Duo Sonic vs Mustang

Duo-Sonic vs Mustang – Why Do We Choose Mustang than Duo-Sonic?


Duo Sonic vs MustangDuo-Sonic and Mustang are two impressive electric guitars from Fender, but Buywithme.org suggests the Mustang

Reason for Recommending the Mustang.

  • The floating bridge with a dynamic vibrato tailpiece of Mustang provides great sounds because you can move the bridge to some degree, plus it will keep the tune of the guitar very well. Besides, Duo-Sonic has a hardtail bridge that cannot move.
  • Mustang body is made with Poplar material that ensures long durability. On the flip side, the Duo-Sonic body is built with Alder, so it may not last long like this one.
  • It has a Laurel fretboard, while its competitor uses Maple material. Compared to Maple, Laurel craftsmanship is better, plus it makes it an impressive guitar. 
  • Mustang comes in a beautiful glossy finish on the neck, also has block inlays including in the first fret. You will have a real vintage feel from this guitar, also it is very comfortable. At the same time, the other one doesn’t have a glossy finish like the Mustang. 
  • You won’t regret its various controlling switches plus tuning knobs as they will work as your expectation. Unfortunately, the Duo-Sonic tuning knobs are not good as this one. 

You will get these benefits from the Fender Mustang that are missing on the Duo-Sonic. So, we strongly recommend this one for you. 


Similar Features 

  • Fender Duo-Sonic and Mustang have a two-year warranty. 
  • Both guitar’s scale length is 24-inches. 
  • The Pickups use a single coil. 
  • These two have a “C” shape neck profile which is very comfortable.

Comparison Chart

SpecificationDuo-Sonic Mustang
Editor’s Rating4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimension 41.75 x 15.2 x 4.3 inches44.5 x 15 x 4 inches
Weight 2.2 pounds11 pounds
Body MaterialAlderPoplar
Neck Shape“C” Shape“C” Shape
Neck FinishGloss PolyesterVintage Tinted Gloss
Pickguard3-Ply Tortoiseshell4-Ply Tortoiseshell
Fingerboard MaterialMapleLaurel
Pickup Configuration OptionsHSSS
BridgeHardtail BridgeFloating Bridge with Dynamic Vibrato Tailpiece
Scale Length24 Inches24 Inches
Warranty Two YearsTwo Years

Differences and Similarities Between Fender Duo-Sonic vs Mustang

Body Material 

Both of them use solid material, yet there are differences. The Duo-Sonic body material is Alder, while Mustang has Poplar material on its body and back as well. Poplar material is solid than Alder, hence the Mustang could last longer. 

The two of them have nickel steel-string material and have 6 strings. Anyhow, the bridge system of the Duo-Sonic is Hardtail, whereas the Mustang bridge is Tremolo.

Size & Shape 

When it comes to the size & shape of these two guitars, both are perfect for large hands as well as for small individuals. The smooth finish makes them comfortable to use. However, the size of the Duo-Sonic is 41.75 x 15.2 x 4.3 inches, and the Mustang has 44.5 x 15 x 4 inches. These two guitars are easy to maintain for their size. 

Neck Profile 

These two instruments provide a slim “C” shape neck profile. It gives comfortable playability to its users, whether you are a noob or an expert. But there’s a slight difference in the neck profile. The Duo-Sonic has a gloss polyester finish, besides, Mustang has a vintage tinted gloss finish. Compared to the Duo-Sonic, it gives a highly desirable look.

Guitar Bridge

You can choose the Mustang for solid string stability since it features a vintage-style floating bridge with a dynamic vibrato tailpiece. It allows you to move the bridge to some degree which affects the sound & tuning.

In contrast, the Duo-Sonic has a hardtail bridge which is known as a fixed bridge as well. It ensures the bridge is secured to the guitar’s body, and you cannot move it, which is a downside of Duo-Sonic. 

Tuning & Sound

Fender Duo-Sonic and Mustang have single-coil pickups. The pickup gives the user to create versatile sounds like metal, rock, jazz, whatever you want. They will deliver awesome tones that are almost like Stratocaster. 

But in terms of the switch knobs, the Mustang is better than Duo-Sonic. It has a three-way toggle switch that offers you the authentic Fender tone. The Mustang can make a brighter sound than the other one, so this could be your consideration. 

Warranty Period 

Generally, Fender offers a two years warranty from the date you bought it like other Fender guitars. So do they two have the same. These two are built with quality materials, yet if there are any manufacturer issues with the instruments, they will be repaired within this period. But if you broke any string of your guitar or any scratches, then the warranty will not repair the product. 

Final Thought 

When it comes down to choosing the best one between these two great guitars, it’s totally up to your personal preference. Fender Duo-Sonic and Mustang share many similarities, but a few updated features make the Mustang our best pick. Its tune and sound quality is more impressive than Duo-Sonic, also, it is very comfortable. However, in the end, it’s your choice, so you should consider all these features once again to try out the best one. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Duo-Sonic and Mustang 

What is the dimension of the Duo-Sonic?

The actual dimension of the Fender Duo-Sonic is 41.75 inches by 15 inches by 4.5 inches. 

Do they come with a gig bag?

Unfortunately, none of these guitars provides a gig bag. 

Are they comfortable for beginners?

Yes, the Duo-Sonic and Mustang devices are comfortable for the newbies. Hence, both guitars will be suitable for beginners. 

What is the scale length of them?

Fender Mustang and Duo-Sonic share the same 24 inches scale. 

What are the pickup configuration options of these two guitars?

The Duo-Sonic configuration is HS, on the other hand, the Mustang configuration is SS.

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