Dyson tp01 vs am07

Dyson AM07 Vs TP01 – Check Which One Is Best and Why?

Air purifuer

Dyson tp01 vs am07If you are looking for the Best HEPA filtration, including a fan between these two, then I will recommend the Dyson TP01.

Compared to the AM07, Tp01 has some extra handy features that made it the best. Check below to know all of them.

Why Dyson TP01 the Best? 

  • Dyson TP01 provides dual functionality, and it works as a cooling fan that can also purify the air. But the AM07 offers only powerful airflow to make any large room cool.
  • TP01 feature with HEPA + Activated Carbon filter to clean any impurities from your home. On the other hand, the AM07 cannot remove pollutants or eliminate odors.
  • It contains night-time mode, so it can automatically shut off the device if you set the automatic shut-off function. Also, it consists of a sleep timer, plus the AM07 has a sleep timer too.

As you can see, these functions make the Dyson TP01 a better option for you. If you are interested in it, then click on the button below to check the price.


Quick Comparison

Specifications  Dyson AM07 Dyson TP01
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Dimension  4.4 x 7.5 x 39.6 inches 7.7 x 7.7 x 40.1 inches
Weight  6.3 pounds 7.9 pounds
Filter No  HEPA + Carbon 
Automatic shut off No  Yes (if tipped over)
Dual Functionality  No  Yes 
Oscillation  Yes 70 Degree
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Night-time mode  No  Yes 
Sleep timer  Yes  Yes
Speed Settings  Ten airspeed settings Ten airspeed settings
Warranty  Two Years  Two Years 

Differences and Similarities Between Dyson AM07and TP01

Easy to Assemble 

Dyson AM07 and TP01 are easy to assemble, plus they are the same when it comes to assembly. The machines contain blue tape, do not twist the tape before assembling the device. Or else it could be the cause of damages.

However, first, you need to align the arrows then twist clockwise till the device clicks and locks. Now, onto the base, you need to lower the loop amplifier to align the arrows. Next, to lock the machine, turn the loop amplifier clockwise when it’s aligned.


In terms of functionality, the TP01 is the best as it has two different functions for the fan and purifier. On the other side, the AM07 has a fan that makes the room cool in the hot summer.

The TP01 is a multi-functional device that contains a tower fan, including a HEPA air purifier. At the same time, the AM07 has a fan that streams powerful air, but it’s 60% less noisy than TP01.

I recommend the TP01 for you as it can provide you with a fan plus clean your home as well.

Filter Feature 

Since the TP01 is a purifier, it contains HEPA and an Activated carbon filter to protect your home. The Dyson technology creates a healthier, cleaner home with its vacuum purifiers. It can filter particles to any small allergens, including bacteria from your home.

The HEPA filter is capable of capturing 99.97 percent of allergy causes bacteria that making it the right choice for the allergy sufferer. It also captures small microns like 0.3 that are pet dander, bacteria, or spores and dust, While the carbon eliminates odors from home to make a fresh, soothing environment.

Night-time Mode & Sleep Timer 

Dyson TP01 includes the nighttime & sleep timer, but the AM07 only has the sleep timer. Once you set the night-time mode, the machine will dim the display and work silently. It will only show the half-moon sign.

If you choose the sleep timer function, then set your desired sleep timer. Once the timer reaches zero, it will go in standby mode.

Remote Control 

They include a magnetized remote control device. It has different functions so that you can control the device. They have a sleep timer, oscillation ON/OFF, airflow control, and a power button. You can set the high or low airflow, whichever, just by pressing the high or low button.

But the TP01 also contains a Night-time mode, and auto shut-off function. If you choose the nighttime, it will work silently. Or if you select the auto shut-off, the device will turn off itself. You can set the auto shut-off function between 15 minutes to 9 hours.


Both of them have an oscillating function that makes the two very convincing to the users. You can control or change the airflow direction. The oscillation function helps the air circulate the whole room.


These two create powerful airflow and are quieter than others. Compared to the TP01, the AM07 is 60% less noisy. But don’t worry, when you set the night-time mode in the TP01, it will also go in silent mode.


Dyson AM07 and TP01 do not contain any spinning blades. So they are safe to use even if you have kids or pets. The machine should not be plugged when you are not using it.

Easy to Clean 

Compared to other fans or purifiers, the two are straightforward to clean. You will need a soft brush and a clean cloth. Use the brush to clean the air inlet holes. Then use the clean damp cloth to wipe clean the tower fan.

Remember, make sure you unplug the device, plus it’s completely cool before cleaning it.


Your Dyson AM07 and TP01 come with a two-year warranty that covers any defects in materials, as well as the quality. If they show any issues during the warranty, they will repair it at no extra cost. The warranty covers all labor and parts costs that your device will need to operate correctly.


Dyson AM07 is a fan, while the Dyson TP01 is an air purifier too. I’d suggest the TP01 since you will get both the fan and purifying function from this. These two are easy to use since they come with a remote control device, but the TP01 has some extra features.

However, go with the TP01 to get a clean and bacteria-free home. It’s a little pricey, and you won’t regret your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson AM07 and TP01

What is the difference between AM07 and TP01?

The TP01 can purify the air, but the AM07 cannot do this. It can cool you only.

How many filters does TP01 come with?

It comes with one filter, and you need to replace it within 12 months of use.

What is the AM07 dimension?

The dimension of AM07 is 4.4 x 7.5 x 39.6 inches.

Does AM07 heat & cold?

No, it is only cold; moreover, it cannot purify the air.

Does it cover a one-year warranty?

No, they both come with a two-years warranty from the date of purchase.

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