dual sided)
Latch installation system Yes Yes
Side protection Yes (single) Yes (double)
Armrest facility Yes Yes
Warranty Yes (7-years) Yes (7-years)
Target gender Unisex Unisex
Frame type Steel Steel
Harness points 5-points 5-points

Comparison of features between Chicco Myfit vs Myfit le

Size and shape

They come in a similar sizes and shapes. Here, the dimension of Chicco Myfit le is slightly smaller than Chicco Myfit. This car seat appears in a dimension of 21 x 18 x 27 in. Whereas the Chicco Myfit arrives in a dimension of 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches.

Also, the height of the back torso is 57 inches. They arrive in the same height adjustment. Moreover, the back torso is easily adjustable. You can extend or reduce the height of the back torso according to the size of the baby.


Chicco Myfit le offers more than Chicco Fit car seats. The minimum weight capacity of this car seat is 30 pounds. Whereas, the Chicco Myfit is only capable of taking 25 pounds on the minimum weight condition. As well as the maximum weight limit of this car seat is 100 pounds. But you will get 110 pounds of carrying capacity with Chicco Myfit le.

Headrest positions

They offer similar headrest positions. It has 9-different types of headrest systems. A child can enjoy all the positions because it gives extra relief to the kid. They will not feel any stress sitting on the convertible car seats.


Both car seats are very safe and well decorated. Dual-sided armrest facility for the softer screen of the baby. 4 different reclining positions are very secure. It provides perfect adjustment to your baby. Car seats are USA protection standard tested. Dual-sided impact protected with double layers of padding has the Chicco Myfit Le more suitable than the competitive one.

Installation system

The car seat comes with a latch installation system developed with a lock sure belt-tightening system. It makes the installation system very easy. You can single-handedly turn the chair into different recline positions.


Chicco provides 7 years of repairable warranty with the car seats. The warranty counts from the manufacturing date of the item. Also, Amazon provides a 30 days return policy for taking the items from their website.


Chicco Myfit is a convertible car seat that meets the satisfaction level of the users. However, in some sections, this car seat does have some limitations. To fulfill this one’s missing features, Chicco Myfit Le arrived in the market, a great car seat. This car seat developed itself as the proper convertible seat for your newborn baby. So, the final standing remains in favor of Chicco Myfit Le.

Frequently asked questions of Chicco Myfit vs Myfit le

Question: Do the armrest adjustable?

Answer: Yes, the height of the armrest is easily adjustable. They are made with softshell fabric. Very soft nature has made them comfortable for children. They are covered up with extra padded foam.

Question: Can I eliminate the cupholders?

Answer: No, the cup holders are not removable. But they are manufactured with a space-saving shape. You adjust them from one side of the position to another. It is effortless to turn into different positions. Also, it is covered up for providing extra protection.

Question: Are these car seats breathable?

Answer: Yes, they are manufactured to have great air passing ability. The energy-absorbing foam of Chicco Fit car seats is worldwide well known for its great air transpiring ability. Also, the foam is very health protective. Children can sit on the convertible car seat for a long period without undergoing any additional warmth.

Question: Can I return the older one?

Answer: If you purchase the car seat from Amazon, then the return policy will work. This clause only works on a 30 days limitation of time. So, after crossing the time limit, the car seat can not be returned. But you will get repairable service from the manufacturing company for at least seven years.

Question: Is this air travel compatible?

Answer: Well, in a backless mode, airline travel is possible. But the regular size exceeds the minimum length of airline travel. So, you have to decide whether you make the travel with a backless mode on an airline or not.

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