Dyson AM11 vs TP01

Dyson AM11 vs TP01 – Learn the difference and grab the best one!

Air purifuer

Dyson AM11 vs TP01Dyson AM11 and TP01 contain multiple filters to improve the air in your home. But I suggest the AM11 for you as it includes advanced functions.

Why Dyson AM11 is Best?

  • It has an automatic shut-off function. Once you set it to Auto mode, the AM11 will stop working itself. In contrast, TP01 needs to shut off manually by pressing the power button, which is located on the base.
  • You will get both oscillation and backward mode in the AM11. It has a 350-degree oscillation while the TP01 has a 70-degree oscillation. The AM11 allows you to change the fan direction at any point you want. Plus, when the machine is in backward mode, it can purify the whole room without cooling you. Dyson TP01 does not include these functions.
  • Dyson AM11 is a smart pure cooling tower fan, this machine is Wi-Fi enabled, but the TP01 is not. It includes an LCD & compatible with the Dyson Link App. They will provide you a real-time update of the air quality, also, will show the particle’s name.

Compared to the TP01, the Dyson AM11 is very convenient, and these advanced functions made it the best option for you. So if you are interested in it, then you can check the price from the button below.


Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications Dyson Am11Dyson Tp01
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.3 out of 5 
Dimension 44 x 8.6 x 8.6 inches 7.7 x 7.7 x 40.1 inches
Weight 8.09 lbs 7.9 pounds
Screen LCDNo
Automatic shut offYes No 
Filter HEPA + Carbon HEPA + Carbon 
Oscillation Up to 350 degrees Up to 70 degree
Backward Mode Yes No 
Remote Control Yes Yes 
Wi-Fi EnabledYes No 
Alexa Enabled Yes No 
Dyson link app Yes No 
Dual Functionality Yes Yes 
Night-time mode Yes Yes 
Sleep timer Yes Yes 
Speed Settings Ten AirflowsTen Airflows
Warranty Two Years Two Years

Differences and Similarities Between Dyson AM11 and TP01

Auto Mode 

Dyson AM11 features the auto mode that makes the job easier than TP01. When you press the auto mode on the remote or app, it can automatically control the airflow, also, will turn off itself. But the TP01 will stop working when you press the power button. Since the auto mode is a very convenient function, it’s better to choose the AM11.

Oscillation & Backward 

You can oscillate the AM11 up to 350-degree. It can provide air to every corner of the room, plus you can change the airflow direction whenever you want. Also, it includes the backward feature to purify your home without cooling you. The backward mode is an excellent addition to this purifier for the winter season.

However, the TP01 does not have the oscillate or backward functions. It doesn’t allow you to change the direction, and you may also feel cold while it purifies the air.


The AM11 device base includes an LCD screen, which is very smart. It will show you the live update of the air quality and the air particles contained in your home. It’s a convenient function, as you know when you need to change the airflow.

Dyson TP01 contains an LED display that doesn’t show the particle’s name or air quality. You have to use guesswork to operate the TP01.

Wifi & App 

Wi-Fi and the app made a device more comfortable to use, and the AM11 is compatible with both. So once you connect it to the Wifi, it will report the live air quality on-screen. Furthermore, the Dyson Link App will do the same. The best thing is, you can change the airflow from the App. When it comes to TP01, it does not have these smart functions. That’s why choosing the AM11 would be an ideal decision.

Voice command 

Dyson AM11 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Siri voice command app. You will need a sound system if you want to use it. Whenever you need to change any function or want to know the update, ask Alexa or Siri. They will tell you the updates or change functions for you in no time.


Both of them contain HEPA + Activated Carbon filters to provide you a pleasant and healthy environment. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of allergy causes particles or pollutants, including any small microns from your home. The purifiers work like a vacuum to create a healthier and cleaner home.

The best part of these two Dyson devices is, they work as a purifier plus have tower fans. So you don’t need to purchase a fan separately. And the fan is safe since it’s bladeless.

Night-time Mode 

These two contain night mode, and it will automatically dim the display light. And then the devices will work quietly, which makes them ideal for light sleepers.

When the Dyson AM11 enabled in the night mode, the display will dim within seconds, plus it will show the symbol of a half-moon. In terms of TP01, it will lower the airflow mode below level 4.

Sleep Timer 

If you are using the TP01, then you can set the sleep timer from the remote. Just set your desired time; when the time will reach zero, it will be on standby mode. AM11 lets you set the sleep timer directly from the App.


You can choose the AM11 or TP01 for you, but I recommend the AM11 because it includes advanced plus easy-to-use functions than TP01. You can control the AM11 from the App, while the TP01 does not have this. These two are elegant devices and will provide you the best performance. But the Dyson AM11 would be a better choice, so you should consider the AM11 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dyson AM11 and TP01

How many filters do they include?

Both Dyson includes one original filter, but you need to replace them in 12 months.

Does TP01 have auto mode?

No, the TP01 does not include this function, the AM11 consists of auto mode.

Does Dyson AM11 have oscillation?

Yes, the AM11 provides up to 350-degree oscillation; also, it contains backward mode.

Is TP01 Wi-Fi enabled?

No, Dyson AM11 is Wi-Fi enabled; moreover, it is compatible with the App.

Will they work on 220v?

They made for the 110-120v, and if you purchase an adapter, you can use them on 220v.

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