chicco nextfit vs graco extend2fit

Chicco Nextfit vs Graco Extend2fit – Check why Nextfit is Better!

Baby Car Seat

chicco nextfit vs graco extend2fitChicco Nextfit and Graco Extend2fit are two high-quality baby car seats, but I suggest you select Chicco Nextfit because it has more improved features.

The Improved Feature of Chicco Nextfit!

  • Chicco Nextfit has a zip-off padding system, which is very soft and provides comfort to your baby. Also, Nextfit is machine washable; besides, Extend2fit is not machine washable, so it’s a little bit tough to clean.
  • It features the LockSure seat belt-tightening, SuperCinch LATCH tightener, and 9-position ReclineSure leveling system for easy installation. On the other hand, the Extend2fit is relatively tough to install.
  • The seat is protected with Superior DuoGuard with a deep rigid shell. Also, it features EPS energy-absorbing foam to provide comfort to your baby. But Extend2fit doesn’t have this feature.
  • Nextfit comes with a CupFolder that is space-saving and dishwasher-safe. In contrast, Extend2fit doesn’t come with this option.

These were the major features that made Chicco Nextfit better than Gracco Extend2fit. If you want to learn more about this car seat and want to check the price, then just click the button below.


Similar Features

  • Both car seats have easy and straightforward latch installation systems that allow you to optimize them one-handedly.
  • They have nine positions headrest facility which makes them safe and protective for your newborn baby.
  • The adjustment system of those car seats is the same. Both have forward and rear-facing functionality that accommodates your growing child nicely.

You get these facilities no matter which one you buy. But if you best service with improved functions then you have to go with Chicco Nextfit.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Chicco Nextfit  Graco extend2fit 
Editor’s rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions 21 x 19 x 29.2 inches22.1 x 19.2 x 25.2 inches
Weight 25.1 pounds 19 pounds 
Orientation Forward faring, Rear-facing Forward faring, Rear-facing 
Minimum weight range 5 pounds 4 pounds 
Maximum weight range 40 pounds 65 pounds 
Product style NextFit Zip2-in-1
Headrest capabilityYes (9-positions) Yes (9-positions) 
Latch installation system Yes Yes 
Built-in infant insert Yes Yes 
Water bottle holders No Yes (dual-sided) 
Legroom space Medium Large ( extra 5 inches) 
Specific gender Unisex Unisex 
Product care Machine washable Machine washable 
Removable seat pads Yes Yes (easy) 
Warranty Yes (repairable) Yes (repairable) 

Differences and Similarities between Chicco Nextfit and Graco Extend2fit


Graco extend2fit is slightly slimmer than Chicco Nextfit. It possesses a dimension of 22.1 x 19.2 x 25.2 inches. As this car seat is slim enough, it can be stored in a very little place. The space-saving design allows this flexibility for this seat. Chicco Nextfit appears in a size of 21 x 19 x 29.2 inches. It is not manufactured in a space-saving shape. 

Product weight and style 

Parents prefer lightweight car seats instead of heavier ones. Replacing a lightweight car seat is easy. In this product weight section, Graco extend2fit gained its rare achievement. Because this car seat has weights of 19 pounds only, that is made on a 2-in-1 car seat model. At the same time, the opposite one’s style is Nextfit zip. It is heavier to carry. This product weighs 25.1 pounds.   


Graco extend2fit appears in a larger holding capacity. It can take up to 65 pounds in its highest range. The minimum capacity range is 4 pounds only. That is a perfect capacity for a newborn toddler. Parents can take assistance to take their baby on this car seat. Unfortunately, the minimum capacity of Chicco Nextfit is 5 pounds. So, a very smaller-sized baby will not fit here. Also, the maximum capacity of this product is only 40 pounds. I don’t think that’s a proper fit for nicely weighted children.  


Since children always move independently in sitting positions, so considering safety is a must. Fortunately, both car seats come with proper side protection and headrest protection. Built-in belts will keep your baby tightly attached to the seat. 

Legroom space 

Graco extend2fit has a nice large leg room for your baby. This booster seat has 5 inches of extended legroom than all other seats. Children can move up their legs freely in that extended room.

Seat orientation 

Both car seats have the same orientation system. They offer forward-facing and rear-facing options. They have four different places. Also, you will get a 9-positions headrest facility with them. Sideway protections are also excellent and protective.

Baby seat care 

This product care is straightforward and manageable. All the seat pads of those seats can be easily removed. You can take assistance from a washing machine to clean up this thing. Just use normal water because boiled water may damage the surface of this thing.


Graco provides ten years of customer support from the manufactured date. You will get a repairable facility for your product in case any damage arises at this time. Also, the Chicco Nextfit has a repairable warranty clause. Furthermore, you will get a 30 days return policy by obtaining your car seat here from amazon. 


As a baby carrying a car seat, parents want a softshell outer face. The minimum weight capacity is a major issue. Everyone tries to get the most maximum capacity holder seat for their big baby. Undoubtedly, you will get everything with Chicco Nextfit car seats. Therefore, you can choose this car seat for your baby. However, Graco extend2fi can be a great alternative to this one at a lower price.    

Frequently asked questions of Chicco Nextfit and Graco Extend2fit

Can I make airline travels on those car seats?

Yes, they have airline travel permission. But don’t use the rear-facing option making air travel. The backless booster seat is the perfect position for making your journey better and safe.

Which allows cup holders functionality?

Graco extend2fit comes with space-saving dual-sided cup holders. That is a proper space for tiffin or snacks. Unfortunately, Chicco Nextfit doesn’t include this great functionality. It has a one-sided water bottle holder space. 

What is the installation system of those car seats? 

They come with a latch installation system. This is a handy functionality for them. To recline the position of your car seat, just press the latch button. 

Can I find the expiration date on the product? 

Yes, the manufactured date is mentioned on the product.  

How much is the height of the back torso? 

It is very easily extendable. It can be extended to 57 inches. Also, you can minimize the height of that torso according to your need. That is a nice one to have.

Age-limited recommendation?

It depends upon the weight of your baby. Because the maximum recommendation is 65 of Graco Extend2fit, so, it fits well to 5 years olds. On the opposite side, Chicco Nextfit has the highest capacity of 40 pounds. So, it will be a perfect fit for a four years old kid. 

Can I buy an extra seat pad?

No, this is a fixed item of this car seat. So, you need to get a new one to fill up your desire. 

Can I get a built-in infant insert?

Yes, both car seats come with a built-in infant insert. It is very easily removable.   

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