DWS715 vs DW715

DWS715 vs DW715

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DWS715 vs DW715 DeWalt DW715 and DWS715 are both single-bevel compound meter saw, both can help you to cut wood. But some features make DWS715 better than DW715. How about we read on to settle on your best purchasing choice.

Why is DWS715 the Best? 

  • Miter detent plate improves efficiency and guarantees cutting precision. DWS715 has an adjustable hardened steel miter detent plate. The steel miter detent plate contains 14 positive stops. But DW715 has only 11 positive stops. So, DWS715 is more efficient than DW715.
  • Weight is so significant while picking proficient work tools as it now and again expected to move, transport, and storage. DWS715 is the perfect tool for this reason as its weight is only 36LBS (16.33 kg). You can easily move, transport, and storage DWS715. But DW715 weight is 42LBS (19.05 kg), which is much heavier then DWS715 to move, transport, and storage. 
  • You will get a vertical clamp with DWS715 which is so helpful to move the tool. DW715 doesn’t come with a vertical clamp.
  • DWS715’s dimension is 26.77 x 21.85 x 18.9 inches and DW715 dimension is 26.1 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches. So, DWS715 has a bigger dimension than DW715.

So, DWS715 has more features that improve efficiency, guarantee cutting precision, easy portability, and a bigger dimension. That’s why you should choose DWS715. Are you in a hurry? Check out the price below:  


Above mentioned four features makes DWS715 better than DW715. Others features of DWS715 and DW715 are the same as follows-

  1. DWS715 and DW715 have the same blade diameter 12-inch, and the blade is made of Carbide.
  2. Both have corded electric power source.
  3. Both have 15 amps, 4000 rpm motor which gives broadened power.
  4. Both have the same dimensional lumber crosscut capacity at 90° (2 inches x 8 inches) and (2 inches x 6 inches) at 45°.
  5. Both have 3 years of limited warranty. 
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.9 out of 5
Dimension26.1 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches26.77 x 21.85 x 18.9 inches
Weight42 LBS36 LBS
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Blade Diameter12-Inch12-inches
Dimensional timber crosscut limit at 90°2 in. x 8 inches2 in. x 8 inches
Dimensional timber crosscut limit at 45°2 in. x 6 inches2 in. x 6 inches
No Load Speed4,000 RPM4,000 RPM
Arbor Size5/8″ OR 1 IN5/8″ OR 1 IN
Batteries Included?NoNo
Batteries Required?NoNo
Warranty Description3 Year Limited Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty

Differences and Similarities between the DWS715 AND DW715


While using any miter saw, the power of the miter saw’s motor is so much important. DWS715 and DW715 both have 15amp powerful motor that creates 4000 rpm so that both tools can deliver extended power. You can use it for various woodworks.

Blade Diameter: 

The diameter and quality of a blade are so much important when you choose any meter saw. DWS715 and DW715 both have 12-Inches blade which is made of Carbide. Carbide blades are much stronger and durable. This blade will not be damaged by rust. So, you can utilize it decisively. 

Item Weight: 

Weight is so essential while picking proficient work apparatuses as it in some cases expected to move and transport. DWS715 is only 36LBS and DW715 is 42 LBS. So, DWS715 is easier to move, transport than DW715.


The dimension of DWS715 is 26.77 x 21.85 x 18.9 inches and DW715 is 26.1 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches. If you are searching for a little one, at that point, the DW715 could be your decision, yet I suggest the DWS715.

Tall sliding fence:  

A tall sliding fence plays a vital role while cutting wood. In DWS715 tall sliding fence supports vertically 5-1/2 inches base and In DW715 tall sliding fence supports vertically 5-1/4 inches base.

Miter detent plate:

To ensure productivity and accuracy miter detent plate plays a very important role. So the DWS715 has an adjustable and stainless steel miter detent plate including 14 positive stops. On the other hand, DW715 has a miter detent plate with 11 positive stops. That’s why I strongly recommend DWS715. 

Accessory Components: 

Both DWS715 and DW715 includes a 12 inches of Carbide Tipped Blade, Blade Wrench, and a dust bag. But you will get a vertical clamp with the DWS715, so you can select this one since this will make the work more straightforward


Both DWS715 and DW715 have 3 years of limited guarantee. DeWalt has given a guarantee that it will fix the apparatuses during the three years. Yet, during this period, nobody should attempt to fix the tool. Something else, DeWalt won’t offer the free assistance to fix. Furthermore, If you aren’t completely happy with the item’s exhibition so you can restore the item and get your cashback, however, you should restore it within 90 days with the receipt. Thus, while working, you need not stress by any means.


So, if you are looking for a lightweight, portable single-bevel compound miter saw then DWS715 could be the best one. DW715 is also a useful tool but it doesn’t have some essential features that DWS715 has. I highly recommend you to choose DWS715.

Frequently Asked Questions about the DeWalt DWS715 and DW715:

Do I have to purchase a miter saw table while using dws715? Can I use it on any table or ground?

No, you don’t need to purchase a miter saw table. While using it you can put the saw on the smooth, flat surface or a strong table. 

Can dws715 cut a straight miter through a 6″x6″?

Yes. DWS715 can cut a straight miter through a 6″x6″.

Does DW715 come with the light above the blade? 

No, DW715 does not come with the light above the blade but you can try DWS780. DWS780 has the XPS cross cut positioning system and LED light above the blade. 

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, you will get 90 days money gurantee with one-year free service plus 3 years of warranty. But you must ensure that no one has tried to open the tool. And the warranty will not be applicable if you open the tool.

Are there any built-in clamps in DW715? 

No, there are no built-in clamps in DW715.

Can I cut metal with DWS715?

Yes, Dewalt miter saws, when furnished with the correct carbide tooth edge will cut wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metal, for example, aluminum and bronze.

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