Dyson Cordless Vacuum Troubleshooting

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Troubleshooting


Dyson is a renowned brand for excellent vacuum cleaners that lasts longer. The Dyson cordless vacuum is structured to be compact and handy. Its small and lightweight features make it easy to use and not tiresome.

It does not have a heavy body, so it’s excellent for holding in the long term. The Dyson cordless range is widely popular for its firm style. The suction power is fantastic for displacing the dirt. With its portable form, it is much easier to clean ceiling corners.

But you can have some trouble while using it. This article will cover some common problems with the Dyson cordless vacuum.

Common Troubleshooting for Dyson Cordless Vacuum

I have listed some issues regarding the Dyson Cordless vacuum with their solution. Read them below.

Low battery life

If you see a low battery, the battery is not fully charged. At least 3.5 hours are needed to charge the vacuum. You need to check the LED light to know the battery level.

A bright blue light indicates a fully charged and adequately operating machine. Your vacuum might need a charge if you see the blue light flashing. If the yellow light is flashing, there is no power to the vacuum, and it might be that the device is too hot or too cold to function.

When you see the vacuum not working after charging, it might be because of a damaged battery. Unfortunately, that means you need to replace it.

Why Does the Device Turn Off While Vacuuming?

It could be for many reasons. If the device turns off during vacuuming, you should check the filter. The debris might clog the filter, so it needs cleaning. Simple rinsing in water can clean the filter.

The debris can block the suction. To solve this issue, you need to detach the wand from the bin and roller head. Then, check it carefully and clean the debris and dirt.

The device can also be stopped due to a low battery. So check the battery frequently.

The Suction Power Is Not Enough

Check the suction if large objects and debris are blocking it. The device will be okay if you clean it carefully.

If the roller head is not functioning, debris is the culprit here too. Disconnect the roller head and use the brush bar to clean the debris. You can use a coin to unlock the brush bar. In the unlock position, turn the dial with a padlock with the coin. The brush bar should detach by now. After cleaning correctly, secure the brush just like before.

Why Is the Brush Bar Not Rotating?

There may be debris that prevents the brush bar from working correctly. So first, you have to unlock the brush bar and clean it gently. And the blockage can be on the flat floor. 

Next, you need to check the base plate. If there is any debris, clean it up. After cleaning, place the brush bar in its position. Finally, secure the brush bar back into the lock position. 

Bin Is Full of Dirt

You need to clean the bin after every use for a properly working vacuum. After the container is full, you have to open the bin case down over the trash can to clean it. Next, press the button to detach the trunk from the main body.

Clean the bin with a damp cloth carefully. Please do not use other cleaning products like soap, as they hamper the device’s lifespan. Before replacing the bin, make sure it’s dry. Next, attach the bin to the cyclone shroud. Then close the bin base door tightly.

The Shroud Needs Cleaning

The cyclone shroud is another part to clean regularly. It may be dirty and need some cleaning. Use the brush from the combination tool to remove debris and lint from the shroud. It would be best if you did not clean the shroud with water. 

Make sure the bin is dry before placing it on the cyclone shroud. Now close the bin base door.

Bottom Line 

The above-discussed problems are mainly common in Dyson cordless vacuums. But they are easy to solve. You just have to follow some rules to keep it clean and functional. Also, regularly checking and maintaining devices helps them last longer. 

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