Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon – Find Out the Best One!

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Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 CarbonDell XPS 13 and Lenovo X1 Carbon laptops are integrated with quality properties to take your experience to another level. But between them, the Dell XPS 13 could be your best bet. So, you can select this laptop.

Why Should You Select the Dell XPS 13?

  • The XPS 13 combines with the 11th Gen Core i7 processor compared to its competitor’s 10th Gen Intel i7. It boosts your laptop and turns it into a beast so that you can do everything seamlessly. Also, it makes the device 1.5x faster than Lenovo. 
  • Dell XPS 13 has Intel Iris Xe Graphics which is four times better than Lenovo X1 Carbon’s UHD graphics. The graphics enable you to get a 3D experience while watching. 
  • It has a 13 inches touch screen, whereas the other one comes up with a 14 inches display, but it doesn’t have a touch feature. Thus, you will be more productive during work because the touch function helps you finish the job quicker. 
  • The XPS 13’s memory speed is 4.2GHz. Besides, the X1 Carbon can process data at 1.8GHz. Therefore, it can read data faster than Lenovo also makes multitasking more effortless, as a result, since you don’t need to wait for much to load data. 

These features made the Dell XPS 13 extremely good for any task, so you can choose this device with your eyes closed. 


Similar Features of Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo X1 Carbon

  • These two have a backlit illuminated keyboard which helps you to be a more productive person. That’s because you can see each key in the dark environment or in lower light. 
  • The XPS 13 and X1 Carbon are equipped with Windows 10 Pro operating system. This OS version keeps your device safe plus makes sure you can do any job smoothly. 
  • Both deliver a limited one-year warranty from the date you register that works against any manufacturer defects. 

Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon Comparison Table 

Specifications Dell XPS 13 Lenovo X1 Carbon
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Processor  11th Gen Core i7 10th Gen Intel i7-10510U
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics Intel UHD Graphics
Battery Life 8 hours Approximately  19.5 hours 
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 1 TB
Weight  2.80 pounds 2.4 pounds
Touch Screen Yes No
Display  13 inches  14 inches 
Backlit Illumination Keyboard Yes Yes
Dimension 7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches ‎12.71 x 8.54 x 0.59 inches
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Similarities & differences between Lenovo X1 Carbon and Dell XPS 13 


You will get the best performance from the Dell XPS 13 because it is integrated with the 11th Gen Core i7 and Intel Iris Xe Graphics. This combination makes your experience easier, faster, and smoother as it is 1.5x faster than its competitor. 

On the other side, the Lenovo X1 Carbon features a 10th Gen Intel i7-10510U processor that works with Intel UHD Graphics. The processor and graphics of the Lenovo make it straightforward to use and also boost the device’s speed. 

Additionally, Dell XPS 13 makes multitasking a breeze and is very responsive rather than Lenovo X1 Carbon. That’s why we strongly recommend this to you.

Storage Capacity 

Both devices combine the 16 GB RAM, but they have different Hard disk sizes. The XPS 13 includes 512 GB of internal storage, whereas the X1 Carbon offers up to 1TB. 

But you can add a second SSD on the XPS 13 because it has an additional M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe slot. Unfortunately, the X1 Carbon doesn’t have an extra slot, but its 1TB gives plenty of space for you. 

However, Dell can render data quicker than Lenovo since it has a 4.2GHz memory speed while Lenovo’s speed is 1.8Ghz. 

Battery life 

These two offer long-lasting power so that you can be productive on the go. But Lenovo is slightly better in terms of battery life. It can stay for 19.5 hours with a single charge, while Dell offers 8 hours of backup. 

Moreover, Lenovo has a rapid charge feature that boosts the battery life by 80% within an hour. But the Dell doesn’t come with this incredible feature, yet its 8 hours backup is sufficient for you, we guess. 

The actual battery life depends on how you use the device, yet if you need more battery life, you can go with the Lenovo. 


Dell XPS 13 has an Anti-Glare touchscreen with 500 nits brightness. At the same time, the Lenovo X1 Carbon is built with a 14 inches non-touch 400 nits brightness display. 

However, both 500 and 400 nits brightness of these devices brings true tone color so that you can see everything in detail. You will be immersed in movies or games as they deliver deep contrast so that the content comes alive with breathtaking details. 

In addition, the XPS 13 and X1 Carbon reduce the blue lights so that they cannot harm your eyes.


You will be very productive with these laptops as they are built with a backlit illuminated keyboard. The keys are very responsive. Also, you can see every key in the dark or a lower light environment. Thus it helps you be a very productive person. 


These two laptops are easier to carry on the go due to their lightweight. The XPS 13 is 2.80 pounds, while the X1 Carbon is 2.4 pounds. 

Talking about their dimensions, Dell is 7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches, while Lenovo’s measurement is ‎12.71 x 8.54 x 0.59 inches. 


Both are equipped with a limited one-year warranty that will cover manufacturer defects on the laptop. But if you damage any parts, then they won’t cover it. Also, to get the free repair service, you have to purchase the device from an authorized store. However, Dell and Lenovo deliver international guarantees. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you have understood why we mention the Dell XPS 13 as the best choice for you. Yet if you can’t decide, let us tell you it has a faster processor plus graphics included. Also, it can read memory data quicker than the Lenovo X1 Carbon. So you can depend on this device with your eyes closed. 

But you can go with the Lenovo X1 Carbon, but it is more pricey than the XPS 13. If you can afford it, then select this either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

What is the OS version of the Lenovo X1 Carbon?

It is combined with the Windows 10 Pro 64 OS. 

Can I add another monitor with the Dell XPS 13?

Yes, this laptop has 2 Type-C ports, so you can add another monitor with it. 

Is the Lenovo 7th or 8th Gen?

Lenovo X1 Carbon is an 8th Gen device. 

Can XPS 13 run dual drives?

Yes, it can run dual drives, plus there is an additional M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe slot that lets you add a second SSD. 

Do they provide an international warranty?

Yes, Dell and Lenovo offer international warranty from the date you register.

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