Dyson tp02 vs tp04

Dyson TP02 vs TP04 – Check Why Dyson TP04 is Best!

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Dyson tp02 vs tp04Dyson Tp02 and Tp04 both can purify the air, remove pollutants, soothe asthma or allergies issues. But from these two, you should choose Dyson TP04 because of its improved features.

Why You Should Choose Dyson TP04?

  • Dyson TP04 features an LCD screen and App. Thus, this purifier can automatically sense the pollution & directly report it on the screen. Even if you don’t have a phone, you can see the different particles on the screen and set the airspeed easily. In contrast, TP02 is paired to the App only and it can’t provide facilities like TP04.
  • The filter in the TP04 is updated with 60% more HEPA materials & 3X more activated carbon. It can provide a better environment for you compare to Dyson TP02.
  • TP04 includes the backward airflow to purify the air without heating or cooling you. You can also set the airflow direction wherever you need it since it has up to 350-degree oscillation mode. On the contrary, TP02 doesn’t have backward airflow, and it has a 180-degree oscillation mode.

All these advanced functions made Dyson TP04 better than its competitor. To enjoy the comparatively better performance you should go with Dyson TP04.


Dyson TP02 vs TP04 Comparison

Specification  Dyson TP02  Dyson TP04
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension  7.70 x 4.30 x 40.10 inches 8.77 x 8.77 x 41.49 inches
Weight  7.90 lbs 10.89 lbs
LCD No  Yes
Auto Mode  Yes  Yes 
Filter  HEPA + Carbon HEPA + Carbon (Upgraded)
Oscillation  180 Degree 350 Degree
Backward Mode  No  Yes 
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes  Yes
Alexa Enabled  Yes  Yes
Dyson link app  Yes  Yes 
Dual Functionality  Yes  Yes 
Night-time mode  Yes  Yes 
Sleep timer  Yes  Yes 
Automatic shut off Yes  Yes 
Speed Settings  Ten airspeed settings  Ten airspeed settings  
Warranty  2 years  2 years 

Similarity & Difference Between Dyson TP02 and TP04

LCD Screen and Dyson Link App

Dyson TP04 includes an LCD screen, but the TP02 doesn’t. The display can show you particles in the room and provide you with real-time reports on the screen. The best thing is that it shows the names of the particles like allergens, gas, dust, etc.

If the harmful things are contained in a higher percentage, then increase the airspeed to eliminate them. However, Dyson TP02 is compatible with the App that also shows the air quality update. It also lets you increase or decrease the airspeed.


Dyson air purifiers create a cleaner and healthier home for you. The two can cover the air of any large office spaces, living room, bedroom, or any areas you install. They have a long-range projection that purifies air throughout the room. You will get 300 square feet of air-purifying coverage from the Dyson TP02 and TP04.

Filter Function 

Dyson air purifier has HEPA + Activated Carbon filters that are great at purifying the air. But the TP04 filters are upgraded with 60% more HEPA materials and 3X activated carbon. The filter function can capture 99.97 percent allergens and is as small as 0.3 microns too.

It makes Dyson one of the best air purifiers for dust, allergies, pet dander, and bacteria. Furthermore, the activated carbon will eliminate any harmful toxins and odors from the room to give you a new environment.

Backward Mode 

The backward airflow function is a great thing in the TP04 as it can purify your office or home without heating or cooling you. This thing is fantastic for the winter season. On the flip side, Dyson TP02 doesn’t contain this function. It needs to blow air to purify the environment.

Voice Control 

They include the Amazon voice control function, and it makes them very easy to use. Dyson will need a spoken instrument so that you can ask anything Alexa anything or command it. Using Alexa, you can turn on/off the purifier, and it will also tell you the update of the indoor air quality. It will help you turn on auto mood too.

Moreover, they provide a remote. The remote has some convenient functions, such as speed control and a power button. Just tap a button. The rest is Dyson’s do for you.

Noise Level

The Dyson air purifier makes a little noise when it’s at the highest speed. But the sound is lower than any standard fan. Also, it features the nighttime mode, so when you activate it, the machine will be silent. And it will dim the light as well. The nighttime mode allows the machine to work without any sound that is ideal for sleeping.

Automatic Mode 

You have total control over the Dyson air purifier, as the TP02 and TP04 both have an automatic mode. If the machine is tip over, it will automatically shut off. Also, you can set the preset time to shut off the device. Dyson lets you set the time between 1 to 8 hours. Dyson TP04 is better at automatic function since it will show the real reports on the screen.


Both contain the oscillation function, and the air purifier can rotate at any point you want. Dyson TP04 is better than TP02 because it can oscillate up to 350 degrees. It can purify the air around the whole room. In contrast, the TP02 is capable of oscillating up to 180 degrees.

Easy Maintenance 

Cleaning will make your Dyson purifier durable. Before cleaning, ensure the machine is unplugged. Wipe dust from the filter unit, loop amplifier, and other parts of the device. Use a damp cloth to clean, then use a dry cloth to dry it properly. Never use any detergent or polish to clean it because they are harmful to it.


Dyson air purifiers provide free two years warranty and lifetime support guarantee. They will last for years after years with little care and maintenance. They recommend replacing the filter after a year if you are using it for 12 hours every day. Changing the air filter will make it last longer. Also, make sure to keep the machine clean.


Selecting a Dyson purifier from these two could be a tough decision, as they both are marvelous for indoor air quality. However, if you need an affordable one, then go ahead with the Dyson TP02. And if you need a convenient air purifier, the TP04 could be your choice.

It has an LCD screen, upgraded filter function, accessible automatic mode, and much more. Dyson TP04 will improve the indoor air quality in your office or home and is an excellent choice for asthma or allergy sufferers. It’s a little pricey, but every penny is worth paying. I highly suggest the Dyson TP04 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyson TP02 and TP04

How much can square footage cover the Dyson TP02?

It can clean the air of any size room. The bigger the room, the longer time it will take to purify it.

Does Dyson cool more than the average fan?

Yes, the Dyson multiplier does cool better than any old style of fans.

Does Dyson filter out odors?

Yes, it has a charcoal filter on the machine that helps eliminate any odors.

Is it only for 110v?

Dyson made for the 110 v, but if you switched the power supply, you could use it at 220 v.

Are they quiet? 

Dyson air purifiers are quieter than any regular fan. Also, at night you can set the nighttime mode. It will not make any noise.

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