Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook Air

Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook Air – Which Laptop is the Best?

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Dell XPS 13 vs MacBook AirI choose the MacBook Air 13 to compare with the Dell XPS 13. Both are very popular choices, but between them, the MacBook Air 13 is the best

Why is the MacBook 13 the best?

  • The MacBook Air 13 is designed with the Apple M1 chip, which brings industry-leading power efficiency. While the Dell XPS 13 includes a 4.8 GHz core i7 that gives slower speed. However, the M1 chip is 3.5x faster than any device lets you do intensive tasks just like professional-quality.
  • It is built with the Apple 8-core GPU, besides, the XPS 13 has Intel Iris Xe Graphics. The Apple graphics provide up to 5x faster graphics function than others. 
  • The Air 13 offers 18 hours of battery life whereas the XPS 13 has 8 hours backup. Hence, you can go longer with this device than you think.
  • MacBook 13 combines with the macOS system that makes the entire system snappier. This operating system instantly comes from sleep mode. At the same time, the XPS 13 has Windows 10 OS, which cannot deliver outstanding performance. 
  • The device is packed with a Retina display that brings lifelike colors, makes texts sharper plus clear. But its competitor has an FHD+ display. Additionally, the MacBook will automatically adjust the color according to your time zone to make it easier for the eyes. 
  • You will find a three-microphone array on this device, unlike the XPS 13. The mics focus on your voice rather than considering what’s going around you.
  • MacBook Air 13 has one Touch ID, while the rival doesn’t include any feature like this. You just need to use your fingerprint to access things, buy an app or rent a movie, and much more.
  • The Air 13 works quietly because it doesn’t include fans like the XPS 13’s intel devices. It’s just air to give you a noiseless experience.
  • It is combined with the high-end features, but the Air 13 is less pricey than the XPS 13. People who have a budget issue can grab this device. 

With the MacBook Air 13, you never experience “not responding” issues or overheating. If you need a faster, much-capable laptop, gives a longer battery, runs cooler than the MacBook Air 13 would be a solid buy for you.


Similar Features 

  • The MacBook Air 13 and XPS 13 come up with a backlit magic keyboard so that you can work in a lower-light environment. 
  • Both devices are very reliable to carry because they are only 2.8 pounds. 
  • You will get Wifi 6 that keeps these laptops going strong.
  • They feature a limited one-year warranty that offers you free repair against manufacturer damages. 

Dell Xps 13 and Macbook Air: Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications Dell Xps 13  MacBook Air
Editors’ Rating 4.7 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Processor 4.8 GHz core i7 Apple M1
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics Apple 8-core GPU
Operat­ing System Windows 10 macOS
Touch ID No Yes 
Three-mic array No Yes
Battery Life 8 hours  18 hours 
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 256GB
Audio Stereo speakers
  • Stereo speakers
  • Dolby Atmos playback
Keyboard Backlit Magic Keyboard Backlit Magic Keyboard
Display Size  13 Inches  13 Inches 
Display Technology  Retina  FHD+  Touch
Dimension  7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches 11.97 x 0.63 x 8.36 inches
Size  2.80 lbs 2.8 Pounds
Wireless Wifi 6 Wifi 6
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year 

Differences and Similarities between the Dell Xps 13 vs Macbook AirPerformance 

If you dream of having a laptop device that doesn’t have a “not responding” issue or hangs overheating, instead of giving you seamless performance from the beginning, then MacBook Air 13 is the way to go. 

It is packed with the Apple M1 chip, including Apple 8-core GPU and macOS. The Apple chip gives 3.5x faster speed, while the GPU offers 5x faster graphics performance. And the Mac OS speeds up the device plus makes it very responsive so that you get all the power to do the job. 

Dell XPS 13 has Windows 10 OS with 4.8 GHz core i7 processor and 

Intel Iris Xe Graphics. These configurations for a PC are very convenient, but this is not responsive as the MacBook. 

Battery Life 

The MacBook Air is built with a 49.9-watt polymer battery that delivers up to 18 hours of playback on the Apple TV app. Furthermore, it gives 15 hours of backup for web browsing. 

Dell XPS 13, on the other hand, can last for 8 hours while streaming the 4K model and 14 hours on the FHD+ model. 

Therefore, the MacBook Air 13 is the winner in the battery backup, so you can consider this laptop.


Both have a 13-inches display with anti-reflective properties. XPS 13 has an FHD display, while the Air 13 comes with Retina technology. As a result, both can give you sharp and vibrant colors than ever. Also, the screen is highly scratch-resistant to ensure durability. 

However, the XPS 13 is a touch screen display, but the Air 13 is not. 

In contrast, the MacBook Air 13 display can automatically adjust the brightness to your location. Unfortunately, XPS 13 cannot adjust the brightness. 


The XPS 13 and Air 13 are built with a magic backlit keyboard to make you very productive because you can see the key in the lower light environment or in a dark room. So that you can type effectively with the backlit keyboard. 


MacBook Air 13 built with 8GB RAM, including 256GB storage. In addition, the storage is configurable to 2TB that will give you 2x faster performance. 

While Dell XPS 13 delivers 16GB RAM with 512GB storage that also can be configured to 2TB. Though XPS 13 has larger storage, you will get the best performance from the Air 13. 


In terms of the accessories, both devices are almost the same. With the main laptop, these two provide a power adapter and charge cable. Not to mention, you will also get a user manual with them.

Size & Weight 

The size is slightly different in both devices, but the weight of the Air and XPS 13 is 2.80 lbs. MacBook Air 13 is 11.97 x 0.63 x 8.36 inches while the XPS 13 dimension is 7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches. You can easily carry and take both devices on the go since they are very lightweight than other traditional laptops. 

Other Features 

Both support Wifi 5 that is very fast to make your experience stronger. Moreover, they have Thunderbolt that meets the versatility. It enables the data transfer more quickly, and you can charge your device at the same time with just a single port. 


You will be provided a limited one-year warranty from the XPS 13 or Air 13. The warranty will cover manufacturer defects on the laptop but won’t repair the PC if you damage anything. 

Anyhow, the XPS 13 also offers a 60-days home trial period, and you can return the device within this time if it doesn’t suit your preference. 


MacBook Air 13 is worth every penny because it has the best graphics, processor, battery life, and OS, among other features. This works more seamlessly than XPS 13 and won’t make noise. Additionally, it is a budget-friendly laptop, so you can go with this. 

And if money is not a big factor for you, you can grab the Dell XPS 13, but this won’t work like the MacBook Air. That’s why our recommendation is the MacBook Air 13. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell Xps 13 vs Macbook Air

Can I use a 4k external monitor with the MacBook Air?

Yes, the MacBook Air 13 supports a 4K external monitor, so you can use it. 

Does the MacBook come with a charger?

Yes, they provide a 30W USB-C power adapter, including a USB-C charger cable.

What is the weight of these devices?

Both MacBook Air 13 and XPS 13 have 2.80 lbs weight that is very lightweight and reliable to carry. 

Does the XPS 13 have Thunderbolt 4?

Yes, this laptop combined with the Thunderbolt 4, also, the MacBook Air 13 includes the same. 

What is the XPS 13 OS?

Dell XPS 13 includes the Windows 10 Operating System. 

Does the XPS offer an international warranty?

No, the XPS 13 limited one-year warranty is applicable for the US only.

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